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THE ORIGINAL POST WITH THE ORIGINAL VALUES THAT CAN RECOVER SOME OF YOUR AIM IF IT WAS FEELING OFF, FOR THOSE NOT WILLING TO LOOSE SOME SCREEN REAL-ESTATE: IMPORTANT EDIT: This new number can change depending on your game window ratio. I originally did some incorrect math to convert this (didn't use trig...). Yes, scope values can, although not always, change if you deviate from the default 16:9 to 16:9. Dividing by 3.181818 is the same as multiplying by 0.3181818. I believe this will give you some vertical sensitivity error though (eg: instead of using 3622x2038 in Valorant in the first example in the resolution list below, I could just use 3622x2160 and accept some vertical error, but only take on side black bars, with no top and bottom black bars. Yes, my original claim about 3.18 being the downright wrong choice is alarmist. Valorant is basically just a slightly zoomed in image compared to CSGO, so now we are going to zoom it out on our monitor a bit to match it. TalkEsport is the flagship media portal in the portfolio of a media conglomerate. This guide is certain to help you embark on your journey to the top levels in VALORANT. 2414 pixels is the spot... We just found out what our horizontal res needs to be for valorant (with some small black bars) to match perfectly to csgo, seeming valorant will lock at 103 hFOV no matter what. Just giving people another option and some stats to what the difference is. What is the sensitivity in-game required to have a match between games at the different distance values, divided by the base-line (either 0% or 360 movement method), -1 then *100 to give you the resulting percentage. You need to somehow get Valorant's hFOV from 103 down to 90. [EDIT] THIS IS FOR EXACT SENSITIVITY, NOT THE "3.18" METHOD. ..Sorry but I'm not sure this is correct. Unless you have a sniper, it is always better to have your crosshair at head level when moving/peeking, assume someone is there where you’re about to look and aim for their head, in a battle, you’d have your crosshair closer to their head and thus giving you a split-second advantage, that millisecond advantage will get you the win. This diagram demonstrates what I mean; if you have to rotate by 15 degrees to hit an opponent from your current position, how does the fact that you can see more map make a difference? However, if you want to have minimum error across the whole visible space, then you actually want to use 50% as your target point (3.334) BUT the error around the crosshair, at 0-15%, is no longer negligible, even though, in reality, across the whole screen, you could consider this the best choice. I will create a set of custom resolutions to run Valorant at below. It’s that simple! First, load up CSGO and go to game settings. Divide by the below instead: 16:9 CSGO to 16:9 Valorant (Native to native): 3.370 ​, 4:3 CSGO blackbar non-streched to 16:9 Valorant: 3.370, 4:3 CSGO STRETCHED to 16:9 Valorant (Don't fuck with valorant here, it won't behave how you hope): 2.53. However, it should be ok if neither game is distorted. While he hasn’t tested this, he believes it to be mathematically correct. And very low error, less than 1%, all the way up to 50% distance to edge of screen. I believe for me, 1358 is that number. AGAIN, IM A DIMWIT. VALORANT Sensitivity = OW Sensitivity / 10.6. why not just post the conversion value, multiply by 0.31433. CUSTOM RESOLUTIONS FOR VALORANT TO MAINTAIN A 1:1 FOV CONVERSION WITH CSGO: CSGO NOT STRETCHED, 1:1 implies pixel perfect scaling. Remember, stretched conversions cook your vertical sensitivity, and you can't do anything about it. Here is the result of some math as to why. Valorant is an interesting new take on an old and loved gamestyle. It is pretty much as good as the 3.370 multiplier that 16:9 users who don't want to match FOV can use. But Reddit user binkaaa points out in a post that “this doesn't actually give you correct aim, only a correct abstract sense of movement in the world.” Dividing by that number will give you a sense of the environment but there is a difference in the field of view between the two games by 3.26 degrees. The 2D distance on the screen between your crosshair and your target is what's relevant, not the absolute number of degrees your screen (and by proxy, mouse) need to move to hit the target. Some people will reasonably prefer one or the other, and there are merits to both choices, as I pointed out all along. Some players think they have to have perfect mastery of full spray patterns to be good, although important, it is not necessary; as long as you know the most general pattern of the first 5 shots or so, you’re honestly good to go. they play on higher senitivities, and can do more than bait and off angle one click. A few other common scope mulits that people like: ALL these values are dependent on using 3.370 as your primary sensitivity divider, and not 3.18. Any data I presented was based on Non stretch conversions. A 180 will