cat names inspired by wine


Vodka. Sphynx: Hairless, skinny, curious, and meant to be revered. Tito’s Handmade Vodka is made in Austin, Texas. Metis. Brewed in Louisiana (United States) by a brewery with the same name. Male alcohol names create an aura of strength, presence, resilience, and precedence. Etna. This is a cool and classy name that’s easy to utter. Again, I’m not even usually one for naming conventions, but since there are so many names on this list I’d actually love to call a pet, I might have to reconsider. St the moment I am in rehab…broken femer ( leg bone,,) The name means pine in French. Guinness. It can also be appropriate for cats with strong personalities like the Siamese. If bourbon is your kind of drink, then consider naming your cat after the state that leads its production worldwide. Moloko. Scotch. It’s another tequila-inspired name. Long-Haired Cat: It could be a small cat, but you can’t tell because of all that hair. I Never Used to Think I Was a “Cat Person”, toys like these that allow cats to play by themselves. Borrowed from Coco Chai. This is a sweet mixture of light and dark rum plus passion fruit, lemon, and ice. Sphynx: Hairless, skinny, curious, and meant to be revered. If you enjoy a cognac drink, why not let your cat remind you of one every time you pet him. Check out all the other blogs I pen & photograph. Chango. If you like the posts on KittyClysm, please take a moment to subscribe to the email newsletter! If you’re reading about wine inspired dog names, then you’re probably a wonderful sniffer just the way your pooch is. It is a brand of cognac. This is a cocktail of bourbon whiskey and orange juice. It is even better if the dwarf cat is black. Siamese Cat: A regal type of cat that does what it likes and wants to be worshipped for it. New Furbaby? Malting grains to make beer is a practice that dates back to the ancient times. This a vodka produced by the Campari America company. Christi. It’s creamy and pinkish in color. Yes, We Treat Our Pets Like Family; But That’s Because They Are, Why I Now Prefer Top Entry Cat Litter Boxes, Stray Litter Drive You Nuts, Too? Today, it is made from sweet potatoes and tapioca. Named after Golden Dawn—a mixture of gin, apricot, and orange juice. Best Cat Litter Mats for Less Tracking, A Grey Cat Tree to Match a Gray-Based Room? It is named after the town of Cognac in France. So i bought a stuffed black cat at their craft show.. She will be my kitty for now. Have you ever thought of alcohol names for cats? The name can suit a heavily-built cat, like. WAIT til you see our blog post on December 1st. You’ll have to get a real one once you’re up for it – they definitely take you out of Grinch mode and make your heart grow three sizes! Vermouth. Moscato. My girl kitty is kahlua, we call her lulu for short (: My kitty boys are litter mates. Solera: The aging method for Sherry wines that makes them gain roundness (and puts a smile on your face). Pinot (Noir): Dignified, fussy, delicious, and meant to be revered. Chianti is genius too! If you do not have a preference for any alcoholic drink, Sake is a perfect match for your cat. Character themes are a great idea, too! Paloma is Spanish for ‘dove.’ It has an endearing ring to it. . Abita. Rosemary Lemonade, as the name suggests, is a blend of tequila, lemonade, and rosemary. Shirley is traditionally made with ginger ale, grenadine, and maraschino cherry for garnishing. Kahlua. These cat names inspired by famous cats in history, film, mythology and pop culture are cat-tastic. Borrowed from Coco Chai. This is a red wine that originated in South America. Champagne: Like your baby; the best, even if you can’t afford it. Expensive. Best Brushes for Long Haired Cats: From Daily Use to De-Tangling Mats. Whatever name you pick, it’ll be just right, the same way Whiskers was for our beloved cat. Pinot “Pee-no”. The name suits a resilient cat. Originally, it was made by distilling alcohol from fermented grains. You may think having naming conventions is a bit cheesy (I *usually* do, except that one time I named all my Pokemon after foods..), but I think as long as the names have a nice ring to them and can hold their own, the cheesiness goes away. It’s creamy and pinkish in color. Wine Names for Cats. Picking one for your cat reminds you that no matter what you might be going through, there is a better, sweeter, and more enjoyable side to life. And among pets, wine-inspiration ran equally dry: It's all Charlies, Bellas and Lucies among's most popular names (although a vinous case could be made for " Cooper "). Sambuca. It is a broad category of juniper berry flavored liquors. heer it seems like the theem rite now is mostly karakters or aktors i am naymd after dennis the constitooshunal pezzant of monty python faym wile saya wuz naymd after saya otonashi the vampire hunter frum the faymus anime blood+ and of korse charlee and chaplin ar naymd after charlie chaplin!!!

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