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The second method is if you’re sharing an image, mouse over the image and click on the Tag button. God is Science. A few weeks ago I tried to enlighten these Facebookers on some other Facebook features like how to prevent people from tagging you on pictures without your permission. ? Thanks. A Facebook Tag is when you write a post and say you were with someone, or, you share an image and let Facebook know that one of the people in the picture is another Facebook user. 5. Tagging is important in certain aspects, but when you want to call out a name of a friend in a post or comment, the feature one should use is mentions, not tagging. Whether you choose to share those posts immediately or schedule them, the appropriate Page will be mentioned accordingly. It’s a great way to get your account flagged and disabled – more on that in a moment. P-Valley S1 and everything else that’s new on... Live boxing on Showmax Pro this weekend: Derrick... 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But if they tag you then you get a notification that you have been tagged, even if you don't like the post, etc. Why doesn't anyone comment what's wrong when I post a facebook status that I'm angry? Is Facebook just a way to show off how great you are? 1 Answer. I have asked this individual to erase the comment with my name in it. Select a name from the list that appears. hi, I cannot tag a page I am supposed to tag on a video post, but I can tag the page in an ordinary timeline post. Facebook will display up to 15 results at a time, with the results changing each time you change or add a character. 2. This is because every time you mention someone on Facebook, Facebook not only sends them immediate notification that they have been mentioned, but also follows that notification with an email alert – doesn’t matter whether or not the person mentioned has disabled email alerts for Facebook notifications. Blocking someone from seeing your story on Instagram? Why did Facebook send me a notification for a video someone uploaded that I don't even know? There are two ways to do it. You’re sharing content (yours or someone else’s) that quotes or references the Facebook user you want to mention. Relevance * 阿妹* May * Lv 7. Avoid typos as misspelling the name will mean you either get no one to mention or end up mentioning the wrong person. Simply search “posts by x” or “posts commented on by x” or “posts liked by x.” However, I don’t believe you will get ALL posts and comments. :). If there’s a scenario or nuance that I haven’t covered, by all means ask in the comments below and I’m happy to clarify, research or explain further. I wanted to know that after my friend mentions my name in a comment, do I get a notification that my friend mentioned me in the comment, or not? Have you ever wanted to let someone else know that you were talking about them in a post to Facebook? Scroll down and click on a notification. It is the Facebook way of sharing information with you, or of letting you know that someone is thinking of you. Will that mention go away? What’s going on? Thank you! Can this guy still see the post or comment he was tagged in if the post was hidden from him on Facebook? And similar to mention-spam, posting a picture and tagging 50 friends just to get their attention is spam. Mike teaches a holistic approach… View full profile ›. While using an @ character at the front does alter the results, in the end, it doesn’t seem to matter. Open Facebook on your browser. Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 17,182 times. Now that you know why it is important to mention someone properly in a Facebook post or comment, this is how to do it. I got to the 6th colon : and it wouldn’t allow me to mention any more of my friends. Use the @ character to indicate where you wish to insert a Page mention and start typing that Page name. You can only tag personal profiles (though you can check into a business if you were there). The obvious one is so that you draw their attention to the post or comment. You can mention up to 50 people or Pages in one post or comment. Girls always invest more than boys emotionally in the relationship even at an early age and that s the problem. 6. But you’d be surprised that there are million and one others who have no idea why, how and when to mention someone in a Facebook post. If I don’t tag and mention him it’s fine. The fact that a mutual friend may mention you in a comment might (I don’t have any statistical … Perhaps more importantly, if you tag someone in the original post, they can choose to allow it on their timeline which brings additional visibility to the post. Get your answers by asking now. Tiktok and the Kenyan memes – What’s a meme? Recently, Facebook introduced a new feature to mention your friends' names in a comment. That’s why Facebook uses facial recognition and provides a box around recognized faces for you to tap and tag. All of a sudden, now when I hit the “reply” under a person’s comment on a post, their name doesn’t come up in blue. The audience for the link that’s created depends on the privacy settings of the person, Page or group you … While still coming from a perspective of genuine belief of the other person’s interest, it’s easy to abuse and annoy, as we’ll see with the next example. I’m curious if perhaps the algorithms work in a way that the person who is tagging – the post shows up more on their friends feeds than the person who they tag. Thanks. How can I dispute a post that was fact checked on Facebook? That is, if you click on a name with a # preceding it, Facebook will take you to posts with the same hashtag instead of directing you to the Facebook timeline of the person that should have been mentioned. 6. Join over 100,000 of your peers and receive our weekly newsletter which features the top trends, news and expert analysis to help keep you ahead of the curve. I can't find her or her comment? First, when composing a post, whether you’re sharing text, image(s) or a video, you can click on the “Tag people in your post button” and choose from your available contacts. Press Control + F (PC) or command + F (Mac). As you select one or more friends, their names will appear as “— with [Their Name]” and of course their name is linked to their profile. I cant find an answer to my problem!! There are two ways to do it. The … If you only mention them in a comment, all they get is a notification. The search function is pretty powerful. Don’t do it! Not sure if it is just specific to my phone… but I was trying to do a post where you copy and paste a link and autofill the mentions. I am posting a birthday greeting to a friend, and fb completes the post by tagging another friend that ‘I’m with’….and i just dant get rid of it…also, the friend dors not even know the person I’m supposef to ge with!! Press Control + F (PC) or command + F (Mac). % of people told us that this article helped them. Pages can, however, tag products. I would prefer to block and remove. It’s very irritating, especially if you are tagging or mentioning several people. I would like my name to appear, not theirs, when people share the meme on their pages. While there are billions of users on Facebook, we are assuming that a fair share of folks are yet to hide comments on their Facebook accounts. You may only tag current friends, which means even if you’re following someone on Facebook (you see their public posts in your feed, but there has been no mutual friend connection approved), they will not be available. Sometimes when I share a meme, the person who originally posted the meme, their name appears on my post. Another scenario I’m not sure of is when a friend (let’s call him Bob) tags their friend (let’s call her Rachel, who I’m not friends with) in my post. You can tag up to 50 people or Pages on a photo. You’re sharing something that you think the other person might be interested in. This article originally appeared on The Social Media Hat and has been republished with permission.Find out how to syndicate your content with B2C, Mike is a Content Marketing Practitioner, award-winning Blogger and Author in St. Louis, and the Chief Marketing Officer at SiteSell. Just say you dont like having to compete with others for his attention and you think that it depreciates the relationship when he compliments other girls because you get unsure if you are important enough to him or if he considers you just as " one of the girls I flirt with " Maybe he ll understand. Even well-meaning friends might tag you in unflattering photos or mention you in comments you’d rather not see shared with a large audience. What if the comment is not on my post, or a post I haven't liked, or a photo I've not been tagged?

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