dream lotto numbers


On the other hand, numbers in dreams may represent global concepts and point to collective dilemmas.

Mom Is Murdered in a Dream. This dream also is a wake-up call to try to nurture your creative side. They weren’t growling at each other, but I’m unsure if the chasing was playful or not. ... New American Dream Dictionary. Anyone has an idea. Stallion, Kite, TV, Lightening, Carnival, Hut, 48. Moon, Baby, Hole, Owl, Devil, Pumpkin, Anything round, 10. Dream numbers may also suggest time running out, as in ‘your days are numbered’ or the need for you to make a calculated move. I dreamed this numbers 81069 and my brother asking me R300. If I would have listened and played I would have won, I keep having the same dream about the numbers over and over again i wake up in pool of sweat i have no idea of what is going on but i do know this i do believe in God and he is trying to tell me something, I just dreamt about all the varies lotto numbers and I was moving them around in the air with my feet.

Or have a surprise investment that actually made money.

A gap must be bridged. Thanks to him, opposites meet, such as male and female, father and mother, yin and yang, or heaven and earth. Sex Dreams: Interpret the Meaning Dreams about Sex. Or, they might represent the age of a person you know, the time that an important event happened, and so on.

So much of what we believe about our luck or fortunes is self-fulfilling. But if you give the guy your phone number in your dream, you may have a rocky road to romance ahead in real life.... My Dream Interpretation. please what does it mean?. All my Financial worries will be gone.

If you do win the lottery, I’d love to know about it. If you cannot see the lottery numbers on your ticket (for example they are blank) then the dream can mean you feel you are missing something important in life. But if you dream of numbers – you should definitely consider buying a lottery ticket! This object may help interpretation. Very vivid dream. Two Duality, indecision, balance, male vs female, two sides to an argument, opposites. For example, an author (me) dreams about buying permanent lottery numbers. Playing the lottery in general in a dream means that you will enjoy a comfortable evening, or that people usually like you. 6 - Guidance, White Brotherhood (teachers of truth); 6 pointed star symbolizing perfect balance of man, 3 chakras above and 3 below heart center. Add numbers together to get your symbol (example: a 28 is 2 + 8 = 10, 1+0=1). It is important that you combine your efforts with others in order to create the success required. Dream about giving the lottery winning prize to someone. Morbidness, hypercriticism, lack of action, unsociability. If the dream theme is a lottery game of any sorts then be careful in life.

does any one have a Interpretation of this dream? And you subconsciously feel jealous of their materialistic belongings. In the dream, he realizes he didn’t buy all the numbers he could have, and wonders how he would feel if someday he almost wins the lottery but comes up one number short. I looked inside & saw a note book. Simple. To see the balls rotating a lotto machine suggests that you will eventually be able to create the right environment for success. There are suggestions that the ability to translate the different dreams originates in China.

He resolves to buy all the numbers available. This is somewhat significant when interpreted the dream, it can indicate that you feel that there is a loss of money which is out of your control.

I dreamed that I had tickets that won alot of money and told my children, to keep the tickets safe and not tell anyone. Your dream could still be trying to steer you towards a lottery win – you just need to know how to interpret it.

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