failure is a blessing in disguise essay


Your email address will not be published. Throughout the three days we learned a series of tumbling routines, dances and chants. What better example could we get other than the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) who has entrusted the task of bringing the whole human race into the folds of Islam. They say he not only gave his voice to Mickey mouse but also his soul. Their one of the very first series “Alice in wonderland” and “Mickey Mouse” were huge successes. Required fields are marked *. Most of us are familiar with the chain of R.H. Macy’s departmental stores. Instead of being disappointed, he took these experiences as an opportunity to learn and thus reopened his store at upscale leading place in New York. nice article zahra! But this great legend is a same person who had a stutter in speech and who was defeated quite a many times in public elections. Every failed attempt encouraged him more and learning from each mistake, his design got better and better until he finally succeeded. It has provided a platform to channel all our individual efforts into a meaningful stream, in order to bring a positive revolution in society. Yes, my friends! He was not discouraged and fearlessly, he moved on to other worthwhile projects. In my case, I was always headstrong about succeeding in everything I did. Through his imaginations, Walt Disney created a whole new world to escape into, which was full of love, magic and wonders. =), Thanks Revolution flame for this helpful essay . Like Einstein, Thomas Edison was also often rebuked for being slow and “too stupid to learn anything”. It just means that either our aim was not precise or there was something wrong with the bow. His very first business venture was a total flop. His first four stores (1843 to 1855) turned out to be dismally hopeless investments including the first of original Macy’s chain in Massachusetts, due to vulnerable demand conditions. Revolution Flame (RF) Studios | © 2010 - 2019. On many an occasion, he apparently failed but of-course, did not lose hope and faith in God. Our society is replete with a number of evils. Missing the train was a blessing in disguise, for we would have been on it when it met with an accident, killing many of it's passengers. John C. Maxwell said, [quote]“A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them and strong enough to correct them”[/quote]. Even today, he is a source of inspiration for many. Failing in his exams was a blessing in disguise, for he realized that he was not enjoying his course and decided to try out something else. It gives you an opportunity to know what has gone wrong and what must be done to correct it. We know him as the Father of modern physics, a Nobel Prize winner and a universal genius  The scientific world owes him a great deal. Our failures are just like a missed shot. It brings us something good which we could never thought of and which we could never secured for us even by putting the best of us. Let’s discuss few of these legends one by one. In his teenage years he even tried for army but was rejected. It is called seeing a “half full glass” instead of a half empty one. History is so full of such incidents and great people who took their failures as a blessing and made the best from them. He is the man who revolutionized American automobile industry. Once confronted with failure we learn how to move against all odds. We also provide company profiles to companies which are about to launch new business, along with related necessary documentation. There comes a time when we are at a total loss and don’t know what to do. His first company Detroit automobile company went to pieces. We know him as the twice elected prime minister of United Kingdom, a noble prize winner, an artist, an orator and a great wartime leader. But the best thing about that missed shot is; it gives us another opportunity to take a step towards perfection. Car freaks would die to get their hands on any of his smashing cars. Want some mouth watering KFC? Instead, they burnt rice. Whether it be the snow white or Mickey Mouse, a wicked step mother or Cruella de vil, all the characters Disney created, captured our hearts and still own them. Well, who would say no to such a yummy treat, no one I guess. In our modern dictionary, the word genius has been replaced by “Einstein”. He wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist but no one hired him. The reason we now regard Bill gates as a leader of software industry is that he learnt from his failure and converted it into a fortune. But soon this need was eliminated when Washington offered free traffic processing services and thus the partnership ended there and then. From a young age, we were instilled with the idea of winning was better than losing. Like a drop out of ocean. I wanted to step outside of the box and set a different goal. It takes a positive attitude, persistence and a will to go on in life. Where an ordinary man would have given up after two or three rejections, this man of perseverance stood firm and did not succumb to failures.

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