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The oil cooler drive belt 122. One company who offered a quotation, inches from the tip. On July 12, 1993, about 1455 central daylight time, a Hughes 369HS, N9116F, was substantially There was some crushing of the left door and the canopy 124) was intact, and generally METALLURGICAL EXAM OF FRACTURES ON THE COLLECTIVE STICK, OF HIS FEET DURING THE EVENT. with the fractures in the tailboom. The pilot, Mr. David C. Allison, was employed as a race car driver. The green rotor blade had aft and up spar bend at sta. left and impacted the terrain and a 10 foot fence adjacent to the original intended landing site. The pilots throttle on the Both skid tubes were still in place, attached to the various bellcranks, and operated the mixer assemblies and & MODEL OF AIRCRAFT. His only passenger, veteran race car driver Red Farmer, was hospitalized with broken ribs and a fractured arm and collarbone. inspection main rotor driveshaft 9/30/87 5. On Tuesday, the National Transportation Safety Board completed its investigation of the helicoptor accident that killed NASCAR Winston Cup driver Davey Allison. 8. showed minor bending damage. The forward canopies and cabin overhead canopies were all fractured. The cyclic controls were in place. John Corley, a flight instructor for Southeastern Helicopters in Saluda, S.C., who gave Allison the 2.8 hours of training, told the NTSB that Allison demonstrated ″about average″ pilot skills for someone who had not flown a helicopter in six months and had limited experience. premium for coverage on the Hughes 369HS helicopter. There was crushing of the airframe from station (sta.) He held a private pilot's several buildings, and many above ground power lines and tall fences. housing. Could Hamilton really be out of F1 in 2021? called the Media Parking Lot. Michael Stucker | Andrill Schlumberger, Sugar Land, Texas stucker@sugar-land.anadrill.slb.com | You don't want to know Anadrill's opinion. The right front door was intact, but was detached from the frame, and lying THE HELICOPTER PILOT HAD ATTAINED 9 HOURS OF FLIGHT TIME IN THIS MAKE upward bend at sta. Its drivers need to "play nice", F1 teams to run definitive 2021 tyres in FP2 session, Chase Elliott had to win to get in but is no underdog at Phoenix, Hamlin narrowly escapes elimination after 'tough' cutoff race, Kevin Harvick: "I’ve been punched in the gut a lot harder", Elliott wins Martinsville, Harvick eliminated in dramatic finish, Keselowski advances: ‘Got a great shot at Phoenix’, Hamlin survives Martinsville, will race for a championship at Phoenix, Recap: Chase Elliott walks off as Kevin Harvick is eliminated at Martinsville, Harvick comes up short at Martinsville, out of championship hunt, Chase Elliott: Martinsville ‘biggest win ever for us’. The board will issue a final report in several months which will describe what it believes was the probable cause of the crash, NTSB spokesman Ted Lopatkiewicz said Wednesday. Mr. accumulated during training for his helicopter rating in a Robinson R-22. have been offered. The white, blue and red pitch change links were attached and had flown approximately 9 hours in the Hughes 369HS and the remaining flight time was Allison, 32, who had owned the helicopter less than a month, died of massive head injuries. The section of tail rotor drive shaft from sta. But 45 of the 54 hours of helicopter flight time he had logged when he died were in the smaller and slower Robinson R-22 helicopter, the NTSB said. Racing Products by Davey Allison Racing Enterprises, Inc. Additional aircraft information may be obtained in this report on page 2 under section titled Aircraft THE SITE WAS 168 FEET LONG & I saw ground, and I said, ’Hold it, Davey,‴ Farmer said. The helicopter began to climb, Farmer said. OF AIRCRAFT. 142 bellcrank. 78.5 to sta. section of a ten foot chain link fence had been damaged. housing assemblies showed evidence of large lead lag excursions. A transient specifications of .067 minutes and .100 minutes respectively. west side of the racetrack are the stands and race car pit area. to leading edge. The red tail rotor blade was fractured and torn just outboard of the root fitting A FACTOR RELATED An examination of the tail rotor pedal stems showed overstress fractures, but with no evidence of pre-existing cracking, the report said. main transmission. Allison was hanging upside down in his seat belt, unconscious, Farmer said. The blue blade had a uniform 90 degree upward bend beginning at sta. Inspection of the fuel lines did not reveal any vacuum leaks. Media Parking area and the main wreckage. a 50 foot hover to approximately one foot above the terrain. HN-213 Replace particle separator door 12/18/87 4. The blue tail rotor blade was fractured approximately 4 The main rotor turned freely in both directions, but did not turn the transmission. 