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Diggy's Adventure is available on Pixel Portal! Diggy’s Adventure is a adventure puzzle game where you’ll be following in Diggy’s father’s footsteps. ALWAYS clear each level. I have completed the first three areas, and I can’t figure out how to unlock the next level. I've cleared all of the mines listed on the wiki for Chinese journal pages, and yet I'm at 9/10 for the last entry. Build up your camp and set it up with various decorations and items that will help to boost your progress. Please help. Also don't forget to check out changelogs after each update. FIREWORK FACTORY, 2 journal pages It requires 5 journal pages. I am stuck on one part of the sewers. PIRATE ISLAND, 1 journal page I can’t open gate six on They’re worth the energy to get to them! There will be three new New World locations released on the 13th of October: The second and third (final) locations will be released on the 20th of October. Build Your Camp . Talking to the robot deciphered the last page and now I can move on. only thing to do to complete this room Learn how your comment data is processed. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Talk To Vladimir The Mummy 4. 9/10 pages and everything is cleared. Just the way you like it. 1 Materials. We will reply to your queries as soon as possible. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Build up your camp and set it up with various decorations and items that will help to boost your progress. Blocking/deleting cookies can impair site performance. PLease help, Probably the Library of Wisdom or Fiery Path of Conquering. At Pixel Portal. http://wiki.diggysadventure.com/index.php?title=Story_Mines-China#List_of_mines_containing_Journal_pages. It requires 10 journal pages. I’m on level 92 trying to get the 5th dummy to the silver line and can’t for the life of me get it. You can use this trick to seek out hidden walls. Get every single block. Hidden walls usually hide a chest or two, so if you’re looking for treasure keep an eye out! i got the three pages from diggerius camp and the four pages that can be found elsewhere. Follow directions on sign post in upper left corner. Dig your way through Diggy’s Adventure and get rewarded for your achievements. Angry Birds Tennis Has Been Officially Canceled. Watch out for hidden jars on higher levels. Finally you can just be balanced and build a nice mixture of both. Just the way you like it. I'm in the same boat can't find the 10th page either. You can also switch out your camp equipment as many times as you want. Votre quête débute sur les rives de l'Egypte. I am stuck on mausoleum and don’t know how to get to the next level. The spot where you build up your energy levels etc. I’m in China Path of Balance & the final gate won’t open. Remember that the dishes your kitchen comes up with are usually more effective than random food found in the caves, so make a lot of them to prepare. FARAWAY SHORE, 2 journal pages, TEMPLE OF 1000 CANDLES, 1 journal page If you will be playing for 4 hours, switch your energy to regeneration so you build energy faster. please and ty, Go to you tube type in diggys adventure and the name of the room your in and it will show you a video of it. Examine the environment around you when you’re digging around. The choice is yours! We focus on transportation and puzzle free to play mobile games. Jump to: navigation, search. I've cleared all of the mines listed on the wiki for Chinese journal pages, and yet I'm at 9/10 for the last entry. https://wiki.diggysadventure.com/index.php?title=Main_Page&oldid=19558. I put them where they look like they go it still won’t open the gates. I am stuck at Investigation at the Ball. The fifth FATHER decoding quest, "Almost There," opens after the DRAGON OF METAL: "Metal Demon of Speed" quest/Fear Factory mine. Hope this helps many diggers!!!! TEMPLE OF ENDLESS ECHOES, 2 journal pages Try hard-refreshing this page to fix the error. http://wiki.diggysadventure.com/index.php?title=Story_Mines-China, DIGGERIUS'S CHINESE CAMP, 3 journal pages, Not part of the journals and is separate. Being thorough with your energy ensures that you have minimal downtime, so try to be as efficient as you can. :-(. https://diggysvideohelp.com/ https://twitter.com/DiggyHelp This channel is devoted to Diggy's Adventure, a facebook/mobile game. Make them as often as possible and don’t stop. BURNING VILLAGE, 1 journal page. See the information in this post: ILLEGAL LUMBERJACK CAMP, 1 journal page You’re free to place whatever buildings you choose, however certain specific buildings can only be placed a fixed number of times. Get pass byl, I am stuck on summer builder. I saw the placement but she. Diggy’s Adventure is primarily a top-down cave exploring game. You can also find materials, cooking ingredients, and other valuable goodies inside these chests. I'm missing one as well, yet everything shows done. Diggy's Adventure is available on Pixel Portal! Often missed. 