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The AN-94 appeared in the CBT and promotional art. The hammers, group pins, and springs are steel while all other components are nylon injection molding. The F2000 assault rifle was developed by FH Herstal of Belgium in the 1990s. has a back-up iron sights on its cover. It is the Tier 3 sniper rifle and is the most balanced of the bolt-action sniper rifles in the game, featuring decent overall stats and is very adaptable. The Heckler & Koch CAWS appeared in the CBT. As of early 2019, the F2000 is removed from the FN international and US websites. ©2020 FN America, LLC. There are versions of this rifle with the a 10 inch, 14 inch, and 20 inch barrels, which were available during open beta, but are no longer available through the store. The cocking handle is placed on the left side of the receiver, just above the handguard, and can be operated by left-handed shooters. INTERCEPTOR 5.56 Scar Suppressor can be used on the Scar 16s & PS90 and has a thread pitch of 1/2 x 28mm. The AMSD OM 50 Nemesis appears as "Nemesis 50" in the game. There are plenty of available add-ons and accessories. [5] The F2000 made its debut in March 2001 at the IDEX defence exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. The FN P90TR is one of the selectable submachine guns and appears in the game simply as the "P90". The FN F2000 has been used in the following conflicts: Members of the Special Service Wing (Pakistani Air Force) armed with F2000 rifles during a training exercise at Fort Lewis, Washington, US, July 23, 2007. Available for commercial and law enforcement. It is the tier 2 sniper rifle and is the first semi-automatic sniper rifle available.

It is the tier 1 LMG and is characterized by having the highest RoF for any LMG and decent handling, but has below-average accuracy and the lowest damage rating of all the LMGs. Pump-action mode gives the shooter lower RoF as the gun has to be pumped every shot, but increases accuracy and tightens the weapon's spread, making it more effective at ranged combat. It feeds from 30 round and fictional 40 round magazines. Tanks    

The Franchi SPAS-12 appears as the SPAS 12. ", "FN Herstal Awarded Major Contract for F2000 Assault Rifles", "Grupo Especial de Operaciones -", FN FS2000 Product Video (Civilian Standard Model – Semi-auto), FN FS2000 Tactical Product Video (Civilian Tactical Model – Semi-auto),, Weapons and ammunition introduced in 2001, Articles lacking reliable references from August 2016, Articles with dead external links from July 2018, Wikipedia introduction cleanup from June 2020, Articles covered by WikiProject Wikify from June 2020, All articles covered by WikiProject Wikify, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with unsourced statements from February 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2015, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, 1.6× magnified telescopic sight, notch back-up sight, This page was last edited on 26 September 2020, at 06:30.
INTERCEPTOR 7.62 Scar Suppressor can be used on the Scar 17s and has a thread pitch of 5/8 x 24. The Remington MSR appears as the "MSR". An early model SIG-Sauer P250 Compact is the default handgun for all classes. The Cruiser variant also still appears in game as a special edition weapon in the "Jungle" weapon series. Fully-ambidextrous operating controls instantly adapt the FN SCAR® 17S to any user or any shooting position. The INTERCEPTOR as with all our silencers, can be fired “wet” or “dry”. cocking handle is mounted on the left side, however it can be easily The F2000 uses a unique ejection system, ejecting spent cartridge casings forward and to the right side of the weapon—through a tube running above the barrel. The rifle's chromed hammer-forged steel barrel is stated to retain accuracy after 20,000 normal (non-sustained) rounds. It is the Tier 5 assault rifle with a high rate of fire, powerful damage, decent accuracy, but poor handling, which makes it unwieldy to use during full-auto. It does however, suffer from slow RoF, which makes misses for this weapon very punishing. Batteries for the FCS are located in the bottom of the buttstock.

Intended for civilian ownership, the FS2000 is a semi-automatic version of the F2000 that first became available in June 2006. ", "PLAYAS DE HUACHO FUERON ESCENARIO DE GRAN DESEMBARCO ANFIBIO EN EL MARCO DE OPERACIÓN UNITAS 2017", "A New 5.56mm Generation or a Changing of the Guard? The Cheyenne Tactical M-200 Intervention appears as "M-200" and features a custom stock and desert paint job. Slovenian soldiers provide security with an F2000 S while conducting a room clearance exercise during exercise Combined Resolve II at the Joint Multinational Readiness Center in Hohenfels, Germany 22 May 2014.

