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Terms and Privacy. It is not quite as comfortable as some of the other mattress in box products we have tested, but we found the medium-firm option was quite nice to lie on. Versatile and unique, the Ecosa allows you to choose your preferred level of firmness and features three different types of foam to offer back support and pressure point relief. We are grateful to hold affiliate relationships with many of the brands, including Amazon, on our site. Another thing that I love about the Ecosa mattress is the comfort that it delivers to sleepers. The mattress is not able to bear weight as it sinks deeply. The top layer is 1.5″ of gel-infused G-7 memory foam. If edge support is a major factor when shopping for a new bed we suggest upgrading to a King mattress or checking out our top picks for a hybrid mattress, which are generally known for having better edge support. See: Best Firm Mattresses. Find out as we dig into the details in our comprehensive Ecosa mattress review! This is because its firmness starts from medium and above, which is firmer than what lightweight individuals are accustomed to. ), Lull VS Nectar Mattress 2020 [Features Comparison Chart], Lull VS Purple Mattress Features Comparison 2020, Molecule Mattress Reviews 2020 [Molecule Air-Engineered Comfort], My Green Mattress Reviews 2020 [What are people SAYING about it], Naturepedic Mattress Reviews 2020 [For ORGANIC HEALTHY SLEEP], Nectar Mattress Reviews 2020 [Review From an Actual USER], Nectar VS Casper Comparison[Which Mattress Works Best for You? This is because it lacks reinforcement in the edges, making it weak and not suitable to sleep or sit on. If you put the support form on top, simply flipping the entire mattress over, you get the firm feel. The Ecosa mattress can be set up on any type of bed platform with the inclusion of slatted, box spring, and adjustable bases. Learn how your comment data is processed. ], Vesgantti Mattress Reviews 2020 [Comfort, Convenience Mattresses], WinkBeds Mattress Review 2020 [Luxury Hybrid Mattresses], Zinus Mattress Review 2020 [Budget Memory Foam Mattresses list], Zinus VS Leesa Mattress 2020 [Comparison Chart for Quick Decision], Zotto Mattress Reviews 2020 [Certipur-US Certified Mattresses], G-7 gel memory foam layer on top, ECO-TEX memory foam layer in the middle, and high-density polyfoam layer, unique gel-infused memory foam and a ventilated polyfoam, It can be adjusted to suit different firmness options, It is very affordable compared to other all-foam beds, It comes with a 100-nights free trial period, The manufacturer provides a 15-year warranty, Weak edge support as it cannot bear weight without sinking, Not ideal for sex as it is less responsive and bouncy, It has a mandatory break-in period of 14-nights. Side and back average-weight sleepers will get the best comfort, while stomach sleepers will be relieved while sleeping on this bed. The medium layer is best suited for lighter back sleepers or average-weight sleepers, while the medium-firm is best for average-weight sleepers. If you’ve got a partner who wakes up easily because of movement in bed, the Ecosa bed will serve you well. This bed features 3-1 firmness adjustability that allows you to sleep on medium, medium-firm, or firm. will put more pressure on the foam and it will curve around their hips and shoulders in the medium and medium-firm setup. If you’re unsure whether to invest in this mattress or not, you don’t have to be. The Ecosa bed is not bouncy or very responsive. ], Sealy Mattress Reviews 2020 [Technical Specifications Chart], Serta Mattress Reviews 2020 [Worth to Buy? This group of people will feel the least comfort while sleeping on this bed. However, the mattress does not match with hybrid or innerspring beds in terms of coolness. Like many all-foam beds, this bed is not very bouncy or responsive. The Ecosa Queen mattress-in-a-box retails for $1150 and its accompanying topper, which I highly recommend for the improvement of comfiness, is $480. It gives enough to curve around wider body parts and supports enough to keep your spine aligned. We reach out to companies directly to get the best possible deals for you, check out our coupon codes now and save yourself some cash! Australia based company, Ecosa, sprang onto the mattress and bedding scene in 2015. This is excellent, considering the bed is sold at an exceptional price. The Ecosa bed has a unique gel-infused memory foam and a ventilated polyfoam to allow free air circulation. Claiming to be a “one-for-all” mattress we had to put it to the test. ], Leesa VS Tuft and Needle Mattress Comparison Table 2020, Level Sleep Mattress Reviews 2020 [Relieves Pain & Improves Sleep], Lifekind Mattress Reviews 2020 [Certified Organic & Naturally Safe], Live and Sleep Mattress Review 2020 [Eco-Friendly Memory Foam Mattresses], Loom and Leaf Mattress Reviews 2020 [No Holding Back], Loom and Leaf VS Amerisleep Mattress Comparison Chart 2020, Loom and Leaf VS Saatva Mattress Comparison 2020, Lucid Mattress Reviews 2020 [Advantages & Disadvantages], Lull Mattress Reviews 2020 (Buy or Avoid? The Ecosa bed is provided by a reliable manufacturer who stands behind their product. Temperature regulation is important to achieving a good night’s sleep. In general, memory foam/all foam mattresses don’t perform spectacularly in this category. The mattress has weak edge support, which means you cannot sleep or sit on the bed’s edge as you may roll-off. You can arrange the layers for a medium, medium-firm or firm feeling. If you are lightweight or