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(Full disclosure: TV Guide is owned by CBS.). Instead, it’s the horror and suffering he inflicted on Hotch, from stabbing him nine times to making him listen as he killed his ex-wife and planned to do the same to his son. The fact that the network of hitmen existed was quite disturbing, but it was specifically a threat to Garcia (Kirsten Vangsness), because of her investigation, and later Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler), because one of them, Cat (Aubrey Plaza), blamed him for her imprisonment. Yes, that was a horrific crime, but somehow what he put Rossi through was worse, at least from an audience point of view, because we know him: He made the profiler visit him every year on his birthday to receive the name and location of another one of his victims. Benjamin Cyrus was such an important figure in Criminal Minds that even years after his death, he returned to haunt Reid and the BAU team. Life is a nightmare and this show wants you to never forget. List of serial killers on Criminal Minds, as well as the two spin-off shows Beyond Borders and Suspect Behavior. Many of the unsubs they chase are the worst examples of humans and what is scarier is that some of them are based on real people. In the meantime, TV Insider has ranked the major UnSubs — some are Big Bads, while others will always be remembered by fans for the heinous acts they committed in their episodes — of the CBS drama so far from most to least horrific and memorable. Of course the most prolific killer of the entire series had to make the list. The man orchestrated framing Reid for murder and actually did kill Stephen Walker (Damon Gupton). His first murders were accomplished via hypnosis, forcing his victims to do it for him. Mr. Scratch is the nickname for Peter Lewis, a serial killer who first appeared in Season 10 of the series and then later escaped in Season 11. Frank Breitkopf killed more than 175 people. We countdown the worst UnSubs that Criminal Minds has ever profiled, just in time for the show's 200th episode. Download the TV Guide app for iPhone, iPad and Android! He kidnapped and tortured the young agent, drugged him with Dilaudid, and even had him dig his own grave before Reid was able to get his hands on a gun. In case you hadn't noticed, nothing on Criminal Minds is sacred, even your love of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Photo Credits: NBC, Virginia Sherwood/NBC; Netflix; Pop TV; Robert Viglasky, Hartswood Films; Fred Hayes/Disney+, Fox, PopTV; Bettina Strauss/Netflix; Nicole Rivelli/Amazon, Netflix, Frank Masi/Apple, Disney, Jasper Savage/Hulu; Diyah Pera/CW. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. She was a narcissistic psychopath that set her sights on Reid after her arrest and set up a master plan to destroy him in the two-part Season 12 episodes “Green Light” and “Red Light.” Cat returned one more time to try to ruin Reid’s life in Season 15, the only unsub to appear in different cases in multiple seasons. Some of the unsubs on this list made it because of the people playing them rather than their impact on the show or plotlines. Female unsubs are pretty uncommon, but when they do appear, they are next level cray-cray. He was such a memorable and weird Criminal Minds unsub that he returned in Season 13 as well. 9. I just wished Lucas could have got some help as a child (although that may have interfered with the story line a little) If the girls gave birth to other girls, they were killed and their baby given up for adoption. Mason was manipulating, evil and arrogant. 6 Tips Criminal Minds Taught Me to Avoid Being Murdered. There was something so chilling about Frank’s (Keith Carradine) interactions with Gideon (Mandy Patinkin) and the fact that they had to let him go in “No Way Out” to save a bus of children he’d abducted. He was a happy child until his mother left, and his father became abusive and often tortured him. He was memorable, at first, because it was Jason Alexander in a role against type. Blaming Strauss (Jayne Atkinson) for the role she played in his stalled career, he killed the Section Chief and attempted to take out the team. She first appeared as a date for Reid, as the BAU was trying to bring her down in the episode “Entropy.” Aubrey Plaza is the actress who played this serial killer hitwoman on Criminal Minds. If you want to never look at the beloved Tim Curry again, just check him out as Billy Flynn, a serial rapist and spree killer. RELATED: Criminal Minds: 10 Storylines That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time. Spiders are already the freaking worst, Stan, I don't need to think about them eating me alive. He would capture and “tenderize” women before killing and eating them. Maybe get a bucket before you read this, because it's going to be