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Rivensbane. Note: this article was written during Season of Arrivals. Some raid bosses are complete pushovers when compared to typical strike bosses or Public Event enemies. Grask, The Consumed is a Taken Phalanx with a slightly higher than average health pool. Instead of collecting treasure, however, players fight a corrupted Servitor that dies faster than any other foe in the game. In the same vein as the Reckoning bosses, many players that don't frequent Gambit might be surprised to see the Primeval on this list. Map awareness, aim skill, character builds, and communication are key to earning Legend in Competitive, but players will need to do this not once but three times consecutively, once during each season, to obtain this title. Building weapons and completing challenges for the Scourge of the Past raid are what Blacksmith asks from players. A one-stop shop for all things video games. Chronicler makes Cursebreaker's time-gatted triumphs look tame in comparison. With an understanding of games for as long as he can remember, Charles has a large interest in understanding what makes things fun. Cabal enemies don't stand a chance against a Guardian's Super, which they have the entire fight. Savior also requires players to obtain both Bastion and Devil's Ruin. Players need to manage orbs, engulfing orbs, Greed debuff stacks, image callouts, retainer buffs, standing on plates, and hordes of Cabal, all while under a time limit that will wipe sloppy fireteams. All rights reserved. On console, this boss is a buggy, frame-dropping mess that makes it one of the game's most frustrating bosses. Players will also need to destroy all 40 Dreaming City eggs for the Marasenna book. A few Sword swings or Xenophage rounds are enough to turn this final boss into a pile of metal in seconds. 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Easiest to hardest: Eater of Worlds. He is currently a Freelance writer for TheGamer and Game Rant. Val Ca'uor is the final boss of the Spire of Stars raid and is easily one of the … Downing Kalli is easy since players can stun her at any plate using Anarchy or use Falling Guillitone to one-phase her. Here are all of Destiny 2's tiles ranked based on how hard they are to earn. NEXT: Destiny 2: 10 Things You Didn’t Know They Cut Before Release. As it stands, players are required to complete the Last Wish raid without dying, complete every encounter with matching Subclass elements, and obtaining all of the raid's items including One Thousand Voices. Savathun's Song"Savathun's Song" is easily the hardest Strike in Destiny 2 because of the way … Unbroken requires an entirely different skill set than the rest of Destiny 2 asks from the player. 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Players need to complete every Lost Sector from Year 1, most Lost Sectors from Year 2, complete Heroic Adventures on every planet excluding the Dreaming City and Moon, and they must obtain every item on each Year 1 planet including Mercury's Prophecy guns and Mars's Braytech weapons. Unfortunately, the rampant cheating and insane skill gap in Trials has resulted in this title losing much of the weight it's supposed to bear. MMXX is almost the same as MMXIX from Year 2. This is much harder than it sounds, as players must deal with nearly a dozen modifiers and a massive Power level restriction. Unless Heavyweight is an active modifier, do not expect to down this boss in a couple of seconds. Players will need to wait for certain story missions to appear and complete the Truth to Power lore entry. Last Wish (you can have 2 people as add clear all the way through and carry them) Leviathan (1 person can fuck it up and there's nothing you can do to help them) Spire of Stars (1 person will fuck it up) They will need to carry other players to the Lighthouse, win ten games after going Flawless, finish a Passage of Confidence flawlessly, and go flawless on four different maps during one season.

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