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It sort of kills me to read Justice Kennedy's opinion in Obergefell, which is the case that ultimately brings marriage equality to the United States. Now, it does achieve something. It's not a thing, actually, in the world. And one of the most central is the idea that gender, maleness and femaleness, as we think about it, is performance. CHASE STRANGIO: Yes.

On kickoff return coverage, everyone needs to run in their lane and not chase the ball, because if everyone runs after the ball then you open yourself up to a huge return. CHRIS HAYES: Which again, was people's subjective experience. CHASE STRANGIO: And then my father is a raging Trump supporter, Fox News watcher — he was actually in a commercial against Elizabeth Warren when she was running. And that quest is a troubling one. This week’s conversation breaks down how we reached this point. You would still be totally tortured over a million trade-offs you were making. It wasn't an incredibly conservative household growing up. And one of the most righteous — I don't know, one of the most righteous warriors, I want to say, for trans rights both in the way he talks about it and in the courtroom, is today's guest, Chase Strangio. Like, "The way that you should be organizing is...", CHASE STRANGIO: Or, "I'm going to define organizing as..." And you're like, "That isn't organizing. CHRIS HAYES: Yes, "Trans people are the ones that created gender." Basically, I always think of it this way when you think about organizing political work, legal work, intellectual work, right? All identities are social constructs and they ebb and flow in terms of their salience, right? I think there's a fundamental question about whether political organizing and legal reform change are truly compatible. So in-.
CHRIS HAYES: But it is the case. Every state is on a different timeline in terms of how quickly these things will move.

Those lawsuits are initially successful, and then they sort of, as they did in multiple executive action contexts, issued a sort of modified version of the ban that was pretty much the same thing, but sort of more palatable to the courts, and that was proved harder to stop, and ultimately, the Supreme Court lifted the injunctions, so the ban is currently in effect while the cases are being litigated in the lower courts. We’re actually seeing proposals to make that support itself potentially a reason to remove a child from a home.

I was an athlete growing up. I say queer and not gay because I think, too, for me it was so much of a political identity as much as it was an identity about sexual attraction. CHASE STRANGIO: Yeah, in the locker room. An atom just is. And then I think the other thing is that the trajectory of the movement, obviously, was within the political context of: this is the United States movement in the political context of the United States, where whiteness and maleness are salient and supreme and sort of consolidate with power. I only have one life. Yance Ford, as well, first openly transgender director nominated for an Oscar award for his film Strong Island in 2018.

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