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Fixed AltPowerBar color for Amber-Shaper Un'sok. Temporary commented some line to fix tapped color bug. Update Options.lua Added missing buttons and sliders. Changed to track on absID for "Thok's Tail Tip". If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Added "Wyvern Sting" CD. Removed unnecessary events in SelfBuffReminder.lua. Fixed skin for ObjectiveTrackerFrame.HeaderMenu.MinimizeButton. Option for Loss of Control is now active, but disabled by default. Added GarrisonCapacitiveDisplayFrame skin. Added checks for store button. Changed spec text for arena preparation frame. LFG queue timer moved to a separate file and added DBM check. Michael aka Shestak, Wetxius - for their work, Yakodzuna - for idea, Forgotten Brothershood guild from Ashenvale EU - for company and raiding. Added "Shroud of Purgatory" to Filger and Raid Debuffs. Maybe you can take some parts from there and get the same look. Better way to hide realm name everywhere. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Changed addons name from ShestakUI to Dark ShestakUI.

Old error wasn't caused by addon. Update Invite.lua Removing taint error with latest Twitter changes. It aims to streamline and clean up the interface, removing unnecessary frills and wasted space as well as fill in some of the holes left in the default UI. This author has set up a donation account. Updated "Force other warning" and enabled for all. Renamed channel name and changed command. Some cleanup, changes and fixes for 5.1 patch. Don't show raid reminders when solo in raid instances. Better way to set icon for RaidBuffsReminder.

Awhile back that stopped being updated. Fixed "Thundering Throw" spell id. A new way to change the text color for MagePortals. Hi, I'm Yugen (Brazil), I really like to work on this UI (I did spend too much time editing textures tho lol), I hope you like AbyssUI. Collections.lua Skinning of new collection frame. Update Layout.lua Fixing issue with /fstack not working. Cleanup and improve raid/solo buffs reminder. Added new option - Panels under ActionBars. Added dummies totems to nameplates black list. Change point for Garrison icon. If you have a DBM: In game use slash command. Remove weapon enchants from SelfBuffsReminder.

Added new feature "Enable Mousewheel to scroll the inbox". Thank you! 8. Skin EquipmentFlyoutFrameNavigationFrame. Any help would be great! Update Auction.lua Fix filter and bid/buyout/close buttons in the auctionhouse skin. Set the color of a border instead of creating second frame for some of the icons. It changes parts of the interface so you can have a more customizable and clean UI. Classcolor changed to dark grey color how primary color. Added options for ToolBar and ButtonCollect mouseover to Settings.lua. Added PLAYER_ENTERING_WORLD event for TabBinder. Aelb, Alwa, Baine, Chubidu, Cranan, eXecrate, F5Hellbound, Ianchan, Leg883, Mania, Nanjiqq, Oz, Puree, Sakaras, Seal, Sinaris, Spacedragon, Tat2dawn, Tibles, Vienchen, Wetxius.

No place in new PvPFrame for honorable kills toolip. Changed color of pet to green when it out of range.

Added CTRL/ALT abandon/share for ObjectiveTrackerFrame. Resort minimap menu. Slightly change MiniMapChallengeMode position. Added some global locales to fix tooltip line. Fixed PlayerTalentFrameTalentsClearInfoFrameCount font and position. Slightly changed count position for Filger icons. Added new option "Merge auto attack" for CombatText. Removed the last old spells and added new ones. Crop texture for ProfessionsDatabase dropdown menu. Completing the CAPTCHA proves you are a human and gives you temporary access to the web property. Changed to register UNIT_HEALTH_FREQUENT for HealPrediction. Update ShestakUI_Filger.toc Typo error in last update. Fixed wrong icon in Core Ability Tab for SpellBook skin. Fixed Calendar, Inspect and Interface skins. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. [HELP] Black version of Wow UI..? Changed texture and added border for ticket button.

Changed frame level for SelfBuffsReminder. 234,831 Downloads Last Updated: Oct 25, 2020 Game Version: 9.0.1 Fixed "Disable mail buttons of loaded TradeSkillMaster_Mailing". Cleanup WorldMap and fixed floors scroll. Fixed QuestMapFrame.DetailsFrame.TrackButton size.

If you want to customize what little you can in the UI then just type /DarkUI which will also allow you to change the transparency of the default windows. Prevent error in combat when doing items restack. Use default texture for ConsolidatedBuffsIcon. Don't show LFGQueueTimer if Big Wigs is loaded.

Fixed stack cooldown timer on actionbars. Allowed clicking any mouse button for AutoButton.

Deleted DungeonTabs. Rename WatchFrame.lua to ObjectiveTracker.lua. Changed StyleButton for tabs to prevent disappearance texture when pushed. Proper hide leave button for PVPReadyDialog. Game code changed. Changed tab name for MyRolePlay on default. Update Bags.luaReverted back changes. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed. Fixed extra statistics for MoP's BG and added new BG.

Close. Set health and power value to 0, if dead/ghost/offline. You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Added new option "Ignore Player and Target frames for click2cast". Disable "Sound when whisper" if loaded "ChatSounds". Added caster name in "announce from all". Added "Mind Flay (Insanity)" to ChannelingTicks. Deleted own_color and enemy_health_color options.

Update Garrison.lua Fixed work order, reagents and few other missing parts. Fixed CompactRaidFrameManagerDisplayFrameLeaderOptionsRaidWorldMarkerButton skin if RaidTools is disabled. Improved default settings for BigWigs skin. Fixed solve artifact for Pandaria's races. Updated gold position for cargBags_Nivaya. • Update Layout.luaAura/Taint fix for boss frame. Fixed (raid icons/color/debuffs/castbar) in nameplates. Update Aura.lua Fixing issue that blocks usage of /fstack. Don't hide resurrection bg pop-up on Esc. You have just downloaded by the author .

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