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The man behind that sound is Noah '40' Shebib. Samples give an aesthetic to a record that is difficult to achieve without one, whether you are featuring the sample prominently or have it running in the background. I like the sound of the Smack! These sketches will sometimes make it to the record. Drake raps in a very melodic way, which is a conscious decision on his part. I treated all the vocals on this song as one, which is a little abnormal: I normally have chorus processing and verse processing and rap processing, and so on. But you can hear that it's perfect, which is abnormal, of course. I'd grown tired of making music and didn't have any reason to make beats. When I bought this computer from him it cost me $6500, but you have to remember that it's still far superior to any $4000 Mac you can buy today, despite it being one and a half years old. In general, the records are nearly finished. That evolved into just 40. I used anything I could lay my hands on, whether consumer-level or entry-level pro stuff. In fact, Drake's backing tracks have such a strong identity that the man responsible is becoming known in his own right. Produced by Boi-1da with additional production by 40. I was also lucky because Gadget worked me really hard; he didn't let me sleep. Charlie Wilson's Bound 2. So for me they are a tool and I reach for them for fun. You must be logged in to comment. 40 elaborates: "Boi-1da sent us the beat as a stereo MP3, and Drake loved it, so I popped it into Pro Tools and Drake started going to town over it. He had a CD changer with 300 of his favourite discs, and all kinds of music, and we'd listen to music and talk about it until 1pm the next day. Jay-Z and Kanye West's Niggas in Paris sample of Reverend W.A. It's custom-made by a gentleman called Les Bateman, nicknamed Bates. "I use both Mac and PC, and there's a very important reason for this. "I am adding plug-ins and mixing and tweaking the record as I go along, but at some point, once we know the record is real and we need to step it up a level, I take sessions to Metalworks Studios for the final mix. This happened over three or four days of Drake and I working alone at my studio. And we never even meant for it to be an official single!”. This video is unavailable. "At some point while Drake was writing to the stereo MP3, I was calling Boi-1da, begging and demanding all the exported separate files of his session. Strings and keyboards: Pultec and SSL desk EQ, Avid Lo-Fi, Sansamp PSA1 and Xpand!, Waves GTR Solo.One of the main keyboard parts in the song was added by 40 using the basic Xpand! 40 is adamant that these were chosen by him and Drake, without record-company involvement, "Of course. "I was there to track and mix. I'll sometimes sample them. It's a nostalgic moment. I'll record the keys, usually with a [Neumann] U87, and his scratch vocals. 40 explains, "When growing up in the world of hip-hop, you look at samples as a tool and an instrument. But I don't need to use samples. Lyrics- • The lyrics in Drake- headlines have relevance to the visual on screen. The song is about drakes rise to fame and his money and success. One night at 3am, I'd already been working non-stop for two or three days, Gadget walked into the control room and said: 'Listen.' "At some point while Drake was writing to the stereo MP3, I was calling Boi-1da, begging and demanding all the exported separate files of his session. The samples from Drake's second studio album Take Care which was released November 2011. "I started out as Drake's engineer, and I wasn't there to produce or give creative input,” explains 40. Sota is a legendary Canadian company that makes big reference monitors, amongst other things. Drake headlines (1) (2) 1. I also applied EQ, ducking at 95Hz, and then a little compression to level it out. I knew what it needed to sound like. compressor, it adds some more energy and anticipation. Produced by Boi-1da with additional production by 40. @Saint-Marc Exclusive. It's a mind-blowing situation, really, for us to step in and be in full control, and be able to put our own material out on the Internet the day after recording and mixing it.”. You can upgrade a 16-bit file to 24 bits in the computer, but this doesn't add anything; plus in-the-box processing will give you bit-loss and degradation, and by the time you spit it out, it won't be the same. He then looked at me and said: 'Your ears are tuned now.' It's to give these files more feel and life, and I then track them back into Pro Tools at 24/44.1. For those reasons, I always leaned towards the technical side — it had substance, whether you liked it or not. Drums and bass: SSL desk EQ, SPL Transient Designer, Waves Renaissance Axe and Renaissance Bass, Avid Lo-Fi and Xpand! Metalworks have a bunch of great Pultecs, and I love hitting them! He had a company called Music XPC, which was for a long time the only PC manufacturer certified for use with Pro Tools. Donaldson's Baptizing Scene, Lil Nas X's Old Town Road sample of Nine Inch Nails's 34 Ghosts IV, XXXTENTACION's Jocelyn Flores sample of Potsu's I'm Closing My Eyes, 21 Savage feat. Donaldson's Baptizing Scene. I added quite a lot of stuff to it, like lead lines and extra basses and pads, some 808 rides, that sort of drive the record. Instead of simply going for the 'bang pow wow' factor, we explored all kinds of things in the arrangements and in the music, and were in a situation where it was