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Health potions only restore 45% HP but their use speed is increased by 300% and it completely protects you for 3 sec. Percentage provided by mutation starts at 0.0015% and is capped at 0.015% with 30+ Brutality. It is best to just avoid this mutation entirely. The issue is there are very few times where it is advantageous strategically to keep swapping between ranged weapons and melee weapons and because of this it doesn't have as much utility as you may anticipate. In the game, you have to fight with enemies and their bosses. This will restore a quarter of your health the first time you die, which is very useful while you're getting a hang of enemy movement and attack patterns. There are more than 50 weapons available in the game and you can also customize them. Soldier Endurance's scaling follows the classic formula used for calculation of DPS (see DPS mutations), which is base value × 1.15(Stats-1). Trap damage is capped at 10% of your max HP. The drawbacks here simply aren't worth the benefits. The price to do this starts at 1,000 and greatly increases each time, up to 100,000. Even with some moderate brutality stat boosting, you can get a signifiant reduction in cool down time. This is a fairly good mutation, especially if you are good with a shield and can parry successfully more often than not. Frenzy heals a % of total HP based on percentage multiplied by total damage of a single hit if you are currently under speed buff., Low damage boost, and many of the more difficult encounters tend to be sole enemies. Acknowledgments and Additional Information. You can collect these cells to improve your health points. Before v1.4, this mutation did not have a cap, but also had base value of 15. Damage is added at most once every 0.33 seconds. Using it with Emergency Triage will make the effects merge: 65% healing spread over 15 seconds, scaling damage boost from Extended, elites have a chance to heal some malaise, use speed is 300% faster and it protects you for 3 seconds. Obviously, if you aren't using a shield this mutation is entirely useless. Note that damage and DPS bonuses from mutations are not affected by gear-specific damage bonuses or Affixes. Killing an Elite will occasionally heal some Malaise. Hand to hand attacks cause 3 arrows stuck in the attacked enemy to fall out, each one dealing [95 base] damage. There may be some utility in boss fights, but in that case Vengeance is probably a better overall mutation. It has a 6-tile explosion radius. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Shields are not always that effective, particularly in the hands of novice players. It will let you get some free hits in, which is nice, so you need to make use of that six seconds. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Consuming food curses you. The price to do this starts at 1,000 and greatly increases each time, up to 100,000. 03/01/2020: Rate survivors. The formula is [base value] + [(stats - 1) x 0,105]. The atmosphere and environment of every level is different from the other. The damage boost isn't huge, but you will get a new 13 sec each time you get hit, meaning if you are having trouble in a boss fight you will likely have the damage boost most of the fight. This is one of the worst mutations as it doesn't really have a good use for any builds. By itself, this isn't too remarkable. Increased infection counter makes most of things that reduce infection by percentage heal different amount of infection than before: Reducing a curse restores 5% HP but increases the number of enemies required to lift the curse by 50%. Causes a bomb [65 base] to appear when you kill an enemy with a non-melee attack. For example, if a Brutality mutation provides an extra 90 base DPS and the player's Brutality is 2, the final extra DPS is 90 × 1.152-1 = 90 × 1.15 = 103.5 ≈ 104). Amount of Elites needed to kill start at 12 with a cap of 4 at 28+ Brutality. Other Dead Cells Guides: Good in standard levels as well. The health increase starts at 2% with a cap of 25% at 19+ Brutality. Reduces the damage inflicted by traps by 80%. Whenever an enemy gets slowed down, they cannot inflict Malaise for 3 seconds. Hunter's Instinct starts at 0.3 second and caps at 2.5 seconds with 19+ Tactics. The extra damage is nice, Tainted Flask does a similar thing without messing with how your potions work. Your character has got combat skills and weapons to battle against the enemies. This page was last edited on 2 October 2020, at 14:34. If you are using a bow a lot, this can be great, particularly if you have a bow with low ammo. Damage is added at most once every 0.2 seconds. Extremely useful. Damage is added at most once every 0.33 seconds. Causes a bomb ([75 base] damage) to appear when you kill an enemy with a non-melee attack. Any save file that was started before this version will have the mutation already and thus will not require getting its blueprint from Lancers on 4+ BSC. This isn't the best damage boost available though, and it only works for the first hit after a parry. The most highlighted weapons in group S are Heavy Crossbow and Barrel Launcher. Even with deployables, you'll likely find more useful mutations to equip. Dropped by the Time Keeper after 3rd kill. Enemies within 8 tiles count as "nearby". Starts at 0.2% health with a cap of 1.7% at 33+ Survival. Good mutation if you are playing with a bow or turret as your primary damage dealing weapons. Contact me if you are interested to … +[75 base] DPS if a nearby enemy is taking. The formula [base value] + [(stats - 1) x 0,04]. The weapons in the Dead Cells game are categorized into six main groups. Starting with the swords, Bows, shields, other primary weapons, and accessories last (maybe some weapons are missing). Bomb takes 0.7 seconds to detonate. Some powers in the last group are Blueprint Extractor and Forgotten Map. What Doesn't Kill Me heals a % of your total HP after a parry, starting at 1% and capping at 5% with 24+ Survival. Version: 1.00 | Updated: 10/07/2018 Highest Rated Guide. The most prominent grenades in group B are Infantry Grenade and Swarm. +[15% base] damage for 8 seconds after killing an enemy. Time available to recover your health after a hit is multiplied by 2. A lot of the better non-grenade skills though may not need this as recharge time isn't much longer than how long they'll stay out. Food and Small Cough Syrups still heal 1 infection (was 1). Close combat attacks are with weapons from the "melee" category. Soldier Endurance increases your health by a % of your total HP, starting at 2% and capping at 25% with 19+ Brutality. Enemies with arrows stuck in them share [20% base, 75% max] of the damage they receive. On the other hand, Adrenalin, Frenzy, What Doesn't Kill Me and Necromancy scale based on slightly different formulas, which are base value × 1.085(Stats-1), base value × 1.055(Stats-1), base value × 1.05(Stats-1) and base value × 1.07(Stats-1), respectively. When you kill the enemy, he will drop his cells. This depends on your build. Healing can only occur once per enemy. Enemies suffer [40 base] DPS while they are. Before v1.1, healed a set number instead of a percentage, and before v1.2, did not heal infection upon boss kill. slow down from last-moment dodge duration starts at 1 second with a cap of 3 seconds at 25+ Tactics. Dead Cells game is a 2D game that can be played on the PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo switch as well as on the mobile phones. The slow down duration increase starts at 0.2s with a cap of 0.8s at 11+ Brutality. Running speed duration bonus (for kill combo) multiplied by 3. Starts at 0.4 seconds and has a cap of 3 seconds at 25+ Brutality. Reduces by 50% the number of enemies you need to eliminate to lift a curse. Killing an enemy with a melee attack reduces the damage you take by [10% base, 60% max] for 5 sec. You will be headed on to the next level after completing the one. Either a good mutation or completely useless, depending on loadout. +[10% base] damage if you're close to a deployed skill. It can be hard to build around that, however, so this mutation is very situational at best. It can be good if you're going for some sort of speedrun, but beyond that there really is no reason to have slightly better move speed in limited situations.

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