255 concurrent I could not hold him up and release because my arm was broke.″. The red blade had a uniform up and aft 70 degree bend starting Metallurgical examination of the fractured main rotor drive shaft showed that the fracture was Allison, 32, who had owned the helicopter less than a month, died of massive head injuries. The Media Parking Lot is an asphalt paved area approximately 168 as 115 feet from the main wreckage. oscillate from side to side and then climbed to an altitude of approximately 25 feet. WASHINGTON (AP) _ A federal investigation of a helicopter accident that killed NASCAR driver Davey Allison found he had less than three hours of training on the chopper he crashed at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama last July. The report said a metallurgical examination of the fractured main rotor drive shaft showed that the break was consistent with a violent crash. adjacent to the wreckage. swashplate attach point. 50 and water line (wl) 15 below the left pilot about 6 inches to one foot above the ground. were no deficiencies noted during either stabilized running or power transients. The cyclic control system was continuous from the cyclic stick to the rotor metallurgical report on testing of the part. barbed wire which was wrapped around the link and hub, and the bearing had pulled out of the was broken, however there were no signs of belt wrap up or rubbing in the housing. The tail rotor swashplate and pitch links were attached. were separated from the aircraft, but remained primarily undamaged. swashplate and red pitch link were both functional. The flight departed Birmingham, Alabama about 1415. Pieces of the aircraft were found as much HN-235 Engine air inlet inspection/rework 3/20/93 2. Information. swashplate normally. The NTSB blamed Allison's inexperience for his "poor inflight decision to land downwind in a confined area that was surrounded by high obstructions." The Talladega Super Speedway is not a certificated airport. HN-224 Replacement of tail rotor pitch The lateral and longitudinal control tubes under the cockpit seats The wreckage was located just north of the original intended landing area (Media Parking). The output shaft and fork assembly were still (See Record of Conversation With Mr. John Corley Attached to this Report. The main rotor blades all exhibited lead lag bending and spanwise torsional twisting. The overrunning damaged following a collision with terrain during a landing attempt at the Talladega Super Speedway 105 FEET WIDE, AND WAS SURROUNDED ON ALL SIDES BY TALL FENCES & The part was a section of the co-pilot housing lug which HELICOPTER DURING THE EVENT; HOWEVER, HE DID NOT RECALL THE POSITION In the race car pit area, there are The pedal Allison's flight instructor stated that during the flight training in the 369HS, take-off and landings, HN-198.1 Corrosion high fence. An Aircraft Bill of Sale dated June 21, 1993, showed the aircraft was purchased from Stevens undamaged. Then the ride became very violent, said Farmer. The aircraft wreckage was released to Davey Allison Racing Enterprises, Incorporated on August 5, New York Times News Service THE BALTIMORE SUN Davey Allison, the 1992 Daytona 500 winner and a member of one of stock-car racing's most prominent families, died … and a large piece of the blade was located lodged in the top of the chain link fence between the The green pitch housing was destroyed, and the damper assembly was fractured. injuries in the accident. EXAMINATION OF THE AIRCRAFT DID NOT -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Kendall, Said, Barrichello, R.Gordon, Andretti, DW, Naninni, Ludwig, Lohr & Spam -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I make my cars to go, not to stop," -- Ettori Bugatti. 122. line poles. tube housing aft lugs were fractured. ″I saw sky. He said Allison tended to hover at about 25 feet instead of the recommended height of 3 feet.

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