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", She was afraid to hope only to have her heart broken again, but she'd rather have the chance to be with him than without him. I do like you, but not in the way you like me.". "You thought about our first date before today?" "I guess you've been here before huh?" "You're just saying that cause she loved throwing your ass in jail and I tried to keep it out of jail." She'd finally brought him up here last year, just after he'd finally told her that he loved her. "I see, but if I remember right, you told me that you would marry me on Founder's Day when you came storming into the Sheriff's office." "Really? "Sounds good to me." Jo stopped and turned to look at him. "When I first met Lupo, I'd thought about it and even asked her out. "Okay, well um...we're not from this Eureka, or this time line." After Zane and Fargo are launched into space (accidentally), in a concept ship, Fargo, feeling Zane had the right to know, (especially after Zane admitted , indirectly, that he loved Jo), tells Zane about Jo and the other version of him, when they think they are about to die. "No, we need to talk about it now. But then again, if she were here, you wouldn't be.". She grabbed her key and turned the engine on, quickly pulling out of the parking spot. Everyone got their happy ending, with Jo and Zane finally engaged, Holly and Fargo traveling the world together and Zoey getting ready to graduate college. "Hey guys, mind if we join you?" "Alright, but if I say no about modeling them, there will be no arguments." He asked her with that smirk still on his face. She answered. I'll remake when I find a picture from the actual scene. She asked. But then he started changing, like you've been doing. She said. Zane smiled at her and walked over to the passenger door and opened it. He told her, lifting her head once again to look him in the eye. "Well he was an idiot then. You were always there to listen to my problems or ask how my day went, and then you were gone. Carter interrupted us and you took my silence as a no. Jack and Allison headed back to her place, Henry and Grace went home, and Jo walked back to her car with Zane. You must follow the Privacy Policy and Google Terms of use. I gotta go. Zane promised as he once again squeezed her hand. The kiss I gave her on her cheek was because she understood I had feelings for someone else, and I didn't have to tell her." You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. "Jo, are you okay?". Fargo and Holly or Jo and Zane - take your pick, their respective storylines felt repetitive and predictable and beneath what this show can do when the crew is on its game. He closed her hand around the ring and held it that way. She looked down at her hands that were clasped in her lap. "Nope, not going to happen. Carter always took care of anything that Stark or Allison needed done there." She countered. He became animated when his phone rang and it was Claudia Donovan on the other end. It almost felt like he'd lost a memory of how they were in the other time line. She closed her eyes and sighed. "Some of what you say makes sense, well all but the time travel part, it's supposed to be impossible. He moved over to sit next to her on the other boulder, facing her. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Jack replied. "We did have a better second date, right?" That was the ring you gave me." "Nope, we're just getting ready to have dinner and taking a break after the crazy day we've all had." She said. He said as he leaned forward and put his elbows on his knees. What happened was, Grant used Carter's adjusted cell phone to come back with us. She said as she shivered and got off of the boulder. Grant's been cleared and so have you. He suggested. "I wanted so badly to tell you what was going on, but you hated me." Yeah, I know, weird. He asked not happy with himself. She told him. "Why should we believe you Zane?" He couldn't wait until tomorrow, and the tomorrow's to come. Jo’s (Erica Cerra) inadvertent slip when she threw his grandmother’s engagement ring at him helped put the pieces together: this was not the same Jo that he had known; this was a different Jo from a time when they had meant something to each other. He said as he looked over her shoulder at Jo still sitting in her car. The Department of Defense was shutting down Eureka, so he bought it and Global Dynamics. He replied with that smirk on his face again. She frowned at him and he wasn't sure why. He said. "I'm sure that Carter is on top of all this. He laughed with her. "Well, so much for our dinner date.". "Did he say where he was going?" He started walking again. He cringed. You've made different choices the he did, so you might have different tastes." He walked her to the door, where he kissed her goodnight. "Okay, I hope it's soon." I wouldn't call that nothing." "Yeah, I kind of figured that out earlier today listening to you, Andy, and Sheriff Carter. He told her. She confessed. He watched her drive away and knew that he'd do anything to keep her secret about the other time line. Instead of the criminal, he became a respected part of Eureka." I'll see you in the morning.". View production, box office, & company info. "For starters, you can tell me what we were to each other, and why that kiss didn't feel like a first kiss." Jo explained. Vincent came over and asked Zane and Jo what they wanted to eat and then left to go and make their dinner. ... and why that kiss didn't feel like a first kiss." "Goodnight Zane. Zane took her hand under the table and gave it a squeeze. "What sounds good to you?" Jo: Nothing. He wasn't going to lose her now that he was finally going to be with her. If I promise to keep from crying, can I see the rest of them?". "I'd agree with you if it didn't happen to us, but it did. She asked him. "I still secretly hoped that she'd change her mind and accept them. Sorry it took so long to write this one, every time I thought I was done with it...another thought popped into my head. "Calm down Fargo, you're attracting too much attention over here.". "I guess I just didn't think that our first date would have two other couples and Fargo involved in it.". She asked him. Henry tries to figure out why his spaceship came home, why it recreated Kim and especially how he's going to relate to her. "You still have them, all of them?" He said as he helped her with the clasp on the necklace. He said good night to everyone and quickly left Cafe Diem. Your review has been posted. "Um, I have something I need to tell all of you. They were quiet as they walked, each lost in their own thoughts. She wrapped her arms around him and returned the kiss. She replied. He said as he turned her face to look at him. Jo told everyone. "Fine." He explained. He smirked at her. She shrugged. "Enough talk about Zoe, I wanna know more about Jo and the other Zane. Well you weren't gone, but I couldn't talk to you about my problems, mostly my problems with you." He said and he kissed her cheek, then he heard Jo's car start. Fargo asked. Ever since Founder's Day, there was something about you that I couldn't put my finger on. "He said that he's always wanted to travel and I guess that's what he's going to do." "Everything I can Zane, I promise." Also, thanks to all of you who send me feedback and help make me a better writer. There never was a head of security for GD in the other time line. "Actually, I'm not sure we are." They got out of the car and he took her hand as they walked up to his door. You're one of my best friends, but that's all. She didn't look at him as she drove. I shouldn't have it if we're not getting married." 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