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But for now, you can fast travel to here any time, Once you have completed Vah Ruta, you won’t be able to return. Up ahead is a Guardian Scout. Now you can Paraglide down and run along it. Examine the treasure chest to obtain 100 Rupees. If you die, you will not regain any items you might have used, unlike while you are out in the open world. This clears the way to reach the bottom to operate the console, however just when you thought the coast is clear…, Main Article: Waterblight Ganon Boss Guide. It is highly recommended you max out whatever your inventory capacity is, as you will need all the strength you can muster. ┣Dueling Peaks A Blight and a maw will prevent you from crossing. (right). As the gear turns you will notice another Sheikah terminal inside, as well as a waterfall powering the gear to the left. This will be down near the Princess Mipha statue. (1 of 2) Divine Beasts, like standard Zelda dungeons, are filled with goodies, Divine Beasts, like standard Zelda dungeons, are filled with goodies (left), Stock up on the Ancient parts, as they are valuable for later. ┣Restore Rusted Weapons The Waterblight Ganon battle is fairly straightforward if you come in prepared. The best, most stress-free way to fight Waterblight Ganon is to use your Shock Arrows. There is a platform with a small square hole in it. Divine Beast Vah Ruta. When you reach the floor above another small Guardian attacks. Mipha will congratulate you on a job well done, and notify you that the main control unit of Divine Beast Vah Ruta has opened up. (right). Once activated, Mipha will appear before you. Walk onto the tooth of the waterwheel after the treasure chest, then ride the If you don’t have a melee weapon with longer range like this halberd, keep it because it will come in handy during the final battle in this area. Be sure to press [A] once you land back in the water to Hold on to Prince Sidon’s back so that you do not drown. -Information on how to obtain the legendary Master Sword You will drop off onto another ledge sticking out from the wall. Now comes the hard part: Going into the belly of the beast and wringing it back from Ganon’s control. Toss a remote bomb his way, and detonate it. Note: The Guardian Scout will instantly die if you accidentally or deliberately push it into the water. is a terminal inside of it. There are a few things you should do before you get there, and they begin with a tower and a stable. If you run into it, destroy it. The Lynel will also charge frequently. Once you’re inside, kill the small Guardian on the far side of the room, then look to the left where the door is barred. When you enter Divine Beast Vah Rudania, the lights go out. On your way, you’ll run into Yunobo for no particularly good reason. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. If you don’t have any ice arrows, just hide behind large objects to avoid getting hit. After speaking to her, head out of the gate to the east through the second floor bridge. Ganon has dispatched one of his minions, the Waterblight Ganon. There will be Shock Arrows sticking out of trees, laying on the ground, embedded in rocks, everywhere. Defeat Fireblight Ganon, and you’ll get a heart container. Go through the door at the top of the ramp. Mipha will congratulate you on a job well done, and notify you that the main control unit of Divine Beast Vah Ruta has opened up. If the odds are not in your favor, Remote Bombs act as a Sub-weapon to provide ways to whittle him down. Main Article: Divine Beast Vah Ruta Boss Guide Go back to Sidon and he will accompany you to a place where you can go inside the dungeon. the position of Vah Ruta's trunk, which will spray water into the interior Then, move the trunk up to the highest position. That larger wheel to the right is where our next terminal is. ┣Shooting Stars The Stasis puzzle wheel has a lot of wide spokes. Paraglide forward as far as you can, and then repeat the process for a second time to ascend the second waterfall. On the lowest floor, climb down the steps and go and activate the Main Control Unit. Here’s how to make your way up the mountain: During a cutscene, you’ll glide down to Divine Beast Vah Rudania and automatically interact with the Travel Gate, giving you a waypoint to the beast if you need to leave and return. teeth. to the center of the wheel and you can open it before the outer block slides Scope them out with your camera so that you can aim quickly. It is now time to gain access to Divine Beast Vah Ruta, and calm it down in the process to stop a potentially disastrous flood. This indicates that you can control the positioning of Vah Ruta’s trunk via your Sheikah Slate to alter and change the water flow from its spout. Divine Beast Vah Ruta. blocks that slide as the wheel turns, and there is a treasure chest on one of Try to guard when he stabs you with a spear due to its long reach. Go up the path and you will find the fourth arrow in a tree right next to the signpost. Then follow the signals, crouching to grab them. Go forward and look down and you will see the fifth terminal is sideways on the trunk! (1 of 2) You can see the puzzle from the second floor but you will need to go up to the third floor to interact with it, You can see the puzzle from the second floor but you will need to go up to the third floor to interact with it (left), Aim for that eye you see up top to destroy this entire formation (right). (There are a bunch of fireproof lizards around the Southern Mine.) Have the Cryonis Rune ready to provide as a barrier if you suspect that you cannot dodge his attack on time. Raise Vah Ruta’s trunk to the third position from the top. Open the chest to find an Ancient Spring inside. the wheel, then use Cryonis on the place where the water is coming out that is The first time you bring him 10 Luminous Stones he will reward you with two Diamonds. Vah Ruta will first summon a few ice blocks in the air that travels swiftly. Waterblight Ganon holds a long, blue spear that he will frequently use. You will be riding on Prince Sidon’s back, and once he gets close to the waterfalls spouting from Vah Ruta’s sides, you can climb up them and then fire an arrow at the weak points all along its body. Cast your gaze below to find a chest to the left with Blight covering. Note that its charges can be dodged with perfect timing for Flurry Rush, it’s just more difficult. The water will rise, meaning you can only fight on four platforms. Drop down through the opening but make sure you’re gliding. Cross the bridge, and begin your journey to Divine Beast Vah Rudania. Move the trunk to the fifth mark from the top. Once you’ve broken two ice blocks, the Divine Beast Vah Ruta will throw spiked ice balls at you. Soar using the paraglider, to reach the platform that rests at the back of the water fountain.

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