fun to be breaking rules and crossing boundaries. The record company just said, 'This is great, make it happen.' We didn't set out with a deliberate ambition to completely break the rules and have singing and rapping and motion and melody. SPL's Transient Designer plug-in was used to add 'point' to the kick drum.The arrangement got changed and edited and I added my parts, thickening the bass and adding pads and the melody synths. I don't like the limelight too much. I worked with a program called Sonic Foundry Acid 3.0, and by age 12 or 13 I was fluent in any computer platform. When I was 12 years old, I had a little setup in the basement, with a Tascam four-track tape deck and a Roland SP202 sampler, and was making music. Main genre: Hip-Hop / Rap / R&B. We'll still put out records that are obviously commercial and foolproof in hitting the charts. I am a laptop guy, because I always want to have the ability to tweak my mixes when I leave a studio, wherever I am, just with my laptop and a set of headphones. When we first put out So Far Gone, we were really scared, but the reactions were so good that we decided to embrace doing things differently. This experience informed his later successes as an engineer and a producer. Sample chain found! It was done at a studio in LA that had previously belonged to Marvin Gaye, and I made the beat one day, we turned it into a song the next, I mixed it the third day, and 48 hours later we released it on a blog on the Internet, and then the record went global and sold 500,000 copies! Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg and Kurupt's The Next Episode sample of David McCallum's The Edge. If you listen to the song 'Hate Sleeping Alone' [from the iTunes version of Take Care], you'll hear all sorts of bits of background vocals in the background, which sing the same melodies, but without words. 40's processing chain for the sawtooth bass synth included Waves' Renaissance EQ and Bass, and Avid's Lo-Fi, a big favourite of his. Drake suddenly said, 'Hey, let's put it out tonight,' and I replied, 'OK, give me a few hours!' As well as working with Drake, 40 has also contributed to the success of Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye (left), who guests on and co-wrote several songs on Take Care. I recall that we took all the drums out at that point, but then decided this didn't work, so we put the kicks back in. On the drum master track, I had a Renaissance Axe compressor, working minimally, with just a -1 setting on the threshold. It's a full-size chip, not a mobile chip, so I guess my machine is not really a laptop but more a notebook. The official lead single from the album and the main subject of this article, 'Headlines', was released in July 31, also on October's Very Own, and sold in similar quantities to 'Marvin's Room'. It was a matter of us wanting to have fun and make a record that would make a whole club shake. Noah '40' Shebib was born in Toronto in 1983 to an Irish-Lebanese father, and was a bit of a child prodigy, acting in Canadian TV series like The Mighty Jungle, Goosebumps and Wind At My Back. If I left it off, I'd be surprised if many people would notice. Drake's guitarist Adrian Eccleston features on Take Care. I used an instrument in Xpand! 'Outro40lead' is my keyboard part, which is a synth lead. As well as working with Drake, 40 has also contributed to the success of Abel 'The Weeknd' Tesfaye (left), who guests on and co-wrote several songs on Take Care. In working with Drake, I found my reason, so I stepped back into producing. 2 and then the GTR Solo plug-in preset and, again, some Lo-Fi.”. The full Pro Tools session for 'Headlines'. In total, there are only 37 audio tracks, and relatively few plug-ins, particularly on Boi-1da's drum tracks because, remarks 40, "I had passed his stuff through the SSL already and had done most of the processing I wanted during that process.” The eagle-eyed will spot the '-1380' markings in the comments box. Tonight, Drake will perform in Toronto alongside Rick Ross and The Weeknd. The track was produced by "Best I Ever Had" beatsmith Boi-1da, who's also responsible for Soulja Boy's "Speakers Going Hammer," a bunch of Keri Hilson songs and some tracks from Jeezy's new album. 40 also produced two of the songs on Brown's album, one of which, 'Old Skool Love', became a gold record in Canada. Charlie Wilson's Bound 2 sample of Ponderosa Twins Plus One's Bound, Jay-Z and Kanye West's Niggas in Paris sample of Reverend W.A. While the majority of the tracks on Take Care were created by Drake and 40, the rapper's albums also feature other big-name producers like Boi-1da, T-Minus, Just Blaze, Swizz Beatz, Needlz, Kanye West and Timbaland. "Nine of Drake's 12 vocal tracks, as well as Divine Brown's vocal track, had Auto-Tune on them. A quick look at the credits for Take Care reveals that Drake and 40 are eager samplers. I have a main control room and a booth and a small room at the back. "It's located across the street from my home in Toronto. Some of Boi-1da original parts were removed or muted. Please sign in or sign up. I want to be able to use anything at any given moment, so I'm constantly running two systems. Drake had gone through a lot of trial and error to identify his sound, and I had clear-cut ideas. Because a song like 'Marvin's Room' has a lot of bass, I had to do quite a bit of tweaking during mastering to make the whole album fit together.

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