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Phyllis goes on a date with the gruff policeman Sgt Woolf, with whom she had crossed swords on a number of previous occasions. Concerned about Nonnatus House's place in a changing community and the threat of demolition, Sister Julienne agrees to four young male doctors residing at the convent as part of their training, but not all the residents are pleased by the arrangement. Call the Midwife is a British period drama television series based on the best … Barbara has difficulty in working out how best to help a young woman whose husband is out of work, Sister Evangelina's strong opinions lead to trouble, and Phyllis attends a Spanish class, with unexpected results. Elsewhere Trixie, having battled through her issues with alcohol, finds a new purpose in her keep fit classes. Valerie helps the mother track down her sister, who had been committed to an asylum. Valerie's grandmother is hospitalised and diagnosed with cancer. Jenny meets an expectant mother who already has eight children and does not believe she will be able to cope with another. Suspicion threatens to break apart a closely knit family after a typhoid outbreak. Call The Midwife is a drama series adapted for television by Heidi Thomas from Jennifer Worth's best selling memoir, book of the same name. Chummy's decision to apply to undertake missionary work in Africa leads her to question her priorities. I believe each episode will allow you to experience a wide range of emotions that will leave you laughing to inspired to sadness and back again. When the woman takes matters into her own hands, Sister Winifred is forced to consider the role her own prejudices may have played. With Phyllis in hospital due to a back injury, Nonnatus House staff await the arrival of another nun to assist, and are surprised to find that it is the Mother Superior herself, Mother Mildred (, Trixie cares for first-time mother Heather, whose symptoms lead to a diagnosis of. Poplar is shaken as the cause of recent infant deformities is revealed. With modern advances starting to change things for the better, will medical professionals like Dr. Turner and Shelagh look again at their own lifestyles? A show you can enjoy anew each time you re-watch it. One of Patsy's patients is diagnosed with typhoid, which reignites painful memories, Sister Winifred is deeply affected by the case of an unwed mother-to-be and Tom asks Barbara out to dinner. Why have these episodes been edited? After hearing her evidence, Elsie changes her plea and is sentenced to six years in prison. Kevin McNulty, one of the young doctors who stayed at Nonnatus House earlier in the year, returns to work alongside Dr Turner. This is a great show. As Chummy and Peter prepare to become parents, Fred has a visit from his daughter Dolly, who also has a baby on the way. A baby delivered by Cynthia dies in mysterious circumstances soon afterwards. One such delivery brings with it its own set of shocks, as Patsy helps experienced mother Rhoda Mullucks give birth to a baby with severe deformities, with no clear explanation. Reviewed in the United States on May 30, 2018. Sister Julienne and Cynthia help a young mother who, after giving birth, displays increasingly irrational behaviour, nearly jumping off a bridge with her baby. Call The Midwife is a drama series adapted for television by Heidi Thomas from Jennifer Worth's best selling memoir, book of the same name. This is a show you can watch again at intervals and still enjoy it as much as you did the first time. 2/8 Barbara is put to the test when a dockworker's wife is forced into a difficult decision. Great story lines this season...sad at times and missing Chummy!! Trixie's friend Jeannie is disappointed to find that she is expecting a third child, as she had not wanted any more children. Meanwhile, Patsy tries to help a barge woman unused to life on land, and a storm hits Poplar. Across Poplar another family unit appears to be broken before it's begun. The DVD is great quality, is not fuzzy whatsoever. An impassioned speech to the council by Trixie and the support of the local community lead to a stay of execution for Nonnatus House, but only for a year. There is trouble at the maternity home when a mother and daughter who are both pregnant but are estranged from each other find themselves in adjacent beds. Trixie and Sister Evangelina are called to a foreign cargo ship docked in London and discover that the captain's daughter is about to have a baby after her father has brought her along and allowed various members of the crew to have sex with her as a way of relieving the tensions of the