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Collection in person. My carpet was a maroon coloured dense pile with hessian back. Find out more. My rationale behind using such board was its impervious to water and could be easily cut using an old carving knife. Each batten was screwed through the floor with stainless steel screws, again sealed with silicone sealant. For further details on price please see our Prices page. If you are interested in a furniture kit or conversion package from Convert Your Van Ltd, then feel free to contact us. By the end of a very long weekend, I was left with a blank canvas and nice smelling upholstery. We can also insulate and carpet line your van if required. Below you will find some example layouts with approximate prices for furniture and cushions (prices are a guide and can vary either way depending on van model and finer details - please see prices page for more details). Collection in person. Copyright. This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. I then explain how I fitted the motorhome floor. The next stage was to begin the installation of the motorhome floor. Between us, we used a range of products including white spirit, de-greaser and upholstery cleaner. Once the cab was reassembled, I turned my attention to constructing the floor in the living accommodation. I knew that I would want to fix things to the floor at a later date and so I took a series of photographs with a tape measure laying across the floor to show where each batten was located. Convert Your Van Ltd - Race Van / Sports Home Layout Guide. Citroen Relay Campervan 2005, 2 berth motorhome for sale in Antrim. For example, how many secondhand motorhomes/campervans/caravans do you see where the shower has never been used? Nu Venture Surf Motorhome 2 Berth Camper Van 1.9D 2001 (51)reg Citroen Berlingo. The layouts below show various options/examples for Race Van / Sports Home Conversions. Each image shows the van it was based on, although they can be adapted to suit other vans. Since the 8×4 sheets of ply were to lay across the van, I ensured that there were battens at 1220mm and 2440mm centres from the front. And don't forget the wheel arches! First, I set about installing 26mm thick battens across the floor at regular intervals. Why not subscribe to keep up-to-date with my progress? Having said that, we can still fit the standard type side conversion which consists of a pull-out seat/bed (rock and roll bed), wardrobe and kitchen unit. In order to reduce this risk, I decided to temporarily fix battens across each board. 4 berth with 2 bike garage based on Transit Jumbo, Citroen Relay L4, VW Crafter/Mercedes Sprinter etc 4 berth race van with front dinnette and walkthrough Compact 3 to 4 berth race van based on L3 Fiat Ducato, Peugeot Boxer or Citroen Relay This was the ideal opportunity to fit the carpet in the cab. Search Latest second hand Citroen Relay motorhomes for sale Mine was branded as Xtratherm, Celotex, but there are many different suppliers. If you have found this information useful, please consider supporting the development of the site! In this section, I share my experiences in preparing the van ready for conversion into a motorhome. Please like and subscribe to my YouTube channel to keep up to date with lots more relevant videos! This would give me the all important blank canvas. In addition I bedded each batten in silicone to isolate them from the floor. As part of the cleaning process, it was necessary to remove both front seats. © 2020 Van and boat. My father, Paul is always keen to help on projects and his efforts assisting me cleaning the van were much appreciated! £7,900.00. Now I had a fully insulated floor, it was time to install the 12mm ply boards. Contact. The carpet itself was second hand but in excellent condition and had been given to me by an aunt who had recently refurbished her house. The Citroen Relay (same as Peugeot Boxer and Fiat Ducato) lends itself very well to conversion to a motorhome or camper van. The other option is for us to supply and fit the furniture. Road Trip Around Scotland – Part 1: The South West, Road Trip Around Scotland – Part 2: Into The Highlands, Road Trip Around Scotland – Part 3: Into The Cairngorms. In the next section, I explain how I insulated and lined the walls. The ply boards were simply marked out and cut using a panel saw and fixed in place with 8x 1 1/2 “ screws at 150mm centres. Again, each piece of insulation board was installed on a bed of silicone sealant. Bear in mind that what might look great in a photo (or layout diagram), might not be ideal for everyone in practice, so to go and have a look inside and a walk round existing motorhomes can give you a better idea of what you can expect to fit in a given sized van. Manual gearbox and Right-hand Drive with 133,274 miles. With 8 used Citroen Relay motorhomes available on Auto Trader, we have the best range of motorhomes for sale across the UK. Once the insulation board was installed, the next stage was to seal around the edges with expanding foam. Planning a Motorhome Road Trip – Top Tips, Saving energy in a motorhome or boat- Top 10, DC-DC battery chargers & smart alternators, EPEver Tracer MPPT Solar Charge Controller. Whether that be useful for general weekend camping, festivals and shows, outdoor activities, etc. I included a 10mm gap around each side to fill with foam. We can also supply a range of appliances such as glass lid sink/hob (cramer or smev), 12v fridge, cassette toilets, etc. The following video provides a summary of the work carried out in preparing the van for conversion as well as the installation of the floor. This would ensure that they would not rub against each other. So it comes down to compromise. Please take time to read our privacy policy here, Website designed and maintained by The diagrams are intended as a guide, you