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Judy. Sully is great low levels, (Keep sully as high as you can) but he will fall off later. I’d say Mickey and Genie are best for healing, because of their ability to stay alive long. The highly popular MOBA game Heroes of the Storm is currently within full swing of 2020’s third season. User account menu. Close. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. No healing, but good shielding and crowd control with Ralph friendship. Of the characters you mentioned, Sully is fantastic in the early and mid game if he has the right disc bc he doubles as a tank. I would go with Rapunzel though if you have her Red Skill so she can protect your Bo Peep with 1 stack of hardy. Join. Miguel Rivera. Robin Hood. He’s the healer of the game and even though he needs quite some time to charge his skill, he is extremely … However, one of K&S's biggest selling points is how they increase the duration of freezes and slows, and nobody on this team can freeze or slow. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This guy is ridiculous until the very endgame stages. Healers like Yax and Genieare also ideal as they can heal the team and debuff enemies (although Genie might need to be paired with another healer since he can't heal himself). So tricky to use. She has a hardy buff on herself, but can only give one to a teammate if you have her red skill unlocked. Of the other four listed rapunzel is my favorite. Yax is a good healer, for beginning. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With EVE disk, the heal he can dish out with his white is actually quite astonishing... but Frozone himself is a very mediocre character. I use Bo Peep as tank minnie and donald as control Mushu as dmg Is remy good? Timon? Extreme health, extreme damage, extreme self heal. Frozone. More posts from the DisneyHeroesMobile community, Continue browsing in r/DisneyHeroesMobile, A subreddit dedicated to the mobile game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on Android and iOS, Press J to jump to the feed. Not to mention that it's conditional (<50% hp required) AND freezes your teammates, which is less than ideal. card. I’d say Mickey and Genie are best for healing, because of their ability to stay alive long. 3 stars, one white skill, and you get maxed hp for every hero on the team. You don't need the disk maxed if you gain some scares along the way, those buff Sulley. That means, even if your tank is at 50% hp, if your damage dealer still has less HP than that, they get healed instead. I've been told repeatedly to not use Yax on my comp, but I think he is the best healer I have.The supports I have unlocked are Yax, Woody, Violet and Judy Hops, the other ones that have a heal are Genie and Sully, but they don't seem to be really good at healing right now. Probably the most damaging support out there. Press J to jump to the feed. You mention woody but not Miguel? So she's pretty good overall, but doesn't specifically synergize with this team. They give skill power to everyone while Sven is on the screen, which is great for this team as most of their skills are based on skill power rather than basic damage. By far the best support in the game with amazing skills. They each bring something different to the table. Sadly, I don't understand its mechanics. Violet isn’t a healer, but her shields are a good substitute, because she uses so many so fast. Not the reason she is used. Yax. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. She cleanses debuffs on top of the healing and hardy so she is very good support, and unlike joy she can actually inflict fair damage especially on the backline person. They have a knockback too which can synergize with Bo's knockback. Kevin Flynn. But needs time to do that. 3. Rapunzel has a group heal that also grants reality to the team. I would hate for you to spend resources on him unnecessarily. She might also kick someone once in a while and it really hurts, but that's about everything. Also mainly in invasion, c watch, and any other multilevel mode. Also you dont need healers. Just not Yax ;). I hate this guy, his whole hit revolves around his white skill. Stick with him in the early game, then throw him out. He can’t keep up once you get to higher TL’s and his Purple skill is useless, making him useless once you get to Teams with characters above P0. Hot. 3. what's the best team healer and team support person in game currently. So let’s not waste any time and check out the main content. The heal can be interrupted. Her role is to buff and debuff enemies, and then stomp them (literally). Weakest single target heal in the game, and arguably one of the worst heroes in the game. r/DisneyHeroesMobile: A subreddit dedicated to the