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In December 2007, Hsu and her husband filed a complaint for unspecified damages against KRM Services, Murdoch, and Deng in Queens County Supreme Court, claiming negligence. ", Wendi may have even taken out her anger at her husband on the help: "The two housekeepers worked for Murdoch for many, many years, and when they got married, Wendi tried to fire them.
(That comports with what Deng told British Vogue last year: "We don't talk to them like babies. Le Sun proféra même des injures contre le président Chirac, qui y est traité de « ver »[6]. Il commence sa carrière en Australie à Melbourne, où il prend la tête d'un empire de presse familial construit dans les années 1920 autour du Sydney Morning Herald, les deux principaux quotidiens du pays. TWITTER A lot of F-words. Trinity Mouzon Wofford’s low-maintenance routine was inspired by her business. Torv et Murdoch ont eu trois enfants : Elisabeth Murdoch (née à Sydney le 22 août 1968), Lachlan Murdoch (né à Londres le 8 septembre 1971) et James Murdoch, (né à Wimbledon le 13 décembre 1972). chloe murdoch college. And given her facility with bending older married men to her will—her first husband was a married man whose family sponsored her student visa; she was 21 at the time—she has often been described as a conniving man-eater. In 2006, Murdoch stated in an interview with Charlie Rose that his youngest children, Grace and Chloe, would have equal economic interest in the family's trust, but wouldn't get voting power in News Corp. like Rupert's other children; Wendi learned about this from TV and threatened to leave him, The New York Times reported. In March of last year, the complaint was finally dismissed by the judge, who rejected the Murdochs demand for costs. Dans l'épisode de la série Les Simpson (Le Canard Déchainé, épisode 22, saison 15), Monsieur Burns, après avoir échoué à posséder l'empire médiatique de Springfield dit qu'il est impossible d'en posséder tous les médias, à moins de s'appeler Rupert Murdoch, à la suite de quoi il précise : « c'est un être magnifique », ce à quoi Smithers répond « je suis d'accord », en souriant largement.
Indeed, during the course of Hsu's litigation, Deng filed a sworn declaration with the court affirming that she controlled the "time, manner, and place of where Ying-Shu Hsu performed her work [sic]."

And the average Brooklyn nanny received more than 11 paid days off per year. The Hollywood Reporter is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. 4. The News Corp. chairman and the former television executive have two children: Grace, 11, and Chloe, 9. Since she was carrying a two-year-old, Hsu couldn't maneuver her body to protect herself as she fell. (To be fair, Gawker Media has some familiarity with this issue. Food in the refrigerator, Hsu said, was strictly labelled for Rupert and the kids and was hands off for the staff.

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