weigh less than 130 pounds, this mattress will not be comfortable. They ask you to sleep on it for 14 days before you decide. Therefore, you get more for less. ], Casper VS Leesa Mattress Comparison Chart 2020, Casper VS Loom & Leaf Mattress Comparison Chart 2020, Casper VS Purple Mattress Comparison 2020, Casper VS Tuft & Needle Comparison[Which is Better Mattress], Charles P Rogers Mattress Reviews 2020 [Technical Specifications, Pros, Cons], Denver Mattress Reviews 2020 [Personally Tested], Diamond Mattress Reviews 2020 [Handcrafted Comfort Mattresses], Dreamcloud Mattress Reviews 2020 [Luxury Hybrid Mattresses], DreamCloud VS Nectar Mattress [Which Should You Get? Average-weight sleepers fall in this category and will be fine sleeping on this bed. Still, have questions after reading this Ecosa mattress review? Why The Purple Bedding Brand Stands Out From the Crowd, Why It Might Be Time To Get An Adjustable Air Bed, Find and Optimize Your Best Sleeping Position. Memory foam is known for its gentle contouring while the gel particles help to regulate temperature, keeping you cooler throughout the night. This mattress has almost all the features that you can desire in a top-quality all-foam bed at an affordable price. Overall, the foam does a great job relieving pressure points. Mattress Nerd® is a registered trademark at the US Patent and Trademark office. ECOSA offers free shipping and returns across the USA. In this configuration, the ergonomic support foam (base layer) is arranged on top, while the 2 memory foam layers are placed at the bottom. Remember there are three levels of firmness. This means that average-weight stomach sleepers may have to look for a comfortable bed. This means that you can use the body after one day of unboxing it. As expected, the Ecosa Mattress offers excellent motion isolation. The company delivers its mattresses to all the 50 USA states at o fee. Even the softest configuration skews to the firm side. These two layers play a vital role in keeping the mattress breathable and cool. Last but not least, we’ve people who weigh more than 230 pounds. You have entered an incorrect email address! Now, Ecosa sells its foam mattresses in the United States, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. The Ecosa G-7 mattress is medium with the cooling gel foam on top of the ECO-Tex foam with the support foam at the bottom. Disclosure: By clicking on the product links in this article, Mattress Nerd may receive a commission fee at no cost to you, the reader. Read our in-depth review of the Amazon mattresses where we cover their construction, pricing, and feel to see which model is best for you. I hope that this Ecosa mattress review article has given you a clear idea about this all-foam mattress. The ECO-Tex memory foam provides a springier, bouncier feel, with a quicker response rate than the G-7 memory foam. Question: Can I place the Ecosa Mattress on any foundation? Now, Ecosa sells its foam mattresses in the United States, New Zealand, and Hong Kong. Quality of Materials. It has medium, medium-firm, and firm. Related: Best Mattresses for Back Sleepers. Ecosa offers a mattress warranty that covers 15 years. If you want these two services, you will have to look elsewhere. If you’re an average or heavier back and side sleepers, the Ecosa is a good option. Also, heavyweight sleepers will feel more pressure relief when sleeping on the firm layer than the medium-firm or medium layers. However, you will have to adjust the right firmness layer for your body to receive pressure relief. Custom firmness, a waterproof cover, back support, and a 15-year warranty. One thing that the Ecosa engineers have focused on is its ability to keep cool while still having the benefits of high quality memory foam.. You have to be the original owner and you can’t abuse the mattress for the warranty to apply. Additionally, Ecosa does not offer white glove delivery or old mattress removal. As a result, hot sleepers can enjoy the feel of memory foam and sleep soundly without sweating a lot. They partner with the Salvation Army and smaller local charities to find your returned mattress a good home. This results in the bed sleeping cool. Claiming to be a “one-for-all” mattress we had to put it to the test. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. We recommend checking out our top picks for best hybrid mattresses. The Ecosa full memory foam mattress is known for its versatility and unique construction. We were, however, pleased to find the G-7 memory foam and the ECO-Tex memory foam are held together by an outer sock. The bed comes with three interchangeable layers to offer users different firmness. Thanks to the 3-in-1 design layers. It’s the sleeper’s choice with Ecosa. Additionally, the quality foam layers ensure that the user doesn’t sink into the mattress too much. Required fields are marked *, © 2020 The Mattress Nerd. Question: How does the Ecosa bed stack up with other all-foam beds? Question: Who is the Ecosa Mattress best suited for? If you find that one configuration is too soft or too firm, you can re-arrange the layers to find a more suitable firmness level. If what you want is a memory foam bed with exceptional edge support, look elsewhere. So, you can order the mattress in America and have it delivered to your doorstep. So, if the bed is unboxed, it will tend to produce gas which can last a few hours or several days. The Ecosa G-7 mattress is medium with the cooling gel foam on top of the ECO-Tex foam with the support foam at the bottom.

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