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Yes, we’re talking about the same Cal Jacobs who raped an underage Jules (Hunter Schafer) in the first GD episode. #euphoria, Cal Jacobs and Nate Jacobs can destroy me and i'll say thank you #euphoria, I’m sorry, but I still think Cal Jacobs is fine AF. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, OMG, Zendaya and Jacob Elordi Went on a Movie Date, ‘This Is Us’ Has Jokes About Queen Zendaya, Sadly, ’Euphoria’ Won’t Win Any Emmys Tonight, Hunter Schafer Models 3 ‘Euphoria’-Inspired Looks, 10 Unanswered Questions From the ‘Euphoria’ Finale, This ‘Euphoria’ Theory Might Explain the Finale, Here’s What You Should Watch After ‘Euphoria’, 'Euphoria's Hunter Schafer Is Just Getting Started. Aaron Jacobs is one of the recurring characters in Euphoria. Spoilers for Euphoria Season 1. Promise. Neither do fans, which means they have until Euphoria returns, which might not be until next summer, to think about it. Birthday We may earn commission from links on this page, but we only recommend products we love. While there are many reasons to feel worried about Nate Jacobs after Euphoria's finale, fans are most concerned about his brother. Sure, this Cal version of Eric Dane is older and thiccer, but that just kind of adds to his appeal. He's inches taller than his dad and still couldn't overpower him. In the Euphoria premiere, a photo of Nate and his family popped on the screen. The Trials and Tribulations of Trying to Pee While Depressed, Blue In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Elordi addressed the rumors that there is another brother. When said silver fox is an abuser like Cal, most sane people. This theory is supported by not only the closeup of the family photo, but the fact that this same photo pops up on the background of Cal's phone in the pilot, according to The Heavy. Euphoria is an American teen drama television series created by Sam Levinson, loosely based on the Israeli miniseries of the same name. Gray He is portrayed by Eric Dane. Warning: This is not a hot take, it’s a bad take. Who else thought Cal was following Jules to beat some silence into her? I have no idea," the Australian actor said. he told EW. Portrayer Jules (one-time sexual encounter)MinakoSeveral hook-ups I truly don’t have any qualms about which direction it goes. Jacob Elordi's Nate Jacob is a masterful villain on Euphoria. I don’t know.". Status He is portrayed by Eric Dane. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. End of story. Pilot It was. One theory is that Nate will be caught with child pornography for showing a video of an underage Cassie (Sydney Sweeney), As for what Elordi wants for Nate in the second season, he told EW he's still deciding what's best for the character. I want to say, “Cue the sarcastic awwws,” but it’s actually kind of working. Please don’t be like me. Male I’m wrong. I don’t know where he went. I just...can’t stop being attracted to Nate’s dad on Euphoria. Women With Disabilities on Voting in 2020, No, Really, Young People Are Def Voting This Year, Team Cosmo Explains Why We’re Voting This Year, I Finally Have a Vote. 2020 Bustle Digital Group. In fact, he said that, like fans, he had questions about the prop photo, too. It definitely doesn’t help that the folks behind Euphoria have really softened the guy up since episode 1. This is not okay!!! "what?" Biographical Information What’s a girl to do? Eye Color He often wears muted neutral colors. This content is imported from Twitter. This is the white male privilege that causes rapists like Brock Turner to serve a measly three months in prison for rape. It’s not really my fault. He’s a bad person. 1 Spoilers for Euphoria Season 1. Now, actor Jacob Elordi is responding to the fan theory about Nate's missing brother. 309K 6.5K 29 [in which two starstuck teens team up to take revenge on their shitty exes.] Portrayal First Appearance Relationships While there are many reasons to feel worried about Nate Jacobs after Euphoria's finale, fans are most concerned about his brother. Gender Watch These K-Pop Boyband Stars Make Meringues, This Woman Says She Was Fired for Being Too Hot. "And everyone just didn’t really say anything. His dad is the only one who has a hold on him. Who doesn’t love a silver fox? I think it shows why Nate overcompensates with trying to be masculine because his dad, no matter how great Nate is at something, makes him feel small and weak and powerless. Weirder, there was also no mention of him, he only exists in that photo. Could he be the key to understanding Nate, who quickly turned into the villain of Euphoria with his toxic and violent behavior? You can help out Euphoria Wiki by expanding it to improve the quality. Eric Dane It does feel like HBO is trying to turn Cal into a soft boy. "for the sake of revenge of course.&quo... drugdealer; euphoria; euphoriahbo +18 more #4. 19th January 1979 (Capricorn) Where’s the guy from episode 1? He has short grey hair, hooded blue eyes, square-like face shape and has a fair skin complexion.He appears to be of average height. In it, fans noticed there was a third brother that was never seen on screen. Well known in town for his real-estate ventures, Cal is Nate's strict, demanding father with a secret life where he frequently has hook-ups/rapes in motels with primarily young men and trans-women. Perhaps, Nate is related to Fezco or Ashtray. For now, though, fans are wondering where Nate goes next after that violent fight with his father Cal (Eric Dane) that left him banging his head on the floor in defeat. He still records sex with unknowing partners. Take the carnival episode, for one. The general consensus, though is that the story of Nate's missing brother is tragic. "We haven’t seen him. This article has been identified as a Stub, meaning that this page is lacking in necessary information. When did I become part of the problem? Others have even guessed that the young boy is a character we've met already. 7.9K 165 23. Nate will be caught with child pornography. Cal Jacobs and Nate Jacobs can destroy me and i'll say thank you #euphoria — 푱풆풔풔풆 (@kandyfloss02) July 20, 2019 I’m sorry, but I still think Cal Jacobs is fine AF.

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