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It is also known as Beaver Dam Bridge. The bridge spans Silver Creek. The latter narratives make mention of purported Satanic churches near the bridge and appearance of the Goatman. Harry Pardee purchased the saw mill and constructed a wool factory in 1842. Little remains of the abandoned coal mining town of Moonville except for a few foundations, a nearby cemetery and an old railroad tunnel—a tunnel supposedly haunted by ghosts of locals who died from being struck by passing trains. The bridge was built in 1875 and spans Pidcock Creek. The residents of Helltown would be shaken to their core as their town would be swept up in a national effort to preserve the environment. It’s said the churches architecture resembled upside-down crosses and other Satanic symbols. The truth in the matter is that a family camped in the bus while they finished building their home. Brandywine’s remaining days were numbered though because the town was passed up by the Ohio & Erie Canal and the railroads. To this day, many people have reported hearing the ghosts' conversations, then a woman's scream followed by a man's scream. Sightings of cults practicing black magic have since been reported throughout various locations in the township. There are rumors that Van Sant’s bridge could be haunted. This particular legend incorporates some classic ghost-related urban legend elements, most notably the references to a crybaby bridge and the footprints left on the car. Stories of Satanists performing rituals and animal mutilations in the church was one of the most popular stories in the area. She ran for miles and miles, child in hand. Supposedly, if you visit the exact over-the-water roadway where the tragedy took place, your car will inexplicably start when turned off, and small footprints will become visible around your vehicle. Some say the child drowned beneath the bridge, while others say it just wandered off. Boston Community Church at the corner of Boston Mills Rd and Hines Hill Rd was constructed in 1911 and originally used as a school. A Crybaby Bridge, government experiments, and Satanic rituals were just some of the stories that would come out of Helltown. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Brandywine Mills, OH (1816 – 1937 mill town abandoned due to lack of economic opportunities), Location: Northfield Center Township, Summit County – On Brandywine Rd north of the overpass of I-271. In 1758 tensions were at an all time high between the Native Americans and the white settlers from the east. ... and with the tragic backstory of Crybaby Bridge in mind, you will especially want to avoid waterways in this town. (If you dare to, that is.) Although Helltown and its stories are still such popular parts of the mythos that is Ohio paranormal lore, the blossoming Cuyahoga Valley National Park has nearly erased all trace of the original 1970s atmosphere. From an evil man squatting in the basement of a local church, to a haunted slaughterhouse, to axemen prowling the woods, there are a number of legends you will encounter in Boston Township. •?Crybaby Bridge. Locals have spotted seated figures in the cemetery that stare ahead blankly, uninterested in interacting with the living. Maryland And on that note, please nominate your favorite local business that could use some love right now: The town can trace its history back to 1805, when it was first surveyed. The bridge is allegedly a “cry baby bridge” where a young woman killed her child and then herself. Part of this road, located in Chillicothe, goes through a railroad tunnel where you can supposedly hear a baby crying if you drive through the tunnel at night with your lights off and windows down. Its bridge is supposedly haunted by a baby that was thrown over the bridge and drowned in the Cuyahoga River. One in particular, the "House in The Woods," is purported to always have its attic light on despite standing empty. The man then supposedly perished with unexplained causes. Railroad tracks lie 25 feet below the bridge, and at least 36 people are said to have been reported dead on or around the Maud Hughes Road Bridge. Unlike much of Northeast Ohio, though, it has a sinister set of stories intertwined with its history. George wasn’t a member of the church, but he gave 10 gallons of whiskey every year to the minister. This crybaby bridge is in the area of the melon heads. Experts say spirits are attracted to water, and with the tragic backstory of Crybaby Bridge in mind, you will especially want to avoid waterways in this town. The bridge is on Wisner Road in Chardon Township, Geauga County, Ohio, just north of Kirtland Chardon Rd. It’s at the intersection of Olde 8 Rd and Valley View Rd 3 1/2 miles north of Brandywine Falls with a marker that reads, “Here lies the remains of the early settlers who originally were buried at Brandywine Falls”. Rumors circulated that if you parked on the bridge at night you would hear babies crying in the forest. Many residents and pioneers, including William Prior and Rial McArthur, were buried in Harrington Cemetery. President Gerald Ford signed an act that would protect large swaths of land, and turn that land into parks. This landfill was bought by the park to use themselves. The foundation of one of the mills and a few barely noticeable house foundations can be found at the site of the old village. A large section of the road is permanently closed; the bridge lies just before the south end of the closed section. Clashes escalated into outright battles as the English settlers and native tensions peaked.

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