coral reef trivia questions and answers


Other huge concerns include over-developing the coast (too many condos!) Finally, you can get involved with conservation groups like the Ocean Conservancy and others! First I think there needs to be education given to all people about the need for coral reefs. For an underwater tourist, whether in a wetsuit or in front of a TV, a major attraction is a coral reef, an amazing ecosystem inhabited by myriad colorful marine creatures. Yes, many fish populations that are associated with reefs are crashing. Usually, coral reefs die slowly (over 10 years or so), and it’s hard to detect that it’s happening. What is an octane rating? What is the most effective way to help save coral reefs? Can You Pass This Basic World History Quiz. This might sound weird, but in fishing some coral reefs are destroyed. What will happen if no action is taken towards the destruction of coral reefs? Feel free to look at our conservation department’s web site for more information. Create a free website or blog at Educating the public that visits the Aquarium. The negative effects it has faced will take over a decade to... How well do you know about Great Barrier Reef? ( Log Out /  About This Quiz & Worksheet. 10. Why are coral reefs so important? In my work so far, I’ve noticed that the first thing to change is loss of stony coral species (animals that construct the reef). This might sound weird, but in fishing some coral reefs are destroyed. If the coral reefs are taken out of the picture, there could be larger waves hitting the land more frequently. Are there any coral reefs in the Arctic Ocean? I am very lucky to have a job with a government agency that tests stream and coastal water to make sure it’s clean and healthy. This can happen because the coral loses it’s photosynthetic cells (“bleaching”), or because the coral gets a disease and dies, or because people destroy the corals while fishing or building homes, harbors, ect. Here are some sites that might be helpful, but you can use any resource. How Well Do You Know About Great Barrier Reef? Coral reefs cover how much of the Earth's surface? I refer to “Right Bite” cards that we have here at the aquarium. Live a “greener” lifestyle. When branching corals spread out their tentacles, they resemble trees with branches. Explore the latest questions and answers in Coral Reef, and find Coral Reef experts. In my experience, every region has it’s own specific challenges. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. Test Questions (Answers Below) : 1.Where are coral reefs found? Question: Where is the biggest coral reef? 8. We can’t give up though…. Much of this is seen/encompassed in the term “Coral Bleaching”. Coral reefs are also very important economically because they provide a fisheries and tourism. Thirdly, be aware of where you’re living and/or staying (if you’re on vacation). There are… What is the most effective way to help save coral reefs? In what ways can students help stop the destruction of coral reefs? They are all related and are carnivorous. Scientists have different ways to estimate this- it’s a BIG questions. along the coast. What is an abiotic factor that does not affect coral reefs? SitemapCopyright © 2005 - 2020 On top of this the boats that are needed to ferry the divers to the reefs leave behind traces of fuel, and garbage from its passengers. Most scientists agree that naturally, the environment tends to change very slowly, which allows the very slow growing corals to gradually adapt to the changing environment, which has what has happened for many thousands of years. Spend your tourist dollars in areas that protect their reefs. What are zooxanthellae and why are they important? I would have to say humans. Because coral reefs are so sensitive, but very, careful not to step-on them or touch them. They need specific water temperatures, salt levels, sunlight penetration, and pH levels. Increased Tourism is causing coral depletion. 7. 3. We send trivia questions and personality tests every week to your inbox. What does it eat? The coral, although it is fixed to one spot, is a living creature.

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