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Browse Devon Rex kittens for sale & cats for adoption. Come watch our babies grow and see how they are raised & Loved on our TikTok page:, Available Lykoi Cats and Devon Rex Cats & kittens, The Devon Rex is known to be a food lover and they are always up for sharing your plate or stealing from it if you aren’t interested in sharing. References are available from people who have been at our house and from friends and fellow breeders if you have any doubts regarding how our cats live and are treated. In this day and age, inviting people into your home can be quite dangerous. If you decide that shipping is an option, please contact the breeder and make sure that the breeder follows safe, humane, and ethical procedures for shipping a pet. We do not negotiate the price of our cats. Devon Rex Kittens For Sale in North Carolina. We limit visits as much as possible for several reasons. “Most” Devon Rex kittens start at $1450. The Devon Rex is a fairly healthy cat. The father was not known for certain although Ms. Cox suspected that a curly-coated tom that lived in an abandoned tin mine was responsible. Hi! Best Amazon Cat … The tail is also long and tapering. Please remember depending on the specific baby this fee can vary and will be listed with the kitten/cat. They thrive on company in their adventures though and do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Why buy a Devon Rex kitten for sale if you can adopt and save a life? It’s not often, but there are times that a kitten isn’t ready to leave on an expected day. The body is slight with a broad chest but is well muscled despite the appearance of being somewhat delicate. When you’re asking to visit, our “cattery” you are asking to visit our home, where we live with our family and children. They are active, inquisitive cats that need to be a part of everything that goes on in the household. Planet Devon is committed to supporting the owners and breeders of the Devon Rex. We will then send you a questionnaire so that we can make sure one of our cats or kittens are right for you. With slight but muscular bodies, a modified wedge shaped skull perched on a long, slender neck, big eyes and even bigger ears it is easy to see how the comparison came about. Our FurBabies are raised on a small farm, where they are properly socialized and cared for by my family. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Kittens! Our average Devon Rex adoption fee is $1500 and Lykoi is $1850. Also please remember these are living beings and plans can change. There are many anti-breeder and animal rights activists out there. For the best experience, we recommend you upgrade to the latest version of Chrome or Safari. Devon Rex are also susceptible to myopathy due to inbreeding and the use of the Sphinx cat as an outcross at various points in their history. Ms. Cox had heard of the Cornish Rex which was still in its infancy as a breed and thought that Kirlee might be a Cornish Rex. Planet Devon can help you find the Devon Rex kitten or retired Devon Rex of your dreams from ethical and responsible breeders. With his unusual looks and clownish personality, people can be forgiven for thinking the Devon Rex a bit otherworldly when compared to many other cat breeds. I’m a certified cat lover and an unapologetic writer! The eyes are large and wide set. They will continue to be vet checked and receive vaccines every 3-4 weeks. The personality of the Devon Rex is larger than life. The female had a normal coat as did all but one of her kittens. Other colors can sometimes occur due to the Natural Mutation lines we have in our breeding program and will be priced accordingly but can not be shown in Championship status as black roan is the only accepted color for showing in TICA. They are impish in appearance and are often referred to as the pixie cats. The health of my kittens,and their placement into a loving home is my greatest passion. Ultimately, it is up to my trusted vet to provide the health certificates to travel. The Devon Rex coat is dense and wavy. Find Nearby Breeders; List Your Cattery; RESOURCES. Will be ready for forever home mid September. Cedarwood. Although the whole package tends toward the unique, the coat is what truly separates the Devon Rex from all other cat breeds. They are wide at the base and taper to rounded tips. As a result, they are best suited to homes where there is someone home, another cat or cat-friendly dog to keep them company. Sweet and energetic kitten coming to the west. Test matings and subsequent work by geneticists established that the gene causing Kirlee’s curls was not the same gene that produced the marcel curls of the Cornish Rex. Navigation. We will require you to complete a questionnaire prior to adoption. The Devon Rex is highly active and often described as 'mischievous.' If you see a cat or kitten you are interested in please send us a message on the Contact Us