5. Hi, i got all the pages that wiki shows untill dragon of wood. Home - Diggy's Adventure, a facebook mobile game. It requires 5 journal pages. Does anyone have any ideas as to what I've missed (Knowing Diggy's Adventure, I've probably overlooked something stupid - it wouldn't be the first time - but I'm stuck. Find Scholars 2. ... cooking food will provide you with extra energy to tackle large tiles! Sixth birthday . Check out the enhanced gaming experience! Thanks, I'm missing 6. A trick I’ve learned with hidden paths is you can tell when a wall can’t be dug into. Find ever more helpful tips & tricks in our help! You can find them either here or on our Facebook page Diggy's Adventure. Feel free to extend this article! It requires 10 journal pages. TAISHI MOUNTAIN, 1 journal page http://wiki.diggysadventure.com/index.php?title=Story_Mines, http://wiki.diggysadventure.com/index.php?title=Story_Mines-China, https://forum.pixelfederation.com/diggysadventure/d/181473-father-s-journal-piece. I have the same problem, I ca not find the 10th coded pages. I’m going out of my mind trying to figure this out, I’m in the Halloween cave how do you line up the red and blue cables. Have a look at our support forums and FAQ section, you'll surely find answers to your questions. Good to know for Wednesday: Don't forget to clear repeatable mines regularly. The first FATHER decoding quest, "The Secrets of China," starts after the DRAGON OF WOOD: FIREY PATH OF CONQUERING, 2 journal pages At Pixel Portal. You should never dig extra blocks unless you see a chest or jar hiding behind them. Ive cleared all other pieces. I am having the same problem. TEMPLE OF FIRE, 1 journal page I have to self destruct the computer, but dont understand how to do it CAVE OF LOUD NOISES, 1 journal page Download our e-books and relive all the exciting adventures from Egypt and Scandinavia! Use them to get materials needed for expanding camp, buying new camp equip and even cooking more food. BOILING SPA, 1 journal page All locations except one have the Journal pages in treasure chests. Complete the Task of the 3rd Scholar 5. Talk To Hepu The Merchant 1.1 First Available in Egypt; 1.2 First Available in Scandinavia; 1.3 First available in China; 1.4 First available in Atlantis; 1.5 First available in Greece; 1.6 First Available in New World; 1.7 Obsolete Materials; 2 Materials in Mines; Materials First Available in Egypt . ©2015 Pixel Federation Talk to Isis (after completing Slithering Scales), 2. 40 Journal pages are needed for decoding. Need help connecting them. Diggy's Adventure est un savant mélange d'aventure en 2D et de jeu de réflexion avec tout un tas d'énigmes à élucider. OLD HARBOUR, 1 journal page How do you get blue record on headphone please. It's the beginning of the end for the New World region. ZHENGUI VILLAGE, 1 journal page During the past year, we strengthened... Register now on Portal and get 10% more Gems to your purchase for the same price! Follow @diggysadventure on Instagram for a fresh weekly story. Walk around all of the regular walls with black on the other side until you locate the hidden path. PATH OF STRENGTH, 1 journal page pixel_player40076278 1. EMPEROR'S CANAL, 1 journal page, PATH OF BALANCE, 1 journal page Please send me the little robot, cause i got the same problem, I can no find the 10th coded page CALLIGRAPHIC WORKSHOP, 1 journal page Enjoy the Story . From Diggy's Adventure Wiki. please help! Whether you’re into mysteries of ancient civilizations or modern special events, Diggy always has an exciting story up his sleeve! Does anyone have any ideas as to what I've missed (Knowing Diggy's Adventure, I've probably overlooked something stupid - it wouldn't be the first time - but I'm stuck.)? What do I have to do in order to open the gates. Don't miss our in-game (and wiki) notification about the time! Hola buenas necesito ayuda para pasar de china a Atlántida tengo todo las misiones de China completas, todas las misiones padres completas y las misiones 3 extras completas no tengo mas para hacer y no me deja pasar no se que mas hacer, Please hilp me i cant find the last chinese journal, DRAGON OF WOOD: Jadeite key required to access journal pages. ALWAYS change your camp equipment out for higher/better ones. Stock up on sugar, flour and apples. Complete the task of the 4th Scholar If not, our willing support team is ready and eager to help you with any issue you might encounter. Diggy’s Adventure is a adventure puzzle game where you’ll be following in Diggy’s father’s footsteps. His father was a renowned explorer and treasure hunter, but he’s gone missing so now it’s up to you to help Diggy find him! Contents. The fourth FATHER decoding quest, "More Mysterious News from Father," opens after the DRAGON OF FIRE: "Demon of Fire" quest/Burning Trail mine. I’m stuck in rapunzels tower….I cant figure out the lights, How do you lift Isis’s curse and where is the shrine, im stuck on lexor electrical substation i need 93 more blocks but i cant find them or how to get to them help me please…, Im at Roboflowers inc. Headquarters Update on October 13,2020: Double Production Week & Robin Hood in Shop! Can’t find the last three quests in the Riddle of Anubis. Get to know why the man with the bow would need a man with the shovel and pickaxe! Talk To Madam Bunefer 5. On Mobile. 1. What have I missed? This will conclude the adventures in the New World and mark the start of a new Era! You’ll break through walls and rocks to […] Dear producers and makers, this week is especially right for you! METAL TRAIL, 2 journal pages The Library of Wisdom is the only exception. You will need a minimum of 3 apples cooking because you use more apples per dish than flour and sugar.

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