famous tv chefs of the 70's


This list is made up of a variety of famous cooks on TV, including Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Julia Child. She wasn’t all that entertaining to the masses…classic example of high on content but low on style. My list of the top 10 TV chefs of all time.

Bobby Flay needs to die. Chef Gusteau: Rachael Ray was ahead of Emeril?

Just take a look below! Lower on the list, though…if Martin Short were to perform a comedic cooking show, it would be something like this.

A celebrated chef and restaurateur, British national Gordon Ramsay is also a writer and television personality. I’d much rather see Michael Symon who imo is a much better cook, a caring soul and definitely NOT an a-hole. I believe your list has one glaring omission: Chef Tell Erhardt, who in the 1970s and 1980s had 40,000,000 TV fans watching regularly to his segments on syndicated TV shows. Trust me, Joe, the Rachael Ray thing hurt me to admit. Monsieur Anton: One of the great chefs of all time, it’s hard to argue his inclusion on this list. James Smith A United Methodist minister, Smith’s warm demeanor was well suited to Saturday morning’s on PBS. His style made it easy to relate to the comfort food he was cooking and his show The Frugal Gourmet that began in 1988 was the most watched cooking show of its time. Great show. She is a great mix of Jacques Pepin and Alton Brown in a way. Do you really think Jeff Smith’s name was James, or are you just being a jerk? This list is made up of a variety of famous cooks on TV, including Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, and Julia Child. He related just how he came to create “blackened fish!”. It was probably a female editor who put together this list, being enamored of the Naked Chef. 10. Will always be the standard by which all cooks are measured. He can’t seem to cook anything without corn in it.

Ming Tsai (Sentimental favorite; though he beat each of today’s Iron Chef’s in every cooking battle he has had with them in various forums), LOL…Rachel Ray??? Kind of an Italian version of Julia & Jacques. That’s probably the most popular cooking show right now. This early titan in the celebrity chef world formed the James Beard Cooking School. When perusing a list of famous chefs, you're sure to find many names of chefs you're already a fan of, but you'll also discover some famous Asian chefs, and other famous TV cooks you are soon to be a fan of. Though I agree with Anthony Bourdain…Emeril does look like a deranged smurf. Watch the Iron Chef (2 episodes) where he was a contestant. “Two Fat Ladies” was the name of the show. What made his show unique was that he filmed all of them straight through with one take. So, take your shots. Read his book “My Life in the Kitchen” – as a young boy he was outcooking most of our best NY chefs!

What are the names of the best TV chefs?

Who makes your list?

James Beard The man they named the award for culinary excellence for, has etched a place in history. Hats off to all of them! Primarily a restaurateur, Guy Fieri is a testimony to the fact that any professional can become famous if they are passionate enough in doing what they do best.

Who are the top TV chefs in the world?

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He is a massive whiney b1tc#. Whant to know why so many people hate him? thanks for the info In 1946, Mr. Lists about all the fun things happening in the kitchen. But anyone that can get thousands of people excited about cooking deserves some credit…man that hurt to say. Chef Gusteau: You got to be kidding me? Putting Julia at the top is obvious and deserved, and I agree that Jacques Pepin would without a doubt be my #2. Chef Gusteau: Embarrassed to say that I had seen his shows when I was much younger.

Lots of enjoyable television viewing!

Unsure if its my Explorer browser,but sometimes when I visit your site, the fonts are really small? Lesley Waters. There you have it.

Number 2? 7.

He became a sensation, fronting a successful restaurant group, producing his own line of culinary products, appearing in commercials, and a short lived sitcom Emeril that everyone would like to forget.

The Best Professional Chefs with YouTube Channels, All The People Accused Of Sexual Harassment Post-Harvey Weinstein.

Traditionally, chefs go through laborious training and have to be extremely passionate when it comes to their profession. Nice!, found your page on digg.Happy I finally tested it out.

He wrote a couple of Frugal Gourmet cookbooks, and his popularity soared until scandal hit in 1977 when seven men sued him, claiming the minister molested him when they were children.
Ina Rosenberg Garten ( EYE-nə; born February 2, 1948) is an American author, host of the Food... Celebrity Chefs You Most Wish Would Cook for You.
Joe Wicks (coach) Simon Wood (chef) Antony Worrall Thompson.


