envoy vs nginx


From a base performance level, our requests per second tend to drop significantly, up to 30% in some cases. In this article, we will test five different popular load balancers: NGINX, HAProxy, Envoy, Traefik, and Amazon Application Load Balancer (ALB). During our tests, we collected the total requests per second, the latency distribution, and a number of successful (200) responses.

Let’s look at the same data over HTTPS: Much like our HTTP test, performance starts to sharply decline after the 90th percentile, but the tail end of poor performance grows larger with HTTPS—between our 75th and 90th percentile, our latency increases by 2.21 seconds!

At the 95th and 90th percentile, our response profile starts to change a bit. NGINX was designed initially as a web server, and over time has evolved to support more traditional proxy use cases. The CNCF provides an independent home to Envoy, insuring that the focus on building the best possible L7 proxy will remain unchanged. At its peak, we see the average backend response time at 3.5 milliseconds.

nginx [engine x] is an HTTP and reverse proxy server, as well as a mail proxy server, written by Igor Sysoev. With v1.8, the HAProxy team has started to catch up to the minimum set of features needed for microservices, but 1.8 didn’t ship until November 2017.

We focused on community because we wanted a vibrant community where we could contribute easily. As such, the community focuses only on the right features with the best code, without any commercial considerations. There are Benchmarking, especially micro-benchmarks, are not a full performance indicator of every configuration and workload.

Achieving the right balance of features, operator usability, and performance depends on the type of software you’re running, how it’s architected, and what platform it’s running on.

Envoy is the newest proxy on the list, but has been deployed in production at Lyft, Apple, Salesforce, Google, and others. There is no science here, and we have chosen Hey’s default concurrency of 50, as well as 250 and 500 concurrent requests. First, we will look at concurrency as compared to tail latency for both the HTTP and HTTPS protocol. We will use a simple load generator, Hey, to generate some sample traffic for these applications to access a simple backend service. it serves 25.03% of traffic of the top 1 million websites. This may be due to some intelligent load balancing or caching inside of Envoy as part of the defaults. Additionally, Envoy can be used as a service mesh proxy and an edge load balancer, a feature that other tools lack. While often less of a concern than these other factors, it’s still important to understand the performance profiles of these load balancers under different types of load.

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