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Oldest Wolf Brother In then late 1890s Lyman (1899:198) stated that Railroad Creek was then one of the finest locations on the lake for hunting, fishing, and camping. A person's spirit -- his supernatural helper -- might wander and be lost through being buried accidently with a corpse or by being stolen by an evilly-disposed shaman who desired to add the spirit to his own guardian spirit family. On the 9th, Work and a companion left the watercraft and rode through the northeastern sector of the Chelan area and on to the fort. (Ray 1942:171-173). can kill only those who make fun of you.". That of the basic hunting arrow was of flint or obsidian; bone and shell heads were unknown. It was considered unpropitious to dream of the dead, a threat which had to be counteracted by bathing and sweating. (Ray 1942:131, 137,138, 139). Passing his hands up and down over the sick man's body, he removed the "sickness" through the head or feet, sometimes only part by part. The 13 ethnographically reported Lake Chelan communities are the following. Wolf Brother was strong and good and clever. (3) Routes must have led in a southwesterly direction from the Lake Chelan country over the Chelan Mountains to the Entiat Valley and on to the Wenatchee region. By Ellen Kershner on April 29 2020 in History. On the other side hung a white suit. In the case of the Chelan and Wenatchi the two tribes occupied rather difference bioenvironments. (Ray 1942:242-243), The Wenatchi shaman continued this procedure by singing, accompanied by the audience, which also drummed on a plank or occasionally log drum with short sticks held horizontally, and by dancing. In fact, even the most distant of these villages -- that at the foot of the lake (1 below) -- was no more than about 46 lake miles from where the Park line now crosses the lake. The nearest winter village remembered in the 1930s was at Green's Landing (between Wapato Lake and Grade Creek) and the closest warm season camp was at Grade Creek, both only a few miles above the southern end of the lake. This distribution was followed by a short dance. In late August, 1811. Cedar split baskets and baskets of rushes were woven in checkerboard patterns. (Ray 1942:182-185), Games of dexterity were also played by adults. . If this was the case, he would have found, had he managed to follow his Eagle Creek route over what seems to be relatively gentle higher slopes to an open, 7,000 foot saddle in the Sawtooth Range, that his path did not lead to the Stehekin. "I shall take you out into the ocean and give you a place It would be of interest to discover why the Chelan chose the. Spouses of both sexes cut their hair to shoulder length and left it uncombed; the cut fragments of hair were saved but how they were disposed of is not reported by Ray. raised the lake level 11 feet over the 1892 low water mark, washing out all the old Stehekin River logjams, . the Creator thinks that we should use the blood for the last one. Take this piece of Beaver flesh Leggings of buckskin were either of half-knee length or of knee length. If not retrieved and restored to the person by a more powerful shaman, the person died. (Ray 1942:202-205), During subsequent menstrual periods, the girl or woman was isolated for five days in a menstrual hut or a screened corner of the house. (Ray 1942:240), Of the several roles played by Wenatchi shamans, curing by supernatural intervention was certainly one of the most important, although spirit-assisted curing was not their exclusive domain: laymen could cure diseases related in some manner to their own spirits. (c) A trail through Ross Pass. It ascended this short section of the Methow and turned up the Twisp for about 11.5 miles to a point where "the stream forked, the north fork rising a few miles farther on in a high, bare ridge of granitic mountains; the south fork, Nahai-el-ix-on, coming down a narrow and precipitous ravine." (Ray 1942:174-176), In addition to the long mat lodge, the Wenatchi lived in semisubterranean lodges during the winter season. The Columbia River data may be considered first. Because the mammalian forms of the lower and middle lake country and that of the Park region were very nearly identical, something other than these minimal differences must explain the concentration of villages and camps in the former area. These include several varieties of trout: bull trout (Dolly Varden), rainbow trout, and cutthroat trout (Durham 1972:15; Byrd in Durham 1972:12 fn. Whether the aboriginal route ran up the southwest side of the Stehekin or the northeast or varied from side to side depending on conditions, which may have shifted from season to season and year to year, I do not know. The affairs of each village were directed by community leaders -- "chiefs" or headmen -- usually two in number but more in a large village. You're set for email updates from CafePress. you to kill Beaver. This generally had a soapstone bowl, either disk-shaped (Figure 4-4 A) or W-shaped (Figure 4-4 B) and was ornamented by being painted, carved or incised. But for these early lakeside activities, I have as yet seen no solid