Here is a compilation of biographies of some of the most famous chefs. The other foreword was by Regis Philbin. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Recently Time Magazine, in celebration of the opening of Julie and Julia, listed what they consider to be the Top 10 TV Chefs of all time. Chef Gusteau: Knew this day would come when I would have to reveal my feelings about Rachael Ray. ( Log Out /  Keep in mind, this is listed in the order Time ranks the chefs. I`m surprised you left off the Americas test kitchen chefs. She quit the show to purchase the Norwich Football Club (that’s soccer to us Yanks), only to return to TV in 2008 with a show of kitchen shortcuts, How to Cheat.

She has secured a powerful niche in the industry and has done exceedingly well with what little culinary talent she has (doubt this…watch her cut with those orange knives…just seconds away from skewering herself to death on TV; surprised they don’t have a “hand double” for the close ups so you can’t see her scars!).

She appeared on the hugely popular BBC show Delia’s How to Cook from 1998-2004. Here is a list of notable names that Time didn’t see fit to include: Graham Kerr, Bobby Flay, Mario Batali, Morimoto, Giada DeLaurentiis, Sandra Lee, Anthony Bourdain, Andrew Zimmeren, Alton Brown, Ming Tsai, Rick Bayless, Tyler Florence, Paula Dean, Nigella Lawson, Justin Wilson. Also, have you ever heard of or watched CHEF TELL on TV from in the 1970’s – 1990’s? His loud catchphrases such as “Bam!” became crowd pleasers, and money makers for the Rhode Island native. I would keep him on my top ten list. In fact Julia Child called him “the greatest chef of all time.”  The great French born chef cooked with Madame Child on the PBS series Jacques and Julia:  Cooking at Home , as well as Jacques Pépin’s Kitchen. Jack – I am with you on Sara Moulton…which is why she was on my notables list. His Essence of Emeril and Emerile Live! His homespun stories, thick Cajunaccent, and mouthwatering creations, paved the way for Emeril. The list got me thinking though, and that’s always a good thing, which reminds me, I’m glad Martha wasn’t on anyone’s list! His name was Jeffrey L. Smith, not a James in sight. 9. No question Oliver is a fine chef and humanitarian, but number two?

Chef Gusteau’s List: Julia Child Emeril Lagasse Jacques Pepin Graham Kerr James Beard Gordon Ramsay (he’s what’s on now, and what people can’t …

except maybe the inclusion of R.R., I like her and think she has gotten many people, who might not have been, into the kitchen… and after reading the title of the list I suppose she is famous, (I was thinking it was “greatest”, which she would not qualify for) I would never include Gordon Ramsey on any list … except maybe loud, offensive, a-hole.

Hosted I Love to Eat and wrote the influential Hors d’Ouvre and Canapés.

I’m glad you found the article useful. Monsieur Anton:  Fun and likeable, I always enjoyed his show, but found him hard to take seriously. Cynthia, had you ever watched Chef Tell’s segments back then? happy new year btw . The Johnson and Wales trained chef brought his own spin to Cajun and Creole cuisine. Has amassed a hugely successful culinary empire and gives back with a lot of charity work centering on nutrition for school children. http://northernohio.localfoodservice.com//index.cfm. 10. Now let’s be certain that if I met her I would beat her to death with her own cheesy cookware, http://northernohio.localfoodservice.com//index.cfm, TV Review: Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Culinary News of the weird and Useful: March 26, 2010, Kitchen Nightmares Recap and Review: Le Bistro, Culinary News of the Weird and Useful: Reality TV Edition. The top celebrity chefs on this list are from different countries, but what they all have in common is that they're all well known chefs, famous for their television cooking shows and appearances.

Apart from writing several books on food and cooking and travel explorations, Bourdain also wrote fiction and historical non-fiction. agree completely with both your lists’ top 5/6, and most certainly the addition of Graham Kerr, who inspired me to cook as a teen and young adult.

Without Emeril, the network may never have survived, or certainly reached the heights it has attained now. ( Log Out /  New rule:  TV is a fairly modern medium, and for somebody who appeared on it before people actually had TVs in their homes, your name had better be Julia Child or James Beard or you’re out.

Chef Gusteau:  Yes, Anton, just a few: Charlie Trotter, WolfGang Puck, Sara Moulton, Thomas Keller, Gordon Ramsay, and me.

Monsieur Anton:  In the early stages of the Food Network, it was Lagasse that was the horse that network executive’s road.

I fact, his “Galloping Gourmet” tome was the first cookbook I bought as a 20 year-old; it weighs about five pounds [smile], and was quite expensive, about a days plus pay at the time [at least for me as a college student]. He was also a renowned author, media personality and travel documentarian.

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