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Tips foe 2BC? Each time you find a new scroll you can choose between two or three upgrades. The most important information here is that you can maximally set 3 mutations. There are however two recommended development paths that we have described below. During a single playthrough, you should get rid of at least several elite enemies giving you the option to select from different amulets. The biggest advantage of the whip is the fact that it automatically "aims" at enemies and attacks also those who are above or below your main target. Many Weapons and Skills have the option of scaling their damage off of either of two stats - for these items, the larger of the two stats is used as the damage scaling stat (this is indicated by the larger stat's color dominating the item's icon; if both stats are equal, the icon is split equally into the two stats' colors). Keep on mind, though, both bows and crossbows in Dead Cells have a limited number of arrows/bolts. (I’m trying lol) ... what weapons, skills, and mutations (and associated strategies) generally give you the best bang for buck? You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. I’ve also done predator but if I get a good ranged weapon in the late game obviously it’s not gonna be super useful lol. Dead Cells is an action/platformer/roguelite game developed by Motion Twin, a French independent developer based in Bordeaux. This will allow you to handle monsters that are near the main character as well as opponents that can (or have to) be attacked from a distance. Dump everything into survival, don’t worry about oil grenade being tactics, it’s just a utility - the damage it does isn’t relevant to the build. Moreover, even a perfect block does not eliminate 100% of a monster's attack. Epic Scrolls of Power, selecting the Survival +1 option while using a There are three different stats: Brutality, Tactics, and Survival. Whip's only flaw lies in its short range, however, you can mitigate this based on the traps described below. yellow ones) that are not "linked in terms of color" to any of the main three upgrade categories (red, purple or green). The table below shows values for health increase as you get more Tactics levels (assume that Survival and Brutality are kept at 1 while Tactics is increased). This proves extremely useful in locations, where flying creatures might surprise you. Your ice shards will be criting every hit, because of oil, your broadsword will be criting on 2nd/3rd hits and because the enemy is slowed down it triggers heart of ice, so your cool downs will be non existent meaning you can always keep your tonic running. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. After the opponent gets immobilized, it becomes a perfect target for you to attack with both your primary and secondary weapons. What strategies have y’all employed to make it further than I have? Overall, the best strategy is picking your most common stat and using that for picking your scrolls, then selecting your mutations based off your highest stats. On top of healing, you can also remove malaise for +4BC. Is there something I could do to maybe make life easier on myself other than “git gud”? In the table below, you will find the cumulative multiplier applied to an item's base DPS as the player's stat number increases. A general rule of thumb is that the DPS is doubled with every +5 stats. Below, you can find several pieces of our advice: Selecting the right mutations is an important element of preparing a solid build. ... all that to say I haven’t beaten HoTK on 2BC yet and have only reached the boss a couple of times. Everyone is welcome to participate! Dead Cells Game Guide by Not all traps are offensive. The scaling formula is identical for all colors: if one picks a Brutality stat, the DPS of Brutality-scaling items will increase by 15%; if one picks a Tactics or Survival stat, the DPS of Tactics and Survival-scaling items will increase by 15%. In this example, the Stats value corresponds to the player's Brutality level. The table below shows values for health increase as you get more Brutality levels up to 30 Brutality level (assume that Survival and Tactics are kept at 1 while Brutality is increased).

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