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It doesn't really work as a standard go-to strat for late game. The War Pike besides being a lot of fun to use, is one of the weapons that more damage per second does (If we compare them to other dauntless weapons), as it can attack very fast. Charge rate increases with current health. Dealing damage has a chance (based on damage dealt) to generate a Shadow Orb that increases damage dealt by 1.5 ~ 2.5% for 5 seconds. It can also wound certain parts of the Behemoth easily with its light attacks, making it a very effective weapon for hunters looking to defeat the Behemoths quickly. Listed below are the following War Pikes that can be found in the game. Evasive Fury, Ragehunter, Savagery, and Sharpened all buff up its different attack types & attack speed to make it more effective. The War Pikes provide some quick hitting Piercing attacks and long-range opportunities to sever Behemoths parts. It can work but you pretty much have to wound one part and move to the next immediately and leave the rest of the damaging to your team so if you do it solo or your team sucks it may not go so well lol. Repeated, stationary attacks that can wound Behemoth parts. Legendary Ability: [G]/[L+R] to teleport to a Behemoth, dealing. Hold to spend ammo to fire a missile that deals up to 750 damage based on ammo quality and can interrupt Behemoths. Taking damage causes you to enrage more quickly. Copyright® 2020 DauntlessWiki.com- All right reserved |, Cells slots: Technique Cell and Utility Cell, Cells slots: Technique Cell and Mobility Cell. A Slayer's war pike forged with Boreus trophies. A Slayer's war pike forged with Shrike trophies. A Slayer's war pike forged with Skraev trophies. Hold to bear down on your target, then release to fire a long-range shot. If you want to speedrun, it's probably the best to go for the most vanureable part of the Behemoth (ex. Does the Wound mechanic works well later in the game? The Drask's Eye increases your damage for 6 seconds when its tap ability is activated. War Pikes in Dauntless is a Weapon Category. The eighth hit in quick succession deals 250 bonus damage and major blaze damage. +100 part damage on next hit after a dodge. Unique Effects: Evading drops a trio of Ice Mines on a 30 second cooldown. Best Ostian Repeater Builds & Recommended Loadouts, Best Chain Blade Builds & Recommended Loadouts. A gradual build with a powerful payoff. But if enough of it is dealt to a part, that part becomes Wounded. A Slayer's war pike forged with Embermane trophies. It stops taking Wound Damage and starts taking additional Part Damage (especially from Slash weapons). Piercing weapons excel at wounding behemoths with many players turning to the War Pike for the best results. Sprinting Stab But if enough of it is dealt to a part, that part becomes Wounded. Unique Effects: The seventh hit in a row deals +300 wound damage, Cells slots: Technique Cell and Power Cell, Unique Effects: 20% damage vs Behemoth Tails, Cells slots: Utility Cell and Mobility Cell, Unique Effects: +5% lifesteal vs wounded parts, Cells slots: Technique Cell and DefenceCell, Unique Effects: The eighth hit in quick succession deals 250 bonus damage and major blaze damage, Unique Effects: After dodging through an attack, the next weapon attack has 300% meter gain, Unique Effects: 10% chance for attacks to hit twice, Unique Effects: When under 20% health, deal +50% damage. This can be a great way to inflict tons of damage to a Behemoth in a short period of time, so having a party member focused on dealing wound damage is always a good idea. A gradual build with a powerful payoff. After you see a Behemoth being Wounded in an area, move to another one and let your teammates deal more damage to … Adrenaline, Overpower, Predator, and Ragehunter all work together to massively buff up and increase the attack damage you can do to Behemoths. Inflict tactical wounds to build up your meter, then pack that power into devastating mortar rounds. After not dealing damage for 4 seconds, the next 5 attacks deal 50% increased damage. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. The more you store, the more they hurt. Complemented with the Aetheric Attunement in this build, you'll be able to charge your Lantern much faster & use this buff sooner. Hold to spend ammo to fire a missile that damages and can interrupt Behemoths. Unique Effects: Using Ammo generates Frost Sprites (base on ammo quality) that cause your next attack to deal 50 bonus damage and minor frost damage. A Slayer's war pike forged with Charrogg trophies.

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