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3 The Psychogenesis of Mental, Vol. He is hypnotized by it, and instantly believes he has solved the riddle of the universe ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 243, But that is equivalent to almighty self-conceit. This energy has its source in the tension of opposites and can only be used when the proper gradient is found. 7. But with this question, namely the understanding of the collective unconscious, we come to a formidable difficulty ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 253, Such an intellect is always trying to point out mistakes in others; it is pre-eminently critical, with a disagreeably personal undertone, yet it always wants to be considered objective ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 247, This invariably makes a man bad-tempered, particularly if, as so often happens, the criticism touches on some weak spot which, in the interests of fruitful discussion, were better avoided ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 247, But far from wishing the discussion to be fruitful, it is the unfortunate peculiarity of this feminine intellect to seek out a man’s weak spots, fasten on them, and exasperate him ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 247, This is not usually a conscious aim, but rather has the unconscious purpose of forcing a man into a superior position and thus making him an object of admiration. Everybody would like to hold fast to this renewal: one man because it enhances his life-feeling, another because it promises a rich harvest of knowledge, a third because he has discovered the key that will transform his whole life. With the growth of civilization we have succeeded in subjecting ever larger human groups to the rule of the same morality, without, however, having yet brought the moral code to prevail beyond the social frontiers, that is, in the free space between mutually independent societies. She becomes inferior, thus providing her husband with the welcome proof that it is not he, the hero, who is inferior in private, but his wife. Society, by automatically stressing all the collective qualities in its individual representatives, puts a premium on mediocrity, on everything that settles down to vegetate in an easy, irresponsible way. 7. Nor is it a question of whether they are desirable or not. It occurs whenever people are overcome by knowledge or by some new realization, “Knowledge puffeth up,” Paul writes to the Corinthians, for the new knowledge had turned the heads of many, as indeed constantly happens ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 243, The inflation has nothing to do with the kind of knowledge, but simply and solely with the fact that any new knowledge can so seize hold of a weak head that he no longer sees and hears anything else. Just as before, perhaps, neurotic disorders arose because the opposing fantasies were unconscious, so now other disorders arise through the repression of former idols. ~Carl Jung, CW 7, Para 67, It is the duty of one who goes his own way to inform society of what he finds on his voyage of discovery, be it cooling water for the thirsty or the sandy wastes of unfruitful error. These last are the seeds of future conscious contents. That being so, what is the purpose of such fantasies? That would surely be an essential criterion! two essays on analytical psychology pdf Favorite eBook Reading Two Essays On Analytical Psychology TEXT #1 : Introduction Two Essays On Analytical Psychology By Lewis Carroll - Jun 21, 2020 Free Reading Two Essays On Analytical Psychology , two essays on analytical psychology is jungs most sober and systematic and at the same time complex piece of

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