have about a 5.78% error according to my best calculations. That’s all there is to it. This will match your games' FOVs in terms of screen distances by taking advantage of Valorant's locked FOV. Either way works fine, just pick a method and go. I get what it means but can’t confirm anything. If you are flicking to the VERY edge of your screen, 100% of the way, you have a 2.89% error. this is why forest and get right are sick players. CS: GO features new maps, characters, weapons, and game modes, and delivers updated versions of the classic CS content Example: 11 * (1.69) / 35 = 0.531 This should be correct providing the mouse-sensitivity equations are correct behind the scene, and I do trust that they are. So let's do the same for vertical matching: Now, convert to Valorant as the output. In Valorant, whether you are playing offense or defense, you will have to peek an angle multiple times per round, peeking an angle the proper way is crucial for winning games, this skill alone can be the difference between a top tier player and an average player. Gaming Startup Mech Mocha Acquired By Flipkart, PUBG Krafton Merger: Everything You Need To Know, PUBG parent Krafton hires Investment Banking firm to initiate potential IPO, Valorant Revear Skin Bundle: release date & price, A viewer’s guide to Valorant Spike Nations Of Twitch, Skye Valorant Abilities – Everything You Need To Know, How to convert CSGO sensitivity to Valorant. My CSGO res: 2416x1440 native black bar ~ 103x73 FOV blackbars on sides. You never lose vFOV. Practice a lot until you find what suits you, and if you are coming from another FPS game you can convert your sensitivity level based on the picture below. An important thing to know is the relationship between your mouse DPI (how fast your mouse is) and Sensitivity, this is called “eDPI” which is basically how fast your crosshair will move in-game based on a certain mouse DPI and Sensitivity. All we have done is matched Valorant to fill 103 degrees of CSGO's 106.26xxx screen real-estate on the horizontal (talking from a 16:9 perspective), and 70.5328 degrees of CSGOs 73.73xxx on the vertical. All this kid does is just hold a gay ass off angle with his deag and one clicks people in the side of the head CT side. It doesn't really matter that much. As soon as you start shooting, you go the opposite direction. You cancel out your momentum by moving in the opposite direction, doing this will reset the accuracy of your weapon as if you were standing still. Since most people use one mouse for a long time, we are going to only adjust sensitivity in game to find what comfortable for you. I did not do any of the math to generate those data points myself, just the analysis. VALORANT is a free to play 5v5, character-based tactical shooter. Things look absolutely fine. The math is pretty simple. 400 DPI (constant sensitivity) movements: slow, requires more space but you have more control. I recommend alt-tabbing between both games if your PC can handle it, and see if its placebo. Third, count up to and round the 3rd decimal place to the closest number and slap that boi into your Valorant sensitivity settings! Does Valorant allow 5 decimal places u/DreamsOfAGamer? My valorant res: 2416x1358 ~ 103x70 FOV blackbars on sides, top and bottom. Windowed mode would work too, but leave your desktop in the wings. If using different stretched values, these scoped values should still work ON THE HORIZON. Not to mention, you can't salvage horizontal AND vertical sens anyway with thiscombination, so it still won't feel right. At 120% distance from your crosshair (heading offscreen by 20%) the methods switch place, and the 360 degree method becomes less error prone compared to 0% matching. All this kid does is just hold a gay ass off angle with his deag and one clicks people in the side of the head CT side. I bet this kid doesn't even play FFA Dm's cuz he'd throw his arm out of his socket checking corners. I highly recommend going into the range and practice shooting the bots on Medium mode to get a feel for which in-game sensitivity is best for you. Stretch conversions has the same kind of error gradient that emerges, but radically worse. Csgo … First, you take your CSGO sensitivity and multiply it by 11. For non-streched users, these will all use the standard 3.18 divider for your CSGO sensitivity, as we have matched FOV, and we can happily match 360 rotations AND achieve perfect on-screen distance for aim. I've left the old post below if anyone can't handle loosing some screen real-estate. I made extensive use of the mouse-sensitivity.com website for gathering all data points involved in these calculations. PEOPLE USING STRETCHED CONVERSIONS, SEE THE FOOTNOTE BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS PLEASE :) TLDR IS THAT ALL OPTIONS SUCK AND YOU REALLY MAY WANT TO JUST STICK WITH 3.18. 360 Rot is provided for comparison of error in these regions against the default 3.18(2) method.

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