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When Megatron resurfaced on Cybertron, however, Omega joined the Autobots on the Miranda II in returning to Cybertron.

Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Platinum Series Omega Supreme (2013) An Amazon.com and BigBadToyStore.com exclusive metallic redeco of Energon Supreme Class released to commemorate the Year of the Snake. Faction:N/A 1.3. Omega Supreme (Supreme, 2004) 1.1. Energon Supreme Class Omega Supreme (2004) This figure consists of a battleship and construction vehicle that can combine into a Cybertronian super train or Omega Supreme himself. Dreamwave’s bankruptcy and subsequent closure meant that no further stories of his were told. The Sun, When word of a "Project Omega" made their way to Megatron, he sent out Slugslinger, Mirage, and Snowcat to sabotage it. I want to tell you about the Transformers! Features light and sound effects. In the additional scene, occurring concurrently with the Decepticon attack on Autobot City, Omega is shown defending the Ark against an assault from Decepticon combiners. Unicron Trilogy Energon Volume 4. Body-mounted firing ports"Yellow" arm: grip-like claw"Blue" arm: finger-mounted blasters, Omega Supreme is one of the Guardians of Cybertron who serves under the command of Omega Sentinel and is a powerful Autobot protector. Decepticon Army, The Autobots continued to struggle with the Decepticons on the surface, until the efforts of Dr. Jones and the Omnicons recharged Primus at Cybertron's core.

Can also combine with Energon Optimus Prime to form Optimus Supreme. A legendary figure from Cybertron’s past who once defeated Unicron, Omega Supreme was sealed away in stasis beneath the surface of Cybertron ages ago.

 • Magnaboss

"Yellow" half of body: Omega Train / Omega Crusher"Blue" half of body: Omega Battleship / Omega Force GunHead: Headmaster-like robot Omega"Yellow" and "blue" halves combined in alternative mode: Omega Battle Train

His first proper appearance was in the Spotlight issue on Optimus Prime. Megatron used Starscream's head (with its AllSpark fragment) to take control of Omega, discovering as he did that absorbing the transwarp energies had given him the power to teleport anywhere in the universe.

Omega used his patented maneuver of grabbing two Decepticons in electrified force fields and slamming them together. Omega Supreme's first IDW Publishing appearance was a cameo in The Transformers: Stormbringer, where one of Optimus Prime's flashbacks showed him fighting against Thunderwing alongside Optimus, Megatron and Trypticon. Affiliation: Armageddon Part 4 Omega Supreme joined the battle against first the Quintesson war-fleet and then Unicron. Energon Omega Supreme is nominally composed of two major components, the Omega Train—a train engine with a large construction arm on its caboose—and the Omega Battleship—a multi-gunned space …

Later still, Omega transported Jazz and Perceptor to Saturn’s moon, Titan, and crash-landed, teetering on the edge of a precipice.

It was on this occasion that Omega chose to speak in complete sentences for the only time since being altered by the Robo Smasher, in relaying what happened between him and the Constructicons to Prime. Though removed from the battle, Omega survived, watched over by Cliffjumper as he recovered.

The tide of battle turned, however, when – with the aid of several Transformers displaced in time from 2006 – the rebellion’s leader, A-3, deactivated the Dark Guardians with the “coda remote” device hidden in his slave brand. In a trilogy of novels set within the Dreamwave comic universe – which may or may not be in continuity with the comic books themselves – an Omega Sentinel appeared, having been sent from Cybertron in search of Jetfire and Omega Supreme. However, a crucial security program was missing from the activation codes, requiring Lugnut to be plugged into Omega's bridge in order to control the clones. During the last battle, Omega sacrificed himself to win the war and was very damaged, questioning his own actions. This character article is a stub and is missing information on their fictional appearances. Prime declined and, reading between the lines of Prime's bravado, Kicker deduced that he was in trouble. He learns that Megatron has supposedly been killed by watching a broadcast from the Autobot reporter Rook.  • Thundercracker Omega is nearly killed and barely escapes with help from Optimus. Hasbro Arrives at Toy Fair 2004 Loaded With the Industry's Premier Brands and a Wide-Range of Innovative New Toys and Games for the Entire Family, Business Wire, February 10, 2004, Hottest for the holidays, New York Amsterdam News, December 15, 2004 by Stein, Jennifer. Awakened in 2020 by Doctor Brian Jones and Primus, Omega immediately raced across space to join Optimus Prime’s team in battle against Megatron’s forces, combining with Optimus to form Optimus Supreme (Omega Convoy in the Japanese version). Eventually, Optimus Supreme pulled back so that Galvatron could leave Cybertron as he intended, cutting down on the planetary devastation.

Omega Supreme was originally a giant transformer who sacrificed his life to end the war between the Autobots and Deceptions. Towering in stature, Omega is a Headmaster whose consciousness is housed in the small robot which forms his head (apparently designed to resemble Omega Supreme), and his body splits in two when it transforms, forming a construction vehicle and battleship, which can link together end-to-end to form a “Cybertronian super train.” The separate halves can also transform into weapon turrets. He was built on Earth by the Autobots in the present day.

 • Skywarp Omega Supreme The Autobots attempted to gain entry to Unicron's interior, but were forced to retreat when the Planet-Eater crashed into the energon grid around Alpha Q's worlds, super-heating his outer surface in the process.  • Ravage The rocket's landing would of course cause a lot of smoke to appear. Monstructor shows up and Omega reveals to Prime a weak point which causes him to separate. His body in stasis and converted into the very spaceship Optimus Prime and his Autobot group traveled in until their battle with Megatron crashed the ship into Lake Erie, only to later resurface and crash onto a mountain.

Accessories: 2 missiles 1.


Having expended too much energy in the journey to transform and save himself, Omega had to rely on his companions to obtain electrical crystals to restore his power, enabling him to assume robot mode and aid in saving the moon’s natives from the Decepticons.

Ironhide Team Six Shot dispatched the Autobots indirectly with a massive explosion, caused by a build up of energon gas in the pipline under their feet. Omega transformed into robot mode, and was received warmly by the bulk of Cybertron.

Energon He believes that unyielding resolve has no conqueror and will not hesitate to engage even the strongest foe.

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