dokkan teq tier list


Performance within their role as Damage, Tank or Support, A Card’s max Level, Hidden Potential, and Super ATK level. On top of his good offense, he’s packing an Extreme Super modifier, which is rare among SRs,  and increases his firepower, and the multitude of Tien cards means you have a pretty good chance to raise the level of that Super. Super Saiyan Trunks (Kid) – Talent From Dad. Regardless, a heavy hitter that can put in some work. There is no official Tier List available by the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle game developers. Remember, Frieza  team users, you can only have one Golden Frieza on the same deck; this guy makes who to choose a tough decision.

He of course also links excellently with Talented Son SS Kid Trunks, gaining +20% ATK, +500 ATK on top of that, and 1 Ki, and Talented Son itself is a good card, so if you have them both, consider using them on the same team. Saiyan Warrior Race is a pretty common link otherwise, albeit not with many other INT units outside of Successor to the Strongest SSR Gohan,  and Saiyan Pride is shared with some strong units, like any of the Bardocks, including his SSR selves, Warrior of Daring Fasha, A Warrior Obsessed Majin Vegeta, and the aforementioned Never-Ending Battle Vegeta.

His Passive Skill Buffs are unconditional for Super Teams and his stats are pretty good for a support. No, that Super Saiyan Broly does not D-Awaken into Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, and for crying out loud, raise his Super to 10 before you D-Awaken him. Links as well as any non-future 17 with any non-future 18, but because there’s no TEQ  18, his value is dampened a bit on the team-building front. Master Roshi (Max Power) – Miraculous Return. Worthless leader skill, but decent stats outside of his HP. One of  his most notable partners is ironically INT Mecha Frieza because of Bombardment, and of course he also links well with Prince of Destiny Kid Vegeta, who has Saiyan  Warrior Race and The Vegeta Family. The only thing that keeps him out of the bottom tier is that unlike everyone else down there, his passive may actually be of use to you. Passive is standard stuff which may save you a couple support items, but overall isn’t anything special. He can contribute to a somewhat durable PHY team, as good PHY units like Saiyan Baptism Nappa, Mightiest of Monarchs King Cold, and Heir to the Evil Throne Piccolo  Jr. have Tough as Nails, and Android Assault can also be found among PHY units, but that’s about it. Note also that this is NOT one of the Master Roshi cards that can be Dokkan Awakened; you’re looking for Martial Guidance, the AGL Roshi, and the Mind-Body Mastery, the TEQ Roshi, the latter of which was one of the rewards in Global’s first World Tournament event. *Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, meaning, at no additional cost to you, Fandom will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase. If you can’t do either of these, though, Brilliant Battle Prowess just might get you through a tough battle. He notably  links well with Power at the Eleventh Hour Chiaotzu, who’s quite good. This guy has SSR value in an SR package, and the fact that he’s also free means everyone can take advantage of his immense power.

Thus, if you’ve got Great Saiyaman 2, and *don’t* have the SSR Great Saiyaman with an increased Super, put this guy to work, and watch evil tremble in terror. Prince of Destiny is overrated because of  how hard he is to get, but if you have a team that he plays well with, he can be valuable. With the release of Coora, however, he’s becoming increasingly hard to ignore, as he links extremely well with him through Thirst for Conquest, Strongest Clan in Space, *and* Prodigies, and he also links great with Dastardly Space Pirate Chilled through Thirst for Conquest and Strongest Clan in Space.

10% isn’t much, but it’s good for 500-700 extra ATK  depending on who you have with you, so that’s not bad to get for free. Prodigies is also an increasingly common link, and can be found on most forms of Piccolo and Vegeta, as well as Coora.

Time for an Epic Showdown” event quest. Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) Super. On the other hand, he can hang out with his SSR final form self, Terror Perfected, on a multi-type team for some decent results.

His ATK is pretty bad, which could make it hard for him to contribute damage, but he does have a +20% ATK passive to help offset that, and his links with the Turles Crusher Corps further reinforce him, which is easily achieved via the SR Turles attained through the Tree of Might event, at the very least. Berserker isn’t as bad as it used to be, but it’s exclusively with mediocre units, and the conditions still aren’t the best. He has a surprisingly good  stat line, but overall, this is a unit that has no worth outside of getting players warmed up for something better. He links great  with the lauded Tiny Terror Cell Jr., the PHY R unit, but you won’t be using any R cards once you get a ways into Z-Hard, no matter how good they are.

He links well with Chiaotzu through that, Crane School, and Telekinesis, including with the handy INT Gifted One. Saiyan  Pride is a good link, and she can help out a team that’s transitioning from R Bardock  well. Good secondary effect on his Super, though, and Berserker is pretty decent now.

Somewhat lacking in either skills, raw power, versatility, or any combination of them, these units will still put in the work and contribute to some strong teams. When another card — damn near any card — comes out with the same leader  skill, this guy’s going down a tier, but until then, you’re probably stuck with him. Lastly, you can now raise his Super level easily by using the event “Enough Talk! It’s also worth mentioning that their best links are all found on the SSR Metal Coora as well, who’s extremely powerful, and considered a different unit, although if you have an SSR Proudest in the Universe Coora, he’s better served hanging out with him if you’re not building a purely INT team. Z-Fighters is on a number of units across multiple types, and Aura Unleashed Tien and Power at the Eleventh Hour Chiaotzu are TEQ units with it. Don’t sleep on them, but don’t get too attached to them, either. He’s not AGL, so he’s also not your first option to fight the STR Broly, but he can link with an AGL unit, who can take the hit. Thus, Zangya’s only real viable long-term link partners are either form of Boujack to help offset her low ATK, although Battlefield Diva is of course on any of the Android 18 cards, including the AGL ones, and Warrior of Daring Fasha. Look elsewhere if you don’t need that specific role filled,  though, and even if you do, you may be better off just using stronger units. He’s largely forgettable as a result; two of his three links are just about worthless because of who they’re with, and Metamorphosis no longer has its associated glitch, though it’s still decent as-is. Prodigies also shows up on most Vegeta, Piccolo, and Frieza  cards, the latter of which has two great units in TEQ.