could possibly combine your favourite parts of more than one layout to come up with something that is right for you. To avoid squeaks, I took care to cut each batten around 3mm short. As with any secondhand vehicle, the van needed a deep clean. So with this type of van, it’s more common for us to build furniture to customer’s own design and specification. If you already have your van, once you have a layout in mind it is a good idea to try it in the van, this can be done by drawing it on the floor or marking it with tape, you can then get an idea of what space will be left, what gaps you'll have to walk through, etc. It is important to note that I kept all of the excess foam as I intended to use this later. I accept the terms set out in the Privacy Policy. An old 9” carving knife was great for this task! However, the main requirement was sheer hard work. I checked each screw was tight and then sealed around the wheel arches using more silicone sealant before sweeping the floor and declaring the floor finished! Because of the different sizes of Citroen Relay available, we don’t tend to have a standard conversion as we do with smaller vans, especially in the larger variants as there is much scope for an individual design. Here I chose to use 25mm closed cell insulation board. For more information on choosing the right layout for you please read out layout guide page. By continuing, you agree to the terms of the privacy policy. If there is nothing that seems ideal, you can always email us with your own unique layout and we can give you a quote based on that, all we need is a detailed description or better still a diagram and we can give you an accurate quote. Unfortunately my memory card became corrupted and the photographs cutting the ply have been lost. All our camper interior furniture is made from lightweight plywood (such as vohringer) and using reimo trim you get a professional looking conversion. These units rely on a solid floor for their strength. Firstly, it’s the van that lots of big conversion companies use, and it has lots of little features that are ideal, for example, most come with electric windows and mirrors as standard, also the gear stick is on the dashboard and the handbrake lever is on the right hand side of the driver seat, this means if you have two single seats in the front, there are no obstructions when walking through to the rear of the van. I have since found that this extra step has been worthwhile as there are no squeaks from the floor at all. I then set about installing the insulation board. There is also a range of sizes available, from SWB to LWB a low roof to high roof, meaning you can have a camper that’s just the right size for what you want. The foam is a messy product and wearing gloves is a must. For prices and available options please see our Large and Extra Large van prices pages, Volkswagen T4 Camper Conversion  -  Volkswagen T2 Camper Conversion -  Volkswagen T5 Camper Conversion  -  Vauxhall Vivaro Camper Conversion  -  Renault Trafic Camper Conversion  -  Mazda Bongo Camper Conversion  -  VW T4 Caravelle Camper Conversion  -  VW T5 Caravelle Camper Conversion  -  Peugeot Expert Camper Conversion  -  Citroen Dispatch Camper Conversion  - Fiat Scudo Camper Conversion  -  Citroen Relay Camper Conversion  -  Peugeot Boxer Camper Conversion  -  Fiat Ducato Camper Conversion  -  Vauxhall Movano Camper Conversion  -  Renault Master Camper Conversion  -  Toyota Hiace Regius Camper Conversion  -  Toyota Granvia Camper Conversion  -  Nissan Elgrand Camper Conversion  -  Mercedes Vito Camper Conversion  -  Mercedes V-Class Camper Conversion  -  Mercedes Sprinter Camper Conversion  -  VW LT35 Camper Conversion  -  Ford Transit Camper Conversion  -  Race Van Conversions  -  Chevrolet Astro Camper Conversion  -  People Carrier Camper Conversions, Convert Your Van Ltd - Race Van / Sports Home Layout Gu. Here at Convert Your Van Ltd, we pride ourselves on providing quality conversions at affordable prices. The first stage in the project was to fully clean and strip out all existing lining and the steel bulk head. After the battens were installed, I filled any remaining holes (from where the original van’s floor had been fixed) using silicone sealant. Floor battens completed Insulation Board. 1991 HYMER Citroen C25, 4 BERTH MOTORHOME - LOVELY CAMPER IN EXCELLENT ORDER . The colour and inherent strength would be more than adequate for the purpose. Below is a brief guide to choosing/designing your race van/sports home layout, there are example layouts as well as hints and tips on how to decide what you want. £15,995.00. This site uses cookies. These battens would hold the insulation in place until the foam had finished expanding – It worked…. I also used the off-cuts to line the three shelves above the glove-box and am very happy with the results. 2004 (54 reg) | 2 berth | End dinette | 108,600 miles | Manual | 2.2L | 2 belted seats, 2010 (10 reg) | 2 berth | 63,000 miles | Manual | 2.2L | 4 belted seats, 2014 (14 reg) | 2 berth | End bedroom | 113,500 miles | Manual | 2.2L | 3 belted seats, 2018 (18 reg) | 2 berth | End bedroom | 29,600 miles | Manual | 2L | 2 belted seats, 2012 (62 reg) | 2 berth | End washroom | 65,000 miles | Manual | 2.2L, 2017 (67 reg) | 56,000 miles | Manual | 2L | 129BHP, 2013 (13 reg) | 2 berth | 45,528 miles | Manual | 2.2L | 130BHP | 2 belted seats, 2007 (57 reg) | 2 berth | 89,946 miles | Manual | 2.2L | 120BHP, Citroen Berlingo Lifestyle 'la Parisienne' Camper motorhomes, Citroen Relay 35 Heavy L4h2 Hdi motorhomes. It is very important to wear a mask (I am not in these photos but did from immediately after the photo was taken) as it is poisonous. The micro camper also gets pull out kitchen. Below are some example pictures of our work, for more photo’s please click on the gallery link.

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