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But in comparison to her much sooner videos and pictures, she appeared to be losing weight more. Some of the interactions; she asks a family if she can join their day at the beach and the dad says 'No...Sorry....It's a private family day...", the family is visibly confused. Then she approaches a mother and son, and the mother says to eugenia "You know, you look very-" and the film cuts, and then it zooms in on the boys face while the mother is talking and the boy looks disgusted/upset/angry, this is the only interaction that is cut during the middle of an interaction.
He says, "You hurt yourself when you-you came of your-" Eugenia looks back at the camera before turning back to her dad and saying, "...No I didn't hurt myself" and he says "Oh, are you filming?" She also went to New York a lot and loved the city. I wonder what Kati and Shane got to see when they visited her home. Hey guys I posted a new outfits video today earlier! As indicated, Eugenia has been operating her YouTube station for several decades now, and she’s been very hardworking and committed. I also don't think any of us really know the level of abuse that happens in that house either, even Jaclyn and Co, although I think they have a much better idea than most of us do.
", 3-3-15, Eugenia tweets "My brother just asked me if I post nudes on snapchat omg XD". It's Eugenia's birthday and her dad comes in while she's streaming and says she looks good and doesn't look a day over 14. "Try on haul dog edition" - 4/23/17 - Eugenia and her mom are in the same hallway as the internet slang video. I already know of a few things I forgot to add or find the video of like her mom filming her trying to use a credit card. In the beginning her mom says she's not wearing the jacket for the outfit because it's 93 out, she mentions that's okay for Eugenia to wear a jacket but not the kind of weather for her to wear one in. Your email address will not be published. Eugenia rementions family keeping the temperature low and the ac is on a lot. Either way, you can sense a pattern of things Eugenia did that don't match with her personality. Eugenia Cooney was Created on July27,1994, in Massachusetts. "Awkward Situations" - 2/24/14 - She talks about awkward situations. Most things you learn in school don't apply to real life. I think the one thing that is for certain is that something with her family absolutely is not right. Eugenia also tells story of how her parents haven't slept in the same bed for a long time. posts arguing this or wagging their little finger at the sub and accusing them of 'making it worse/feeding into her ED' or any other variation of 'you shouldnt be posting here' will be removed. Not in an incesty way !" Posted by. Past the social websites, she’s also become very popular as a consequence of her appearances that leaves a few unpleasant chills on a single. "What I got for christmas 2017" - 12/26/17 - She says most of the stuff she is showing she bought for herself because she doesn't like to ask for things for christmas. "How to be annoying" (now deleted) - 7/5/13 - Eugenia's brother is shown dancing outside, on a public sidewalk, twice during the video. "My Insane Family Members" - 5/12/14 - Her family is insane and creepy. I can imagine a dad saying you look good but the added age part is fucking weird as hell and seems completely inappropriate, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the EUGENIACOONEY community. "My First Time" - 8/23/13 - Her first kiss was with two guys at a hotel.

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