The passive combined with Android Assault can have value on an android team in tandem with Calculated Combat Android 19, providing some heft and some healing, but this is  something you work with if it’s all you’ve got, not something you try to build around. Our first SR Super Saiyan, Resolute Valor is Dokkan Awakened from R Grand Plan Gohan,  who himself is exclusively attained through his related Boujack event, and he sets a high bar for SRs to come. Thirst for Conquest is on a number of movie villains, such as Coora, King Vegeta, Boujack, Turles, Chilled, and also Pure Corruption Dr. Gero, which is PHY. On paper, at his max potential gives him very high Damage output but in practice, he struggles to get the 18 Ki he needs to activate his ATK Buff. The GT Trio are surprisingly very powerful. Piccolo has good DEF stats and can help his weaker allies by giving them a decent flat DEF Buff, but that’s all he has. His links are great, on par with other Super Saiyans, although he’s  notably missed out on Kamehameha, and his links are otherwise relatively uncommon among PHY units. Revival can be found in a number of places, such as SSR Terror Perfected Perfect Cell, A Monster Unleashed Majin Buu, Combative Will SS2 Vegeta, Reborn for Revenge Mecha Frieza, The Nightmare Returns Final Form Frieza, all Golden Friezas, and most notably Cyborg Tao, which supports his need for Ki through his leader skill, too. His links aren’t great for his typing outside of Demonic Pride Piccolo, who’s very good, and Strength of Trust Tien, whom he shares a couple links with for a boost in damage,  but Z-Fighters is common across other types, so you may even consider bringing him along on teams other than INT just for his passive. He frequently gets mistaken for worse than Heir to the Evil King, but Jr.  has worse links, an unreliable passive, and nothing to make up for it outside of higher DEF, which is mostly irrelevant. That said, this Gero’s best role is identical to Future Forsaken’s, in that you probably won’t be using him for his exclusive links, unless you want to roll him with either of the above villain units and/or Engineered Evil 19 on a multi-type team. The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza (TEQ-1) - Straightforward, guaranteed ATK passive - No defensive buffs and his ATK is still relatively mediocre: C11: The Pinnacle of Evil Golden Frieza (TEQ-2) - Offers ki to teammates - Aside from the ki support, he offers nothing else to the team: C12: The Return of The Demon Bio-Broly +ATK leader skills with multiple types are uncommon among SRs, so that’s a small bonus if it’s relevant to your needs. Battlefield Diva is found on most female units, including Future Android 18 and INT Kid Chi Chi, and while GT is the same link with different units, there aren’t many GT units, and most of them aren’t great anyway. The two Universe 6 Saiyan girls make their debut in Dokkan with one of the best Team-based Passive Buffs to date. Shame he didn’t get The Saiyan Lineage instead of Over 9000, but that would have just been the rich getting richer. Not nearly enough to raise his overall value, but something to keep in mind if you’re hurting for a STR in that situation. He has an interesting leader skill, although you won’t be using it for long, if at all, partly because of his most notable trait: that he Dokkan Awakens into Super Android 13, who’s better than him in every way, including his leader skill, and mostly solid on his own merits. Forward-thinking players keep two of him on hand for this very reason, and there’s no denying the destructive capability, especially because while it’s extremely tedious because of his garbage drop rate, his Super can be farmed to 10. This guy full-on laughs in the face of another Gero of the exact same type, Cunning  Strategy, by having a similar role and the same links; he’s just better at his job, as his passive is stronger, and his ATK is higher, so you get more oomph out of it. A unit obtained by Dokkan Awakening Acclaimed Ability Krillin via medals obtained during the World Tournament.

Good HP and decent DEF, but surprisingly low ATK. This LR Tier List ranks Cards by the following factors: Performance in high difficulty Game Modes like Super Battle Road or Infinite Dragon Ball History.

Dokkan Battle Visual Tier List - Full Power (JP) Fluff. Prodigies is scarce in STR, and Strongest Duo on Earth is only on Determined Defender Goku, Messenger From Another World Angel Goku, and Paikuhan, which are all AGL, so you may be best served putting him onto a multi-type team with either of those units, especially Goku. Vegeta is also the leader of the strong Vegeta’s Family category. He also has Bombardment, so his preferred role of heading up INT teams is backed by Proud Royalty King Vegeta, and Prodigies, which is shared by most Vegeta and Piccolo units, including the INT ones, and all forms of Coora. Gentleman is shared by Power Unleashed Android 16, but he’s not good enough to keep around for it unless you have no better options, and Messenger From the Future is on Envoy From Beyond, who as mentioned isn’t very good. Of course, his ATK reduction is  also 20%, though, 5% lower than usual from this category. That is far too unreliable to use in most Game Modes. Writer for Gamepress Dokkan Battle website, Dragon Ball enthusiast and always playing way too many gacha games. Leader skill will come up eventually, but on the whole isn’t great.

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