The PM5 in game can be converted into a PM5-350 by installing the short barrel upgrade. The Heckler & Koch MG4 appears in the game as the "MG4". There are "Individual Weapon", and "Light Support Weapon" variants of this weapon, which were available during open beta, but are no longer available through the store. The F2000 made its debut in March 2001 at the IDEXdefence exhibition held in Abu Dhabi, in the United Arab Emirates. Its default 20-round magazine incorrectly holds 30 rounds, but its 40 round magazine upgrade correctly hold the right amount of ammunition. The gun is a hybrid, with parts from the Prototype version, and parts from its successor, the Swiss Arms SAN 511. The fire control system calculates a firing solution manifested by the barrel's angle of elevation using target range information from the laser rangefinder (the rangefinder is activated by pushing a button on the pistol grip, below the trigger), corrected manually by the shooter through a push-button interface (add/subtract buttons) on the FCS top cover to take account for head or tail winds that could affect the desired range. The FN F2000 ), the FN FS2000® Tactical is a civilian legal, semi-auto only variant of the proven FN F2000® selective-fire bullpup carbine that offers an integrated MIL-STD-1913 top mounting rail and emergency backup folding sights. It was also The following weapons can be seen in the video game Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Phantoms: The Akdal Ghost TR-02 appears as the "TR-1". assault rifle is fully ambidextrous and has great ergonomics. MIL-STD 1913 accessory rails at the 3, 6, 9 and 12 o’clock positions, Adjustable folding front and folding/removable rear iron sights, Hammer-forged, chrome-lined, fully free-floating, Ambidextrous safety lever and magazine release, Charging handle may be mounted on right or left side, Enlarged trigger guard for easier access when wearing gloves, PO Box 9424

As of December 2016, the game has been taken offline. The Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout appears simply as the "SRS" in game. It has an incorrect 15-round capacity. Chambered in 7.62x51mm, the FN SCAR® 17S features a free-floating, cold hammer-forged MIL-SPEC barrel with hardchromed bore. Visit the talk page for info on the weapons removed from the final version. The FN F2000 is a 5.56×45mm NATO bullpup rifle, designed by FN Herstal in Belgium. It also still appears in game as a special edition weapon in the "Triton" and "Ghost" weapon series. In addition to the introduction of the QBZ-95 as a new weapon, the weapons below were added into the game.

The rear flip-up National Match-sized aperture is adjustable for windage, while the removable front sight is adjustable for elevation.

Contact Us As of July 15th of 2014, the eighth set of weapons (Tier 8, called the "Modmaster".) The weapon incorrectly features it feeding from 30 and 40 round magazines despite the magazines featured in game are only capable of carrying 10 and 20 rounds in real life. The magazine needs to be pulled out manually. The Ruger Blackhawk appears incorrectly as the "Redhawk". Its powerful, but has a low RoF. It is the Tier 4 shotgun It deals a high amount of damage but suffers from a low magazine size of 6 and high recoil. Spent cases are ejected to the front. assault rifle was developed by FH Herstal of Belgium in the 1990s. It has the second highest RoF for any handgun, highest magazine capacity, but low damage and average accuracy, handling, and ammunition pool.

There are no access points for the possible ingress of dirt or debris; the cocking handle slot is sealed.

The FN M240B with the wooden stock of the MAG 58 appeared in the CBT. It is the Tier 6 sniper rifle and is the most powerful semi-automatic sniper rifle in the game, but suffers from average stats in all other regards. The telescoping, side-folding polymer stock is fully adjustable for comb height and length of pull, making it ideal for Heavy Metal 3-Gun matches.

Brushed Stainless (+$50.00). Fax: 703-288-4507, This Website uses tracking mechanisms as further described in our. It can be converted into an MK 46 Mod 0 by installing the short barrel upgrade. It appears as the Tier 6 assault rifle and has the highest damage rating for any assault rifle, but has low RoF and poor handling, which makes it very unwieldy to use during full auto.
Weapons Battle rifles Tweet by Chris Torchia Wikipedia: FN FAL Wikipedia: Battle rifle Weapon statistics obtained from DayZDB. service with Belgium, Croatia, India, Libya, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, revealed in 2001. Each comes with one quick attach flash hider mount and attaches/removes from the barrel in seconds. As most weapons, it is depicted with rails around the handguard. Modularity The variant used in-game uses 7.62x51mm rounds. It is depicted with a side-mounted rail system. The FN F2000 Tactical is featured in the game. aimed at export customers. Another very popular weapon in the Tom Clancy universe, the Knight's Armament Company SR-25 Enhanced Match Rifle appears in the game as "SR-25". this rifle is not very reliable and has poor performance, however It is possible to choose the fixed civilian butt-stock, or no stock at all. The MP5A2 is the Recon's default SMG weapon. It can be held in the players hands or put into a players inventory taking up the weapon slot.

can be easily field stripped into eight main subassemblies. And you can have a semi-auto version, if you can find one! Trucks     Phone: 703-288-3500 It is the Tier 7 shotgun and is the currently the only fully automatic shotgun in the game. Interceptor 5.56 – 1/2x28mm 6.6″ (Scar 16s, FN-15, PS90), Select an option...

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