exo zombies outbreak best guns


I do much better using it and same with everyone else I've seen using it. A Contact Grenade weapon station is located on the north wall near the door to the Exo Testing area. An AMR9 weapon station is located on the north wall of this area. Just north of the circular booth in the center of the room is a possible 3D Printer location. This thing works in almost the same manner and provides the player with full ammo. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Even getting to higher rounds say, Round #30 is quite hard, let alone surviving it. By now, you should come to a door leading to Morgue (opened for 1,000 Credits). Similar to Bulldog, the only notable difference is less ammunition in Exo-Zombies Mode. This weapon can be purchased for 750 credits. How do i open my party so friends can join? It is a close quarter area with many small rooms attached to a long hallway. From your previous point, come out and go through another small tunnel on the right side and open the door to Exo Room for another 1,000 Credits. MAHEM is so much better than CEL-3 Cauterizer when used for this strategy. Lynx Exo Reload Cured players will also be camouflaged for several seconds. Exo-Zombies Outbreak revolves around 4 employees who had worked for Jonathan Irons’ private military organization, Atlas Corporation. Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare envisions the powerful battlegrounds of the future, where both technology and tactic have evolved to usher in a new era of combat for the franchise. Unlike the human Zombies, Zombie Dogs cannot be blown to pieces. The door to the Morgue costs 1,000 credits to open. The story continues in the Outbreak map. Due to the fact that this is a single-shot weapon and exo-zombies can easily overwhelm you during most of the situations, I’d prefer going with something with increased damage output or a higher rate of fire. Lynx can be bought for 1,000 Credits from Mystery Boxes and boasts ‘8+48’ rounds in Exo-Zombies and other game modes. There are quite a handful of weapons in Exo-Zombies Mode and most of them are from the game’s Multiplayer Mode. The Power Generator is located in a small room on the east side of the area. Another important thing to note here is that 3D Printer is now called Mystery Boxes. The door to the northeast will take you to the Exo Testing area for 1,250 credits, and the door to the southeast will take you to the Main Hub for 1,000 credits. Players don’t spawn with an exo-suit – they’re required to find it. Power Surge ASM1 can be bought for 1,000 Credits from the Mystery Box and boasts ’50+250′ rounds in Exo-Zombies Mode. Wall-buys and upgrade stations have returned. Clear a round of zombie dogs to obtain a Full Reload power-up. If you get infected by a zombie, dash for the decontamination chamber or you’ll die. Thats the best I've found so far. Furthermore, it’s a pretty strong weapon when it comes to firing from the hip which you’ll be doing a lot in Exo-Zombies Mode. These are basically the same as normal human Zombies, but they have Exo Suits attached to them. S-12 wrecks house in exo zombies. These Zombies will walk up to you and explode, causing massive damage in a small space. Of course, there are the basic Zombies that walk slowly and attack with their hands. It’s divided into a total of 4 episodes – the first of which is available to download. User Info: Junpeiclover. However, unlike its Multiplayer Mode counterpart, EM1 has only 100 rounds, but on the plus side, it never overheats. This is a small circular room with two staircases, a central dome, an elevated platform, and a couple of doors to move in and out of the area. From the Main Hub, take the door on the right and head towards Hallway A which contains a Mystery Box, right next to a yellow ‘No Parking’ sign. It is a large area with catwalks around the outside of the room. Although the new game mode retains the same formula used by Zombies Mode featured in previous Call of Duty titles, the exo-suit has, once again, proved to be a game changer. A very dangerous type of Zombie is the EMZ or Electro Magnetic Zombie. User Info: bigbadboff. Exo Slam They must then wait about five seconds for the Exo Suit to reboot and work again. Zombies can be chained by running around the catwalk, but it may be tough with a number of possible entrances. Did they ever patch campaign framerate performance? I believe the area is called Main Hall and is located near the Juggernaut. Go up the stairs and you’ll eventually come to a large circular room with the last generator that you need to kick start. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. However, there are several Its high rate of fire and low adjustable recoil makes it a very powerful weapon against the undead. Instead of this, try and go for something more important. The trick involved is pretty simple, but requires strict timing. The Holding area is located on the west side of the map. Use this station to upgrade weapons for 2,500 credits. Also check the the Achievements and Trophies section for guides on the ten new achievements and trophies for this Exo Zombies map, including the story-related easter egg Game Over, Man. Therefore, it’s a good idea not to let them touch you and always be on the move while staying close to the walls. They might reappear in a future map, or they might be exclusive to the Outbreak map. Every now and then, players will come across an Infected round. It can be bought for 500 Credits off a wall and is a semi-automatic Assault Rifle. Its maximum ammunition size is ’35+220′ rounds and has a high rate of fire with only subpar range. Exo Zombies Mode is a new game mode introduced in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The first object is a wrench stuck in a wall near a decontamination chamber located on the left side of your initial spawn location. Even if an Exo Suit Zombie has no legs, it can boost forward and attack from a distance. The Morgue is located on the northeast side of the map. Wait, so the G in Gerudo doesn't sound like Genius, but rather like Ham? Last but not the least, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for random Supply Drops and Boosts that you receive throughout the Exo-Zombies Mode as these are a great help. Ah, good old blowing. Exo Soldier I only ever play by myself, never make it too far, so the Bulldog is all I really use. A small hallway on the south side of the area is technically part of the Morgue, as players cannot gain access to this hall without spending credits and opening a door. This upgrade costs 1,750 Credits and is an early purchase. From this point, follow the power cord and open Administration A for 750 Credits. If you check my Advanced Warfare Exo-Zombies Strategy Guide, I’ve stated that one of the best weapons to use at higher rounds is MAHEM. I have a feeling it's a fully upgraded CEL 3. From the Morgue, spend 1250 Credits to open the Exo-Room Door. HBRa3 As time goes on, players will run into Exo Suit Zombies. Like I’ve mentioned above, players don’t spawn with an exo-suit and are required to find it. For more help on Exo-Zombies Mode, make sure to check out our Exo Zombies Outbreak Strategy and Outbreak Easter Egg Guide. Best Advanced Warfare Exo Zombies Outbreak Weapons, Power Ups and Upgrades to complete Outbreak Easter Egg and kill zombies easily at high rounds. Bulldog AE4 is a directed energy rifle in Exo-Zombies Mode which is also available in the game’s Multiplayer Mode. Like I’ve said before, if you wish to go with shotgun, CEL-3 Cauterizer is a decent choice. Power Surge is another power up which has appeared in previous installments. Atlas tried to end the war quickly with the use of the Manticore, but it instead created an army of the undead. Zombies can be chained by making circles around this bus. The door to the northwest will take you to the Main Hub, while the door down the hall to the northeast will take you to the Administration area. A Bulldog weapon station is located on the north wall, and an MK14 weapon station is located on the south wall. An Explosive Drone weapon station is located on the west side of the room. This weapon can be purchased for 1,500 credits. ^^^It comes out of the 3D Printers, it's not wall mounted. This power up activates all traps on the map simultaneously. While you’re in this room, you need to stick to the outer walls all the time.

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