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It's worth the effort to build platforms that can be reused season after season. The sections needed to have a top and bottom, so we ultimately needed 8 3×3 plywood squares. The stage decks can be of a variety of surfaces ranging from carpet to different black finishes. If you are considering a portable stage, then many of these areas of consideration will be important before you move forward. 495 Pioneer Parkway Also, be aware of ADA requirements when looking at adding a ramp to the stage. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. He had a few evenings free and a new table saw asking to be played with, so he started doing some research, drawing up plans, and discussing options for a DIY drum riser. There are many accessories that can be added to a stage platform for both aesthetics and function. When you get a stage and skirting from a manufacturer, they will integrate perfectly because that’s how they’re designed and that won’t be the case with a DIY stage. Nails for sheer strength or screws. We built 8- 4x8 risers and have had zero complaints about then thus far. The main area where you won't be able to compete is weight. These cookies do not store any personal information. your own Pins on Pinterest A backdrop from a manufacturer will also look better than one you make yourself and it’ll probably store easier. You are using an out of date browser. Drive more 1-inch wood screws around the four sides of the plywood lid on 6-inch centers. Insert a leg at one corner of the platform framing. 2x10 riser (9.5") + the thickness of the deck (1.5") = 11", and a first step overall height of about 5.5". We taped up the outlets and covered the lighting area so we could finish painting. Use two three-inch wood screws at each joint, and drill pilot holes to get them started without splitting the lumber. Measure more 1-by-6-inch lumber for riser legs. The two front panels would each have 5 DMX mini par LED cans chained together with a wireless DMX receiver at the end. Finish your stage off by sanding thoroughly, applying several coats of black outdoor paint and attaching fabric skirts to hide the area beneath the stage. Aug 9, 2014 - Can anyone recommend a set of plans for a DIY riser? (I made things like this for photography staging; rock solid.). Wedding Entertainment Buying from a trustworthy manufacturer will ensure that all of these pieces will work together flawlessly and will ensure that you’re going to get an incredibly safe and sturdy stage platform that will meet the needs of your facility’s events. Feel free to contact us with any questions. The only problem with the threaded pipe and flange is wear. Purchase “A-grade” 1-by-6-inch dimensional pine lumber. You can either rent a stage or build your own. For both your skirting and backdrop you want it to be made of a durable material so that it’ll last a long time and machine washable to allow inexpensive cleaning options. 5) One of the common ways I've seen DIY stages done is with threaded pipe flanges screwed to each corner of the stage sections, buy pre-cut sections of threaded pipe at your local big-box home improvement store. Since building our lighting show has been a big priority for us lately, we got the crazy idea to add lighting that could be programmed into our show into the drum riser. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Finally, we picked up some fabric and industrial velcro from Wal-Mart to sew a nice wrap around to cover the buckets. You can use 2x4 material as skirt framing on 4 foot square 3/4" plywood panels, adding a 2x4 centre joist for stability. All of the boards should be laying on the two-inch-wide side of the board, which will make the frame four inches tall. Once you have four panels done, it would be a good idea to mark how they fit together. Homemade stages can be unsafe and they don’t look as nice or professional as one made by a reputable manufacturer or a vendor that builds permanent stages for a living. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. If the fit is good, remove the lid momentarily. Sandwich one of the shorter boards together with one of the longer boards. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Cut three 45-inch-long sections from your 2x4s and lay them on the ground parallel to each other in four-foot intervals. To make sure everything worked, we first started with the lights. It took 3 evenings from start to finish once we had the design laid out. Unless you are the ONLY band playing on that stage, please please please leave your drum riser at home, and ask for a drum riser to be provided as part of the larger stage. St Louis Missouri, 1 7/8″ boring drill bit to pop a hole underneath, mounted the electrical box for the outlets and ran wiring from the plug. If we’re going to do it, let’s keep it clean (see requirement #5). I can’t stress how important using a square, straight edge, and clamps are for making this all work in the end. Then you still need to fasten this new step to 2x10 structure. Mount two of these short boards inside the two long boards on the ends. How to Build a Simple and Sturdy Stage Platform. It may not display this or other websites correctly. At the end of each production, remove the legs from the platforms to make storage easier. Clare, MI 48617 Each Stage Deck Is 6′x8′ by 12″ High . We labeled them as we went so we wouldn’t lose track, but looking back, we should have done it right the first time. Examine the finished product. Sep 19, 2015 - A few of the outdoor venues we played this summer didn't put any thought into elevating the drummer to proper levels with their in-house or temporary stages, so … Weve got the same basic design for drum risers etc. Over many years of stagecraft, a standardized 4-by-8-foot modular design has been used for creating a riser than can be adapted for many uses and productions. 4 4’x8′ sheets of 1/2″ OSF plywood – Lowe’s, 60′ of 2’x6′ boards (roughly 15′ per section) – Lowe’s, 2 Wireless DMX receivers (these match our receivers for the rest of our lights) –, 2 2-outlet outdoor electrical cover – Lowe’s, 2 14″ x 6′ black fabric strips – Wal Mart, 1 27″ board cut down to 3.5″ high (lighting mount). For our legs we used threaded 2'' pipe that screws into a threaded flange. The first word in the world of staging is that the structure must be designed to meet the requirements of your events. Drive a 1-inch wood screw through one corner of the lid, connecting it to the frame. The plan was to build 4 3 foot by 3 foot independent sections that could be easily carried and fit width-wise in the trailer. The other end will not be flush because one board is shorter than the other, forming a “step.” Screw the two boards together using 3/4-inch wood screws, in a double X pattern, to form one complete riser leg. They would each be supported by four buckets, which is a popular DIY drum riser plan (there are a few bands around here who have done it this way) and can be broken down assembled, and transported very easily. I hope this is an okay forum (I figured I'd leave the staging (etc) forum for real staging...). If you don’t have the time or resources to undertake this project yourself, contact The Wright Group today to learn how we can make your next special event go off without a hitch. At the venue, we were able to easily carry in each section and set it up in under 10 minutes. Now that we had our pieces in place, it was time to start connecting wires. Not sure what you need? Planning an outdoor event presents a unique set of circumstances, as you want to present a professional appearance while still contending with the elements and other factors that might be out of your control. We’ve compiled a list of 14 DIY computer monitor stands below. If you know of a better way, then definitely do it that way. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Additionally, Fun DMC has always prided itself on taking all of our projects a few ambitious steps above and beyond where most would stop. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Drill three pilot holes through the sides of each of the long boards where they form a corner with an end board. Myers is a self-taught computer expert and owned a computer sales and service company for five years. Stage Risers are carpeted and fold for storage. There you have it- a bunch of inspiring monitor riser plans! Luckily, an extra 27″ board that we sliced long ways to 3.5″ did the trick and gave us a bonus of having something to mount the power strip to. Mark the leg heights and store them for reuse in the future. Hold the nut steady with your pliers, and use your ratchet to tighten. There are a bunch of interesting options on this list that elevate your PC or Mac monitors while providing valuable storage space and an aesthetic enhancement.

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