mobile game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on Android and iOS Very well thought-out and thorough response. r/DisneyHeroesMobile: A subreddit dedicated to the mobile game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on Android and iOS. Harder to use than Mickey, could really use friendship with Jessie. Rex also has his place against shield-heavy opponents.. Has a global 10% slow for the first 10 seconds. From my experience the heal sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. Can't heal himself, meanwhile his armor and reality are non-existant. Best for Arena and battles that you must win fast. Other healers to consider are launchpad mcduck and winnie the pooh. He'd need some serious rework to be viable. Robin Hood skill does heal every time, though it is unreliable because the heal is given to the ally with the lowest Hp, not hp percentage. Megara, keeps one ally from dying and transfers damage from them to herself, only heals herself. Hes who I used early game until he became too light. It's a pretty new server :o But I'm on server 6, and I have no idea how to check available heroes on newer ones, so I'm gonna go through all supports and all heroes that can heal. Im on TL 52 and purple is the highest color I can go. Log In Sign Up. But they do provide armor removal which would help Bo Peep's damage, as well as Minnie's Pluto attack. 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If you have gotten her Olaf disk, it provides a bunch of armor to protect against Normal damage as well, plus everyone starts with more reality up front due to Joy getting 5 stacks of happiness at start of combat. In this particular party that you listed above, Linguini & Remy's hardy buffs are not as crucial, because you have Donald to protect against debuffs. Everyone else who can "heal", usually cant heal enough so you may be better off with shields maybe. She requires her invisibility to just stay alive. User account menu. What about Felix? Also, if you use it at the end of a wave in PvE, the animation wont complete, and no one receives the heal. We have classified this tier list in multiple tier versions; SSS Tier(Best Ones), SS Tier(Excellent), S Tier(Good/Average – situational), A Tier(Average), B Tier(Bad), and C Tier(Clueless/Trash). Woody, Sully with disk, Jack skellington and mickey are the only real healers in the game. Yax is great early game PVP but doesn’t level well. So I would say try out different ones and see how you like them with this group. But, if you tell me what is the difference, i will bless you. u/NarutoUTSC. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode r/ DisneyHeroesMobile. Alice doesn't heal, in endgame can shield once per battle (lol). He can also as much as fail that trickshot. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Yax? Others are just a loss of a character for a heal mechanic. Also on his color invasions he’s an absolute beast once he’s powered up. Hot New Top Rising. EVE. Yax never helped me much. Mickey Mouse. r/DisneyHeroesMobile: A subreddit dedicated to the mobile game Disney Heroes: Battle Mode on Android and iOS. The starting character, he’s easy to farm and level up. Sully is who I use unless I fight Jack Sparrow. With that in mind, let’s take a look at how each and every hero within the massive title fits in this meta’s tier list. I personally use Miguel as my healer as he is also an excellent debuffer. Of course, nowadays with characters like Goofy who are just given much better versions of old skills out of nowhere... Yax. Launchpad is a decent option, but the knock on him is the white skill has a chance to grant energy instead of heal. Lastly, she has a red skill. Joy provides a strong boost to reality, which is great against opponents with strong Fantastic damage. So you gotta know your heroes, but healing is not the reason Woody is such a beast. It's the buffing that you want. TL:DR Genie is the best healer for you, Violet is a close second, Thanks, Ive been slowly realizing that, Violet is super powerfull and Genie have a really good healing skill, I just upgraded him to purple and Im starting to evolve his skills. Even though she is extremely low on health, her final three skills are absolutely amazing. Really, if the enemy team doesn't have any backline damaging capabilities, they might be stuck on the linked ally forever. He's a tank, and he's staying on the front. Posted by. r/DisneyHeroesMobile. New. okay... Yeah, yax sucks in the long term, use Genie or sully, Sully its good enough for city guard/watch, I use Moana as my “healer” since she spams shields like it’s nobody’s business, Edit: she has Mickeys disk so that’s a no go for you ... nnnnnnevermind.

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