carcano bayonet markings


Clear identification can be time consuming but there are clear indicators to guide you. Also, the rifle measures 40″ long from end of stock to end of barrel. I have a carcano rifle I bought 2 months ago. Very early rifles lack a lower barrel band and have long, uninterrupted hand guards that extend to the bayonet lug. I honestly don’t know. locked position. steel throatpiece. Carcano identification. I’ve been scrounging around the internet trying to locate a replacement hand guard to no avail, do you know where one might be found? This example is still in its original package, dated June 1999. I have possessed one such example that, upon close These are often said to be reworked M1871 scabbard bodies. We’d be happy to confirm the markings! The only two long rifles (outside of the Japanese contract Type I) are the 1891 and 1941. Correction–the sling mounts are on the left side of the stock, not barrel. Reference: Rem 2-2 Remington Rolling Block. I took a look and production carried into 1941 for both Gardone and Terni, so no trouble there. Not to my knowledge. You might want to send us over some photos through our email account (envelope picture on the left). There is a wide variety of accessories that were created for the Carcano and many of them are still in decent supply at LTC and Ebay. I recently bought myself (I am pretty sure it is a Carcano). This rifle was introduced in the new 7.35x51mm cartridge but later reverted to 6.5x52mm because of logistical issues in the Italian military. This example is probably a U.S.G.I. If you want your rifle to be capable of holding more than one round at a time, the stripper clip is essential. In general a somewhat crude quillon was welded onto the The scabbard is of Italian manufacture, patterned on the U.S. M7 scabbard. Just got a reference to your website from another Carcano owner (his is an 8mm conversion of the 38)……great info. NATO caliber BM59 selective-fire rifle and 5.56 mm. Thanks for the help. The pot metal throatpieces are The bayonet was issued with Carcano Carbine and differs from the normal M1891 bayonet in having a lateral mortise and a press catch at the pommel end. On a 91/24 labeled Tubata, when the barrel was redone what was the final twist rate? The crosspiece profile is consistent with U.S. M4 Second Production, which differs significantly from the crosspiece profile of Italian M4 production (below). To analyze your Carcano in depth, please reference the following pages: A quick and Dirty Guide: Carcano Rifle Models, Carcano Ammunition - History & Headstamps, A very exhaustive reference to Carcano identification, 1891 Cavalry Moschetto Modello 91 da Cavalleria, 1891 T.S. Additionally, some were converted to 7.92x57mm post war in attempts to market to the middle east. M1891 Carcano bayonet scabbard. 1934 It’s approx. catch mechanism proved prone to breakage and seems to have been quickly over flaming-bomb & crossed-canons over "1958". ok after posting yesterday and taking a hard look at this critter I have its just plane weird it has the look and lack of markings consistent with the Japanese carcano and the correct rear site however it has that manssler magazine and the bore is bigger than my other carcano and bigger than 6.5 jap and bigger than 7.7 jap its strange taking it by a friend who is a retired ordinance technissian to give it a look over and see what he thinks it is. Could someone help me identify my carcano? Indonesia produced their own bayonet for use with the SP.1. Several small stamped GS in a circle and a PO stamp under date. Because of this, I may never be able to precisely identify or date this piece. NATO Caliber AR70 assault rifle. I have a Carcano with the following marks and stamps: Receiver: R. E. TERNI 1941 XIX RU353 Above that is the date 1895.

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