downrigger fishing secrets


Downriggers have proven a useful option for those chasing broadbill out wide. Once your downrigger has been lowered and the rod is in the holder, simply reach out and snap the spoon tipped leader to the line on the rod and drop it into the water. The line loaded on the downrigger is normally multi-strand wire; while this works well, it can create a harmonic in the water (especially at higher trolling speeds) that some anglers believe deters some predators. On the other hand, some veteran trollers are aware of the stacking approach, but don’t incorporate it into their repertoire because they view it as complicated and fear tangled lines. year+=1900; Price New from Used from Paperback "Please retry" $11.39 — $7.41: Paperback $11.39 6 Used from $7.41 While downriggers are far from a new thing, having used them regularly for some time now, I was reminded how effective they can be as a tool for catching fish – and also how exciting this type of fishing can be when the rod twangs as the release clip lets go. The tension can be increased with the addition of a rubber band wrapped around the clip. $("#minor4").html(" " + data[1].minor2); The biggest drawback to using wire stackers is that they must be removed one at a time when you bring the downrigger up and attached one at a time on the way down. Downrigger fishing usually involves trolling. Downrigger fishermen must understand the forces of pressure water applies to their rig while it’s underwater. A weight, which can vary in size depending on the location, the situation, and the angler, is attached to the wire, and then the release is attached to the wire as well, underneath the weight. Downrigger weights also come in different shapes, some are even shaped like a fish. Both models are ideal for shallower uses, such as trout fishing and game bait/lure trolling. For anglers that won’t be using more than two rods per downrigger there is a nifty device on the market that make stacking a snap. There are many times I could go out fishing and without a downrigger I would not be able to catch any fish. // The type of request. success: function( data ){ Greg Morton used to avoid white lures when targeting trout, but has now changed his tune. This article is reproduced with permission of    }); When you are fishing with a downrigger a Good Fish Finder is a must! type: "post", A downrigger uses technology to improve the results of trolling.

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