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To add to this, its soundtrack is much adored by its players.Â.

Eventually you’ll get to build your own base, giving you the ability to research new technologies and, indeed, craft new items like swords to turn your from a pathetic scavenger into someone potentially powerful. There are so many ways you can play the game, from using traps to melee combat and guns. Upon waking up from the crash, you must now learn to survive and defend yourself, not only from wildlife but cannibalistic mutants inhabiting the island as well. Even better: the appearance of an item changes depending on the resources used, so a blade with from Blue Vitriol will have a different tint than one made of Bloodstone. You know, all the necessities of survival. Are you tired of playing horror games to the point where they no longer feel scary to you? From basic bricks to various weapons, traps, or magical talismans, you won’t lack for things to make, and in time you’ll even make devices which will make resource collection effortless. It features an offline bot mode for you to practice in as well as a competitive mode that allows you to compete with the best of the best. But exactly what specific kind of metal or leather you put there is up to you, and it changes the stats of the final item, and the bonuses scale with the amount allowed in a recipe, so a lot of effort goes to finding blueprints with the highest resource capacity. Explore the world, master your craft, and forge your tale. It also supports multiplayer so you can share it and play with all of your friends.Â. Step into a new virtual world with downloadable games, apps, entertainment, and more. This one is more of a cinematic experience overall, much like a 3D movie. Being one of the “Game of the Year” nominees back in 2015, this one has tons of content over a huge world with much to do and explore. Arkane Studios’ departure from its famous Dishonored series resulted in a really interesting and exceptionally well-designed spiritual successor to System Shock: Prey. In this game, you fight your way to the top. It’s entirely free. Playing as Ember, a woman damaged by mysterious circumstances, you need to stay ahead of a toxic sandstorm, while avoiding attacks from your nemesis “Rustborne.”. Each and every planet is unique and brimming with life and mystery, waiting for you to explore them. Two hundred years after the war that broke the world, vast swathes of the former United States remain a wasteland. VRChat is an interactive game where you can interact with real people. You play as a robot trying to serve customers. All copyrights, trade marks, service marks belong to the corresponding owners. Vader Immortal is an immersive saga that spans three parts. Being ported from PC, Superhot VR is a game that has gotten critical acclaim from game critics and players alike because of its distinctive and fresh mechanics. When it comes to RPG games, Until You Fall is one of the best VR games on this list. With classic and new animatronics to scare the life out of you, FNAF is a classic that everyone who’s into horror should play. Don’t’ Starve Together is a standalone multiplayer expansion to Klei’s dapper survival... One of the best zombie apocalypse games of the last decade, Dying Light is certainly a real catch for any gamer, especially one that likes running away from the walking... You were there when the bombs fell, and you were put in cryostasis in one of the vaults. In this game, literally anything is possible. Overall this system is a far cry from most crafting in video games, and easily one that allows the most freedom. Vive wands become attractors or repulsors which allow you to craft nebulas. Based on the hit movie produced by Marvel, the Far From Home VR game is one that allows you to play as Spiderman himself. It allows you to swing across a recreation of Manhattan at your own pace all while having a short campaign to complete. Your email address will not be published.

There are hundreds of possible weapon variants available through crafting, and while none of them are quite as wild as those from the Dead Rising series, you’re well within your rights to make an electricity-powered sledgehammer and go Thor on the infected. Job Simulator is a game that sounds boring but is actually quite interesting. It has a firing range where you can test all of the guns available, and you can customize them too. The second part attempts to do everything bigger and better than the original and succeeds without losing a... Wake up, Tenno. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The only limits are imposed by the amount of resources in your disposal, and keeping things supported somehow. Now all eyes are set on virtual reality for the future of gaming with plenty of games to get into. If you’re looking for a fun adventure game, then this is among one of the best VR games for you. DIRE is a VR survival car chase about a single mother in a dying world. It’s up to you to use the space given to you to maximum effect. Although the game has a lot of glitches, it is by far one of the most adventurous Steam VR games ever produced.

Navigate your ship through the sky and discover unexpected creatures and locations in this relaxing VR adventure game. As always, it’s not exhaustive, and we’re always open to seeing your own picks mentioned in the comments. The lot of them Although grouping them under one entry might seem absurdly unfair to the fans of this title or another, all the ARKs, Rusts, and Conans boil down to very similar ideas with their respective settings being responsible for the largest differences.

Move through the more and more advanced recipes to create weapons, armour, and a place to safely hide when either of those breaks in a crucial moment. Although dragons were long extinct, they suddenly revived, so now it’s your job to put a stop to them. The gaming community gives much praise to Boneworks for its various stages and puzzles. Create worlds and custom avatars. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 Review: Is It Good? Similar to the Metro games, Fallout is one of the best franchises to have ever done the post-apocalyptic genre. "duration": "PT8M39S", If you want an interesting adventure game with surprises, puzzles, and thrilling combat, then Moss is for you. Seen as one of the best RPG games of all time, Skyrim is brought to life in VR better than ever before with enhanced combat mechanics and all downloadable content from the original game.

She is the main character, and you’re her partner in crime.Â.

Wave is the interstellar music festival of the future you can access at any time from anywhere. CUBE DANCER is a short VR rhythm game, that puts you in dance battles against mysterious opponents. Usually, when a game comes out, it becomes obsolete within a few years, but Skyrim came out in mid-2011 and a lot of people still love playing it.

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