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Cauliflower please note the Beef and Chicken base used contain traces of Barley, wheat, Dinners 10.00 That’s much more achievable than the six-figure investment most restaurants require. Please contact us to discuss the details. In most cities, food trucks are required to have a commissary where they can store and prepare food for their truck. Small $9.50. 3 PAN FRIED RAINBOW TROUT (GF on request) Drerssed with a Shrimp sauce. This grants guests a scrumptious meal served by a vendor they’ll feel good supporting. It is a booming industry and you want a piece of the pie. Steak and Vegetable Pie 6.50 You can choose from the food truck menu above or our General Catering Menu. Jess Simms has been writing business content for several years. Along with payroll, operating costs like rent and utilities are larger than the operating expenses of a food truck. This is just an example of one of the menus, as is with all of our menus, we'll gladly custom cater a menu to your event! Contact us today!
It is the best of all food games. It’s hard to beat those tart sauces and tender, savory meats, and Chef on the Run provides authentic Mediterranean eats made right throughout the Greenville, SC area. Kids Menu ~ Under 10yrs old. One of the hardest parts of. Each week our team of Chefs prepare seven entree meal choices for our customers. You’ll save yourself a lot of work if you use the same flavors, atmosphere, and service style in both your locations. Hip Burger: A new restaurant experience delivering delicious and affordable burgers, chicken sandwiches, and nuggets in an an innovative environment. They text me when my order was ready for convenience of not having to wait outside in the cold. Pork Pie – Large 7.75 It is not just what is in your food truck that matters however. Check with your local food truck community for recommendations. Owning a food truck introduces you to food safety regulations, licensing, and insurance, but they all get more complicated when you own a brick and mortar restaurant. What this looks like will depend on what you will be serving out of your truck. Main. Whatever you can do to give you stronger qualifications will be helpful once you open your business. Choose the menu and let us know the number of guests. Visit one of our five locations - See Locations. A food truck is an excellent way to find out where your food has the most consistent draw with potential customers.

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That’s not something you can say about most restaurants. Opening a restaurant might feel like a foolish venture in the current uncertainty, but a food truck is exactly the right business for the times. Served with Orange Sherbet for dessert & a kid’s drink. Broccoli You’ll also find dishes that adhere more strictly to tradition, such as a variety of kebabs served with succulent cuts of lamb, beef, chicken, and falafel. This can be tricky if you tend to cross town lines with your food truck so make sure you stay on top of this. In every case, they’ve still made it to their gigs on time, and stayed the entire time they promised to be there. Chicken & Beef Shawarma topped with onion, tomato, pickles and freshly made garlic sauce with cheese.

Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. This doesn’t necessarily mean replicating the menu, but fans of your food truck should enjoy the experience if they eat at your restaurant. He also plans to do counter service rather than a sit-down restaurant, capitalizing on his ability to deliver delicious food quickly. Spinach and Feta Quiche 5.75 Many people dream of opening a restaurant, but the work and expense involved can seem like an insurmountable obstacle. beef shawarma over Basmati rice, falafel and over garlic/ tahini sauces served with mix pickles. You’ll hear plenty of stories of restauranteurs who started washing dishes and worked their way up to executive chef. Extra Small $10.50. Those are profits many brick-and-mortar restaurants would look at with envy. Choose the menu and let us know the number of guests. Finally, for the best success as a food truck owner, you should have an overall vision or concept for your business just like you would for a restaurant. Chicken & Mushroom Pie 6.50 If you agree to do an event, show up. Is it easy for people to stop and wait in line for food? We are a food truck that specializes in Mediterranean (Arabic) food. Red Beans and Rice (add sausage for $2 more), Fried or Smothered Porkchop Dinner w/ 2 sides. It is really important that you don’t start a food truck as a quick get rich scheme. It is also good to talk to other food truck owners in your area. on rice with Mediterranean salad, tzatziki sauce, and greek dressing on the side. Soup Large 5.50 Businesses and event coordinators talk to each other, too, and they can be some of your strongest allies as a food truck owner if you cultivate those relationships. Browse the menu, view popular items, and track your order. Fine-tune your menu. You can choose from the food truck menu above or our General Catering Menu. I ordered the Mediterranean Burger and fries. Shepherds Pie 8.95 A minimum dollar amount and time limit may be set. Puddings $1.40 + GST 1.47 By Jess Simms. We provide you a quote and you pay a total amount due. With a pineapple/raisin sauce, 2   CHICKEN PRINCESS Being mobile lets you test out different markets before you commit to a brick-and-mortar. Chef’s fruit bowl w/ cheese & egg (Everyday) Breakfast burritos w/ banana – chocolate chips bread, fruit & salsa cups (T-W-Th) PB & jelly combo (Monday only)

What type of food are you going to sell? If you are unsure about these regulations, contact your local health department. Chicken Avocado Slider. Besides a passion and a talent for food, here are the top food truck requirements for starting your own food truck. Chef on the Run specializes in freshly made meals. A deposit may be required. A deposit may be required. Catered Food Truck Lunch Programs, In-Office Meal Programs, Business Park Lunches, Employee Appreciation, Client Appreciation, Holiday Parties, Milestone Celebrations, Retail Events, Wedding Receptions, Rehearsal Dinners, Late Night Snacks, Day-After Brunches, Student Organizations, On/Off-Campus Events, Graduation, Prom, School Dances, School Fundraisers, Recruitment Events, Alumni Events, Sporting Events, Music Festivals, Arena Concerts, National Event Series, Marathons and Fun Runs, Movie Set Catering, TV and Film Catering, 24 Hour Production Catering, On Location Catering, Photo Shoots, Street Fairs, Neighborhood Block Parties, Flea Markets, Little League Games, Car Shows, Real Estate Open Houses, Religious Congregations and Ministries, High School Football Games, Concerts in the Park, Birthday, Holiday, Graduation, Anniversary, Bar-Mitzvah, Baby Shower, House Warming. hefs Forms a Franchise entity called Chef’s Franchising Group. Common places to park include office parks, empty lots, shopping malls, festivals and events and popular tourist locations. Build a reputation. While those things are important, they’re not the main points Gorlie emphasized when we interviewed him. Book it here. Typically food truck owners work 10 hours a day and rarely get a day off. Each selection contains the finest ingredients and is made fresh in our own kitchen. Food Truck Catering Menu, starting at $8.00 per person: * Sandwiches are served with choice of fries or slaw. In fact, a restaurant was his initial plan after graduating from culinary school until he started planning and realized a food truck was a better choice. This website uses third-party cookies in order to serve relevant ads. Gorlie’s initial investment on the Vet Chef’s opening day was $41,200, and that includes the food inventory for their first service. Your email address will not be published. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

If you buy a food truck from a recognizable franchisor like Zac’s Burgers then you will already have a brand and a menu that will draw the customers in. If you are just serving coffee and pastries for the morning rush, then your requirements are going to be a lot different than for someone who is cooking made-to-order burgers out of their truck.
Powered by. add a ​side of fries for extra $3.50, A thin sliced of Lamb marinated toped with onion, tomato, cheese with tahini sauce.

Sound delicious? Guests order at the truck whatever they want from the set menu. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive our weekly schedule.

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