colnago sloping sizing


1. However, I would expect the majority of frames were sold in standard sizes, so perhaps this chart could be a good reference if you are trying to work out the size of a vintage Colnago steel road bike frame.

Front Derailleur Size: Braze-On

Will be getting a C59 but an unsure of what size to go with. I am just under 5ft 10 with a 32 inch in seam and faced a similar situation to you when i bought my C59. Hi Pepijn.

This can be done very accurately and easily.

900 grams for 50cm. If you are purchasing both “in stock” & “available to order” items, please note that nothing will ship until we have all the items at the Colorado Cyclist facility. Coupons can not be combined with promotional gift certificates, however, purchased gift certificates may be used with the coupons. P490500510520530540550560570580590600610620630640650, O518523527530535540545550557565572580586590594597600, Pccs470480490500510520530540550560570570583583586595605, Scs121125128133140143146153161165169169173173174177180, Sc75°75°74.8°74.6°74.1°74°74°74°73.5°73°73°72.75°72.75°72.75°72.75°72.75°72.75°, A585587587588589591594595595597600608612615618622624, C400401402403404405406408410411412413413414415416416, Hs80839199108117126135143151160162171182182195203. When I measured the ‘front center’ (A) of the Nuovo Mexico with it’s curved forks, I found the measurement matched the modern Master / Arabesque frames fitted with the Precisa straight blade fork. If your custom kit has backordered items there is a good chance we will be able to get those items in and complete your build in a timely matter. So far it has over 200k on it with no problems. They continue that tradition of frame building today with the Colnago Master and Colnago Arabesque framesets. Should you wish to suggest an amendment, please include a note advising the source of your information so that myself and other readers can ascertain the accuracy of your information.

I am the proud owner of a 1978-80 Colnago Super that I have owned since 1985.

Yet, it was designed based on an almost immeasurable history of cycling innovation and success, one which began in 1954. Very nice, I do love that new 2013 colour scheme and I'm glad to see they ditched the ridiculous Integrated Headset System and Structural Routing text, Got my Colnago Extreme power from Maestro and their prices are at least £500 - £600 cheaper than the main dealers. Frame: Colnago C64 Carbon. These frames are still built using ‘Traditional’ frame geometry meaning the top tube of the frame runs parallel to the ground. The integrated headset features elastomers to absorb road vibrations, improving both handling and rider comfort.

but I can't help liking the look of the semi sloping top tube.

Most people will probably start with seat tube measurement (P), but that can be a little tricky to measure precisely, so I went with this strategy instead; The following information is simply transcribed from the Colnago website and you can find the original size charts for the modern Colnago Master and Colnago Arabesque which both seem to have identical geometry. I welcome reader feedback in the comments section.

I wanted to share my experiences, knowledge and research with others. If they don’t match, you my have a custom frame or different geometry to this chart. ... ride a 55cm Dogma but I am confused as to which size Colnago I should be looking at whether it be conventional or sloping. 5ft 10.5, 32" inseam. The high geometry of the C64 Road Frameset means a slightly taller headtube than traditional and sloping varieties, putting riders in the optimum position without the need for a stack of spacers.


Science adjusts it’s beliefs based on what’s observed. Size: 56cm (58.2cm Effective Top Tube)

I believe the dual club markings on top of the BB were introduced in the early 1980’s. Had a bit of practice building the CX-1 which has a similar seatpost and geometry, first attempt I got it all wrong, then went back to the drawing board, replicated Adrian's measurements and so far the CX-1 fits nice, I'm about a 1/3rd of the way through building the C59, first error, the BB is not Italian, it's English, so going to get new cups in the morning. Size: 45cm (52.0cm Effective Top Tube) Required fields are marked *.

Originally Posted by icsloppl.

Did you check out my page How to Identify a Colnago Super?.

If an item is no longer available, we will reach out via email or phone to alert you that we are canceling the order.

My fit is as follows; So what would the benefits be of going for a sloping vs traditional? BB86 bottom bracket shell and tapered head tube. Fork: Colnago C64 tapered full carbon, 355 grams

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Whilst this may be pure coincidence, I speculate that Colnago possibly haven’t varied their steel frame geometry since the 1980’s for a couple of reasons. Well I took the gamble and handed over a wedge of Euro's to my mate who is going to Italy on Saturday for 3 months, he's managed to get me a deal where he thinks I will have my frame in just a few weeks and with a proper warranty as well, I went with the 50s.

Size: 52cm (55.0cm Effective Top Tube) Finally, the construction technique used in the C64 offers an unprecedented range of sizes, nine sloping and five horizontal, with custom sizing also an option. Measurement (A) should be similar regardless of straight or curved forks.2. This ensured the handling remained consistent even though there was a change in fork design. Finally, the construction technique used in the C64 offers an unprecedented range of sizes, nine sloping and five horizontal, with custom sizing also an option. Unfortunately, I have not yet found an original size chart for Colnago frames manufactured back in the 1970’s & 1980’s, however Colnago do publish a detailed frame size chart on their website for their modern Master and Arabesque steel frames. My aim is to inspire people to get involved in all aspects of this amazing sport. Hello all I'm interstred in getting myself a C59 too.


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