emydura macquarii signata


Hist. The authorities responsible for the actions identified in this Plan are listed in Table 1. It is also found in the coastal Queensland rivers and the Cooper Creek ecosystem, along with Fraser Island.

AW: Emydura macquarii signata Hübsche Tierchen, danke! Emys 6 (5): 26, Artner, H. G. 2003. 100: i-xxvii, 1-174, Werning, H. 2003. Species avg: 35 cm Reproduction Oviparous: Clutch size.

NSW: vulnerable 1961. Description of a new species of Chelodina from Australia. The EPBC Act specifies that a Commonwealth agency must not take any action that contravenes a recovery plan. This turtle was spotted at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane QLD, but despite this being an animal sanctuary, the turtles, just like the blue tongue lizards, water dragons and bearded dragons, are free to roam as they please, including the river.

Australian Freshwater Turtles.

& Thomson, S. 2010. (2003) consider these names as nomina nuda. GOODE (1967) synonymized Emydura subglobosa and Emydura albertisii with Emydura krefftii. Use tab and cursor keys to move around the page (more information), Online Zoological Collections of Australian Museums (OZCAM), https://apps.des.qld.gov.au/species/?op=getspeciesbyid&taxonid=44, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, Oportunidades de inversión en Queensland. Worrell, E. 1970.

Emydura macquarii macquarii (Murray-Spitzkopfschildkröte) - SO-Südaustralien, N-Victoria, Neusüdwales bis S-Queensland 02. Emydura macquarii signata. Further work is needed to determine any genetic or morphological distinctiveness of the Bellinger River Emydura.

Reptilia (Münster) 8 (42): 10-11 -, Williams, D.; Wüster, W. & Fry, B.G.

and Barbour,R.W. Under the EPBC Act, critical habitat may be registered for any nationally listed threatened species or ecological community. (4) 8: 366 -, Gray, J.E. Even local sites have conflicting or ambiguous information. "Emmort's short-neck turtle, Sue, Lindsay Jue (1998). Reptiles and Amphibians of Australia, 7th ed. Also known as the Brisbane River Turtle, this is a short-necked turtle subspecies native to the Brisbane region, and a member of the family Chelidae (side-necked turtles).


Gray, J. E. 1831. 2011. The genus Emydura (Family Chelidae) is a group of short-necked turtle species inhabiting rivers, streams, billabongs and lagoons in eastern and northern Australia and southern New Guinea (Cogger 1996).

Freunde, Berlin 1932: 127-129, Artner, H. 1999. Emydura macquarii signata (syn. The animals recorded near Thora on the upper Bellinger River occupy several long, deep pools in moderately broad reaches along a one kilometre section of the river (Cogger et al. It is found primarily in the Macquarie River basin and all its major tributaries, along with a number of coastal rivers up the New South Wales Coast. The side-necked turtle family Chelidae: a theory of relationships using shared derived characters. Scientific Reports, 9(1): 5841 -, Lintermans, Mark 1997. Reptilia (GB) (27): 64-68 -, Mertens, R. 1969. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 49 (2): 514-525 -, Trefz & Hiller 1992. Covacevich J.A., Couper, P.J., McDonald, K.R. Lansdowne Press, Melbourne 154 pp.

Bonin, F., Devaux, B.

Hydrobiologia 595:593–598, Cann, J. Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Threatened species & ecological communities, Listed species and ecological community permits, Threatened species and ecological communities publications, Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, © Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, Bellinger River Emydura (Emydura macquarii) Recovery Plan. Soc.

Re: Scientific name: http://www.reptilesofaustralia.com/turtl... Also have a look at the synonyms at the Wikipedia reference link. Goode, J. Given that the Bellinger River Emydura has an apparently restricted distribution and a small total population, exact locations are not provided to protect the taxon from illegal collection. Bellinger River Turtles: Assessment of genetic diversity and hybridization in a species under threat. Consent and determining authorities must consider the conservation strategy outlined in this plan when considering a proposed development or activity that may affect the Bellinger River Emydura. Developing markers for multilocus phylogenetics in non-model organisms: A test case with turtles. Gray JE (1871). The aim of this recovery plan is to identify the full range of the taxon, identify and control threats and encourage protection and management of habitat in cooperation with the community. nat. Canberra ACT 2601 Catalogue of the chelonians, rhynchocephalians, and crocodiles in the British Museum (Natural History). John Gorton Building 1998. Spotted on Sep 1, 2019 Submitted on Sep 1, 2019, and 1 other person favorited this spotting. Brisbane rivers, creeks, ponds, lakes and wetlands. [10], The generic name, Emydura, is derived from the Greek emys (freshwater turtle) and the Greek oura (tail), Latinized to ura. Reptilia, Murray catchment, New South Wales, southeastern Australia. On Meiolania and some points in the oseology of the Testudinata: a reply to Mr. G.A. Zootaxa, 2496:1-37. It has an olive to brown carapace which can grow up to 28cm, and a yellow stripe on the sides of its face. 9. Nesting occurs from October to early January and multiple clutches may be laid (Cann 1998). 1841. Schildkröten, Krokodile, Brückenechsen. Nouvelle Edition [second edition]. Emydura macquarii is a wide-ranging species that occurs throughout many of the rivers of the eastern half of Australia. It's an omnivorous turtle that feeds on small crustaceans, insects, algae and aquatic plants. It can be distinguished from these species by the combination of short neck (extended head and neck shorter than shell), golden yellow iris, and lighter coloured shell without a serrated rear margin and without black-edged seams on the underside. [11], Common names for E. macquarii include Murray River turtle,[12] Macquarie River turtle,[13] eastern short-necked turtle and southern river turtle.

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