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Previous Shameless has never been afraid to highlight the debaucherous (and at times depressing) exploits of the Gallaghers. Although, he would return several years later and die for real (see above). Yawn! Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. We all recall that classic wedding scene when Frank revealed to the entire family how Sean was still using, featuring Fiona's classic "ugly cry". There are a lot of couples on Shameless who do despicable things in their relationship. Back in season 2, Dottie (otherwise known offensively as "Butter Face" by the men at the bar), was on the cusp of death. Summertime Maureen Tudor: Killed herself in a gas explosion, along with Paddy Maguire's daughter, Mandy, to get revenge on him, in Episode 616. RELATED: What to Expect From Shameless Season 10. The basis of Shameless is that the Gallaghers put the ... we basically saw him sex a woman to death this week. Kev and V are one of those TV couples who fans aspire to one day mimic in their own romantic relationships. As Sheila is conquering her agoraphobia, Frank grows close to Dottie "Butterface" Coronis, a sick woman who might be his next financial windfall. The Gallagher Family has been through a whole lot on Shameless. Reggie: An 84 year old WW2 RAF veteran, whom Liam made friends with in Episode 711. Yes, Karen is tough as nails and has made a series of downright heartless decisions, yet despite all of this, Lip is still able to see into the fact that she is more than just a "mean girl" that the world perceives her to be. Karen was Lip's first love and over all nine seasons on the show, he never seemed to love another girl as much as he loved Karen. She was the definition of selfish and it took Carl a whole lot of strength to finally get out of the abusive situation. She had a bad heart that would explode if her heart rate went above a certain level. They just weren't fun to follow as a storyline and we'd be just fine skipping over all of the scenes with Lip and Sierra. Paddy Maguire: In Episode 716, it was implied by Joe Pritchard that he had relatives of his in Ireland go kill Paddy Maguire soon after he returned to Belfast. Joan Dallimore: Died from overdosing on pills after meeting with Monica Gallagher, her daughter, for the last time in Episode 609. Mickey and Ian are truly meant for each other. The details of this storyline were never revealed, however. None of them have seemed to stick (except alcohol) but one can hope that he has gained something from each of these lovers he has had in the last 10 season of Shameless. The next morning, Frank remembers where he had left Patty, and to his horror, finds her wheelchair vacated and half-buried in the sand. Their chemistry is off the charts and the two of them share something that simply cannot be replaced no matter how hard they might try. He was dismembered, in secret, by Mickey Maguire after Mickey had learned that Homer had in the past, raped both his daughters. Season Watching the two interact felt like the ultimate downfall of Shameless because of how much of a snooze fest it was. Her cynical scheme, however, was soon revealed when Debbie successfully contacted Mickey Maguire, who relayed the message to Debbie's father and brothers. Joseph Pritchard: Suffered several fatal blows to the back of the skull by Ian Gallagher, who used a tire iron when Joe was strangling Karen Maguire in Episode 716. So basically, he killed Dottie. Mike O'Malley However, it was revealed much later in Episode 10.6, that Sue and her children were in fact alive and well, when Marty's son (the Romanian orphan baby from Episode 401) sent a letter to Marty Fisher, asking him when he would return. As Sheila is conquering her agoraphobia, Frank grows close to Dottie "Butterface" Coronis, a sick woman who might be his next financial windfall. However, Kash had overheard them, and went to what was then the Cash and Carry (later Chesco) and met with his estranged son, Chesney, who, in a moment of rage, knocked out his father. 2 Debbie Gallagher: In Episode 801, Monica made the Gallagher's believe Debbie was killed in Afghanistan, so she could return to them while they were still in a state of shock. As Frank puts it, Karen is "a beautiful mess". Although the two were no older than 15/16, she made Carl marry her so he couldn't leave the relationship. But an attempt to block the door backfires when she is accidently pushed out the bedroom window to her death in Episode 10.10. Reggie had been sick for a long time and would later die from his ailments in the episode.

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