rough. Loosely based on David Karesh, Luke Perry portrayed Cyrus as the leader of a cult-like community that ended up in a hostage situation that led to several deaths. If you do, it's probably because of Floyd Feylinn Ferell, the most terrifying cannibal to exist in the Criminal Minds universe. Cyrus was such a revered figure for his people that they regrouped years later to frame Reid for murder as revenge for the downfall of their leader. Robert (Erik Sunquist) and Linda Reimann (Frieda Jane). The popular CBS procedural Criminal Minds will air its 200th episode tonight. Foyet (C. Thomas Howell) had quite the body count to his name even before first appearing in the Season 4 episode “Omnivore.” But it’s not the fact that he killed more than 30 people that puts him so high on this list. Reid has managed to get kidnapped about every other season of Criminal Minds but the most memorable of his tormentors is Tobias Hankel, played by James Van Der Beek. He is based on a real-life serial killer in Richard Ramirez, also known as the Night Stalker. His entire goal was to get into a battle of the minds with Rossi, with this episode containing some of Criminal Minds most memorable quotes, while the team raced to save the women. UGH. So she naturally decided to help him kidnap young girls and force them into having babies for the demented couple. Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows - Start Now. RELATED: Criminal Minds: 10 Storylines That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time. He admits to killing seven women and has five others who will die. Long before he started breaking hearts on Shameless or taking on the Joker mantle for Gotham, Cameron Monaghan played a baby serial killer on Criminal Minds. Most unsubs on Criminal Minds have a weird logic to their choices in murdering, but Stanley here was just a sadist who was determined to make your phobias haunt you on the next level. The cult leader left such an impression that Criminal Minds weaved him into their 300th episode a decade after his original appearance. This article is officially giving me PTSD. The BAU doesn't always get the job done (right away, at least). Over 14 seasons of Criminal Minds, the same UnSub has occasionally appeared more than … Criminal Minds, 15th and Final Season, Coming Soon, CBS. Billy Flynn remains one of the most twisted Criminal Minds unsubs for a couple of reasons. Through 15 seasons, Criminal Minds created some of the most unsettling unsubs. By signing up, you agree to our Terms of Use and acknowledge the data practices in our Privacy Policy. He brainwashed a man into believing he was Tara’s (Aisha Tyler) brother while holding the real Gabriel captive. He escapes and takes his own life before Gideon can arrest him, but the entire event scarred Gideon, leading to him quitting the BAU. Kids also kill kids. This serial killer was Frank Breitkopf, played by David Carridine. Tobias Hankel was a serial killer from Season 2 of Criminal Minds and was almost the downfall of Reid. When it comes to psychological warfare, there are few that can compete with Peter Lewis, aka Mr. Scratch. 8. Through 15 seasons, Criminal Minds created some of the most unsettling unsubs. The one thing to remember about Criminal Minds is that very few of the episodes leave a viewer feeling good about the world around them. No one caught the killer because he agreed to stop killing if the chief detective in charge stopped investigating him. He was the unsub in a two-part Season 5 finale, a serial killer who used blackouts in Los Angeles to make it easier to pursue his victims. Lewis (Bodhi Elfman) began as just another UnSub the team was hunting, a man who used hallucinogens and hypnosis to force his victims to kill their loved ones. Click through the gallery to see where killers like Mr. Scratch, Foyet, and Frank land. It's so fun when childhood heroes decide to guest star on Criminal Minds as despicable monsters. RELATED: Criminal Minds: 5 Best Friendships (& 5 Worst). When he showed up on an episode of Criminal Minds, it was clear he was not an innocent bystander. Marionettes have taken over as the allegedly fun childhood thing that is actually made of the worst nightmare potential! Through 15 seasons, Criminal Minds created some of the most unsettling unsubs. This was George Foyet, who was also known as The Reaper. In Season 1, Gideon had a nemesis as well that was there to push his buttons and drive him to the limit. Still, the team thought she was dead for some time, and as soon as he first showed up, it was only a matter of time before he struck in his quest for revenge for what he thought was the death of his son. Most Criminal Minds fans know Tobias’ (James Van Der Beek) name because of what he did to Reid and the brutal murder he used dogs to commit.

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