documentation. Obviously derived from this term are the designations in the preceding roster. In early July, 1811, David Thompson (1914:52, 1962:344-345; Smith 1983:25-35), descending the Columbia from Kettle Falls, evidently saw no Indians in Chelan country. The roof, conical or pyramidal in form, was framed with radiating poles with a pitch of 20 degrees or more. Upriver from the head of Chelan River there were at least two paths: On the southern side of Chelan River, at least two short trails linked Lake Chelan and with Columbia Valley: Why did the McClellan party make this detour up the southern trail to the lake, which in his unpublished Journal he terms the "Apq" (Overmeyer 1941:41 fn. In late July and August, 1814, Alexander Ross (1956:36-42) attempted to cross the Cascades to the coast, traveling on foot with an Indian guide and two other Indian companions and following an old Indian traders' trail but by his time very obscure. This dwelling, reported to have been an "old-type" structure, was constructed over a pit about 4 feet deep and 15 to 20 feet in diameter. He became ill and the illness was diagnosed by a shaman as of this etiology. ", It happened as the Creator had foretold. the black suit and wear the white suit. In 1879-1880 Col. Merriam and Thomas Symons visited the lake in their search for a suitable site for a military post and, while there, investigated the lower 24 miles of the lake in a dugout canoe with two Chelan Indians from their village on the Columbia about one mile above the Chelan River mouth. Each of them Further, their lifeways in posthorse times tilted toward those of the bison-hunting Sahaptian neighbors to the south. In any event, these comparative mammalian distribution data may help to explain why the traditional Chelan population concentration was not along the Columbia River but in the Lake Chelan region. 30). 23, 20 fn. At least one occasion when this sometimes occurred was during the midwinter spirit ceremonial. On the first of these points, I believe Ray to be correct: the Wenatchi were just to the north of the uprivermost Plateau groups of the Middle Columbia that practiced head deformation -- a lower Columbia Valley trait -- in protohistoric times and even then to a most minor degree. And there were a few slaves. To focus these data on the special interests of this study, it appears that an important fraction of the fish in the Chelan diet must have been nonanadromous varieties, fish that were available in the small streams that fed Lake Chelan. While true of any animal, certain animals were much more common as guardian spirits than others: these included snakes, the spider web, flies, grasshoppers, and ducks. Chelan County embraces the drainages of the Wenatchee River, the Entiat River, and Lake Chelan, and the Chelan River for a total of 2,920 square miles. The lodge was occupied by one person at a time, Ray reports. He further links this enlarged "Wenatchi tribe" culturally with the Columbia of the western Columbia Basin and adjacent Columbia River Valley, designating this larger, two-component entity the "Middle Columbia Salish.". About midnight, the While the routine was identical to that of the guardian spirit dance, this performance was intended to bring the warm Chinook wind. and came soon to some quite strong rapids." Further details regarding some of them can be found in Ray's (1936:141-142; 1974a:420-423) roster. Possibly because the other groups were fishing at the time not in the Columbia itself but on lateral streams (as the Sanpoil certainly were), salmon streams that appear to have been lacking in the Chelan homeland. paintings of the Creator they knew how to make the things they Lake Chelan is 51.5 miles (82.9 km) long and .75 to 2.1 miles wide, and is the third-deepest freshwater lake in the United States and the ninth-deepest in the world with a maximum depth of 1,486 feet (453 m). He was allowed one turn a night, unless the gathering was small in which instance he was permitted additional turns. For it can hardly be doubted that the Chelan population in, say, 1850 was smaller by some significant measure than in the precontact and perhaps even early postcontact times. Weapons among the Wenatchi consisted of bows and arrows and of clubs. "Coyote, you are to wear this black suit for six months," said the Creator. The nearest trading posts were at the Okanogan River mouth above and the Walla Walla confluence below, the two posts between which the watercraft were generally moving. For some time she remained near the fire. It should be noted that the locations provided by Ray in terms of highways, town sites, and other cultural features of Western life are as of the 1950s, when Ray conducted his village field research among the Chelan. The forbidding physical characteristics of the lake shores, especially in their middle and upper sectors, are briefly described in the following early comments: Save under unusual conditions, it appears probable that, as with Symons' 1879 up-the-lake journey, canoe travel was less onerous and more convenient than foot travel along the lake margins.

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