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Anyway I'm not bitching I knew what the game was when I got it. We'll see you in Chernarus! You dont want a release date from BI.

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Press J to jump to the feed. We dupped the shit out of it, but at the end of the day your best not wasting your time until a patch comes out since most gunfights end is a absolute lag after the fist shot is fired the only easy way to kill a person is from long range close range the game will lag to shit and its pointless. I’ve never ever played dayz I only watch it from videos and streams but I wanna play so bad but I understand if I must wait I will. PS4 private server. I'm looking for people who want to play DayZ PS4 on Livonia my server is PVE since I can never play that way if you want to join and maybe teach … Press J to jump to the feed.

For as long as it takes to build up a base it's just pointless right now. Well it's came but way to over priced for an old game, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Who the fuck makes a game and takes things out of it. All I’ve found is a VSD and I killed for it. hide. The Central Loot Economy (often abbreviated "CLE") is DayZ's unique management system for loot spawning and clean-up. I played on PC before. Recall when on PC I could go days without that. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed.

Been waiting on this game for a while.

My flare is running out, quick light my torch! 0 comments .

Find your fellow survivors, share your stories, and collaborate with fellow survivors. PSN and Xbox get a bigger cut from the sells than Steam does. But you could’ve said that for PUBG too and it turned out good on PS4, I know what state it’s in and a lot of ps4 players want a survival game and we can fight through the bugs.



It just needs hands on to keep it alive and vibrant. Close. I’ve looted TISY, NWAF, pretty much all the military bases. I'll get full price money out of it, thats for sure. level 2. day z ps4.

DayZ PS4 Is Rough, Really Rough.

This game is already good but it has great potential and is still buggy.

The price tag is a bit much but chasing a rooster with a sledgehammer was worth it. OperationZ RP No KoS PC Server. It’s pathetic honestly, and driving a car just makes it even worse. Having only played a handful of hours with a friend since it’s PS4 release, I’ve already had more laughs on this than many games I’ve ploughed countless hours in to. Dude just started. I think I speak for a lot of PS4 players when I say please give us a date for the release instead of maybe this year or that year. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Posted by 1 year ago.

First life going on 20+ hours alive, got some mil gear a few guns radio etc. After playing a bit and getting used to it I love the game.

sweet torch is lit, proceed to loot a cabin only to hear a maniacal laugh! Survivalist - Xbox. Join. I think I speak for a lot of PS4 players when I say please give us a date for the release instead of maybe this year or that year.

PS4 private server.

I’ve put in over 100 hours and I’ve yet to find a single AR it’s getting ridiculous. I have watched nades and runninmanz and would throw my $ at PlayStation, but not paying for a buggy ass mess.

Please use the money for updates and don't just pocket it and leave the community.

About Community Sub-Reddit for DayZ on PS4. this game has so much potential and cant wait for them to start throwing down some patches and updates. all the while the laughter happens again.

Guessing that XB and PS4 is shown to be equal to each other. Also hopefully the community won't be toxic. this game at the moment is a waste of fucking time and money and deserves no amount of praise since its clear this was a shitty cash grab. I’ll tell you right now the Xbox version is horrendously bad.

Its super clunky but still fun imo.

I have deliberately wounded some and then tied them up with rope, stripped them of their high end gear and left them there. Often the best way to get high end military gear is to stock up on food and water and wait it out near a military base or along well travelled route and then put your pvp skills (or lack of them lol...) to work when you see a geared player, or a couple of them, and once you have killed them, take it 'all'. is is there a crazed NPC hunting us down??

Near the Fall (Autumn) ? Or just the living to see another day, traveling across the map and stopping to make a camp fire and eat/drink with my squad.

I can’t wait until this game gets properly optimized. Does anybody know if there is M4s and KA based rifles in the ps4 dayz? report. /r/dayz - Discuss and share content for DayZ, the post-apocalyptic open world survival game.

New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Nothing gets my heart racing like getting a glimpse of another survivor down the road, or hearing footsteps outside the building. Love that. Intense CQC killing zombies at night during the rain with a machete while my friend illuminates the infected with a hand held flashlight.

Make basebuilding actually worth it and people would have a lot more to do. And don't release a half made game.

Here is Aus, DayZ is $59 on Steam and $75 on PS4... As with every game in existence, the PC version is twice as optimised and perfected (albeit still buggy I know), so I'm having a hard time understanding why it's cheaper than the Playstation version, PSN and Xbox get a bigger cut from the sells than Steam does. It is a complex system of tags, categories, zones, maximums, minimums, averages, and so on.

:-), Full release on xbox end of March! User account menu.

then the sun goes down and we're searching for a nearby farm house only to realize one of us has a flare and its going out fast.. quick light the torch! level 1. This may be an obvious observation but man I run into other players a lot now. Console.

Then again, played Arma back in the day and kinda had an idea what to expect.

Q1 fir ps4 hopefully. Glad it's finally out. so my buddy and i after traversing the map over 3-4 hours find each other.. the greatest accomplishment!

If you know of an exploit or cheat inform the dev team, If you have proof of admin abuse, report it to the GSP which hosts it. So Idk what’s up, if they’re aren’t in the game yet, or the spawn rate is just absolute shit.

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Has it ever been on sale yet? How do I get my guns out of the tents when there glitched in?!

graphically i can get passed it, despite the constant bugs and some lag, ive never had so much fun!

I watched a zombie punch two pigs to death yesterday. You went cannibal without knowing, that is actually hillarious! They definitely need to fix some things though. But shit, I can’t stop playing this game. Starting with the visuals, DayZ simply looks unfinished. I am in a base rn and can't get out, I have a hatchet but can't interact with the wall, also got a splitting axe and my friend and I tried hitting the wall but stopped after a few mins after we recognized the fences didn't get any damage Others I have then left to bring back zombies from the local town or village to beat them to death from a distance and two of them I took to a laddered high tower, untied one and made him climb to the top and then did the same to the second player and then I ran off knowing that although they could see me from up there that once deep in the forest I would change direction before they were able to climb down the ladder. Close. New PS4 Dayz Server Livonia-NEW 50 slot server with increase as needed -PS4 -Livonia -Experienced friendly staff -Pvp/Rp with Safezone and Trader -Discord currency -Boosted Loot -Starter Kits for Factions -No offline raiding Dayz Ps4. 3.

I ended up doing this as it was done to me a few times when I first started and these become great adventures and stories to tell others, and of course, it is great fun. Sort by. REDDIT. There’s nothing like it. This game reminds me of the old Ghost Recon games but with a lot more freedom. And if I wanna moan about it I fucking will. 1 year ago. Have fun confiscating gear and with your adventures.

It is great fun and you get the gear you want. I’ve even served hopped trying to find an AR.

The potential for this game is limitless. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

We find a dirt road and proceed to run as fast as my twisted and malnourished body can take me, only to find out the laughter is even closer and louder! 42 comments.

Posted by 4 hours ago.

Like, really rough.

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