link or email The slight but muscular Devon Rex is a small to medium sized cat, generally weighing 6 – 9 pounds. The fee is typically comparable to what a shipping charge would be. Today, outcross breedings to these breeds are still allowed by many registries. Pettipas. Lykoi Planned matings: None at this time…. The Devon Rex not only looks like an imp, it acts like on too. It causes a weakness in the muscles leading to less activity, tremors and difficulty holding the head up. They enjoy high places including your shoulders, door tops, and anything they can jump up to. The Lykoi is a new breed and the standard “pet” fee for Black Roan kittens is $1800-1950. The latter is the most serious of the symptoms and the one that generally causes death in the end. If you are interested in adopting a Lykoi or Devon Rex please email me at Female / Mack tabby and white mink / Dakota's, Iowa, Kansasa, MO, St. Louis. It is fine and curly but the curls are not the marcel curls of the Cornish Rex. There are some Devon Rex breeders available who may be willing to ship. Like other short coated breeds, they tend to gravitate towards warm places like sunny patches of sunlight. Understand that I will not sell my babies to just anyone. It requires little maintenance although the ears are prone to becoming waxy and should be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. They love to play and are willing to play with anyone that is willing to play with them. It’s a getaway from dealing with the criminals in our community while working in Law Enforcement. Being that our kittens/cats are altered prior to placement we would expect anyone we work with to do the same. If you are scheduling ahead of time and purchasing a plane ticket, make sure you get the insurance that allows the option to change dates/times. The balance is due at pick up. The Devon Rex with his unusual looks and clownish personality, can be seen a bit otherworldly! We very rarely sell our kitties intact for breeding to strangers. All colours including two eyes of different colours are acceptable in the Devon Rex although eye colour usually conforms to coat colour. All colours are acceptable. Meow! They adapt well to homes with children and tend to get along well with pets of all types including birds and rabbits. I want your baby to leave my home in perfect condition with no issues for you to deal with. Blockages of the throat and aspiration pneumonia are the most common causes of death in cats with myopathy. We take pride in our breeding cats and their pedigrees, we do not discount our kittens by selling them without proper registration. Check our guide and find Devon Rex Kittens for Sale! My name is Anna and I’m the owner of Curly Pride cattery! All kittens listed are posted by the breeders registered here at Planet Devon. Young kittens are extremely vulnerable to airborne diseases and their mother’s stress. When a breeder adds a new litter to their profile page, a picture also posts here in the Devon Rex Kitten Nursery! Nowadays I live in South Carolina, with my three tomcats! Other colors can sometimes occur due to the Natural Mutation lines we have in our breeding program and will be priced accordingly but can not be shown in Championship status as black roan is the only accepted color for showing in TICA. Like the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex can be traced by back to a single individual cat, Kirlee. Breeder Name City State Phone Email; Curlykatzs: Siler City : NC: 9197422747: Kurakats Devon Rex: Fleetwood: NC (336) 877-2248: Find more Devon Rex kittens for sale in these neighboring states: Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, or West Virginia. So, multiple outcrossings to other breeds including the American Shorthair, British Shorthair,European Shorthair, Burmese, Bombay, Sphynx, and Siamese was permitted to give the breed a solid genetic base with enough diversity to keep the breed going. Nor do we allow visits to come to pick out a kitten or just to come to look at the cats. They particularly love games like fetch and tag. We take the safety of our Lykoi and Devon Rex seriously. When a breeder adds a new litter to their profile page, a picture also posts here in the Devon Rex Kitten Nursery! The exact price of our cats depend on many factors but often the kittens with better conformation cost more. We do not provide allergy visits, as each cat/kitten has their own level of dander and you may be allergic to one cat over another. See below for the currently available cats and kittens as well as prices, policies & health guarantees. View Breeder. Our adoption fees can vary depending upon the specific kitten/cat you are interested in adopting. I’d love to read your comments on my article. Look at pictures of Devon Rex kittens who need a home. We can only meet you if you fly into Tampa, Florida(TPA) airport. That’s why I created SweetieKitty!

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