long periods spent at sea. The show has been picked up by the BBC for another two seasons. The police become involved, and other pregnant women refuse to allow the shy young midwife to attend them, bringing Cynthia to the verge of a breakdown. Trixie tries to help a patient's husband who has been traumatised by his time fighting in the, It is now 1959, and the nuns and midwives move into a new Nonnatus House, joined by new arrival Sister Winifred (. Thora, a middle-aged woman, is pretending to be pregnant in order to conceal the fact that her unmarried daughter is expecting a baby. If you are a fan of Call the Midwife, then you know why you need to add this set to your collection. This season Sister Monica Joan goes missing at Christmas time leaving the nuns and nurses distraught. Call the Midwife, Season 5 Episode 10, is available to watch and stream on PBS. It is now 1961. A Pakistani woman is aghast to find that, during a return to Pakistan, her husband has taken a second wife, a teenager who is now expecting a baby. This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 10:53. Mrs Jenkins mistakes Jenny for her daughter Rosie, whom she lost when admitted to the workhouse. The discs and case were in great condition. A bright young man is delighted to gain a place at university, but his plans are complicated when his girlfriend discovers that she is pregnant, and he must decide what is the right thing to do. A series of attacks on young women in Poplar has a direct impact on the residents of Nonnatus House, Trixie is suspicious about a patient whose pregnancy has not been reported, while Patrick and Shelagh take a trip. After complaining of a cold, Barbara is rushed to hospital with suspected, The staff all find the aftermath of Barbara's funeral hard to handle, and Sister Winifred tries to aid a grieving Tom by holding Barbara's uniform and midwife supplies rather than letting him give them away. One of the most outstanding series available for serious, uplifting drama. When Dr Turner refuses to refer her for a legal termination, she pays for an illegal abortion. Rather than return to Wales as her mother wishes, Delia is invited to move into Nonnatus House. The idea of adapting Worth's books for television was initially dismissed by the BBC,[1] but revived after Danny Cohen took over the post of Controller of BBC One. Read about our approach to external linking. Alec seems keen on Jenny, and an evening out to a jazz club sees romance blossom. Chastened by the incident and the effect of her attempted reforms, Sister Ursula returns to the mother house, restoring Sister Julienne to the helm at Nonnatus House. Marion's sister has other ideas, however, and reports her to social services. Shelagh is caught up in the aftermath of an explosion at a warehouse, along with former army nurse Valerie Dyer (. The Turners' hopes of adopting May face a hurdle when her mother, who was believed dead, comes forward and says she wants to take her daughter back to Hong Kong. [1] It is set in the late 1950s and early to mid-1960s and for the first three series centred primarily on Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine), who, in the first episode, begins a new job as a midwife at a nursing convent in the deprived Poplar district of east London. It is now 1958. Jenny tends to a Jamaican immigrant who struggles to deal with racial abuse from her neighbours even as she goes into labour, while Cynthia deals with a diabetic pub owner who bullies his wife. Sister Evangelina returns to the convent but reveals that she has suffered a stroke. Barbara is put to the test when a dockworker's wife is forced into a difficult decision. Preparations are underway for the annual summer fete and Trixie volunteers to enlist a celebrity judge for the baby show, but when she secures the services of a top television star, he turns out to have a darker side when he tries to force himself on her. Soon afterwards, he is involved in an accident at work and, although he initially seems to be recovering, he takes a turn for the worse and dies, leaving Jenny devastated. Jenny is persuaded to take compassionate leave and go to stay at the nuns', With Jenny away and Sister Julienne taken ill, Shelagh takes over the administration of Nonnatus House and engages the services of Patsy Mount (Emerald Fennell), who has newly switched from nursing at the London Hospital to midwifery. The episodes are recorded on discs similar to previous seasons - this set has the 2015 Christmas special and eight episodes on 2 discs. This series has stood the test of time and competing programs and continues to come out on top in my opinion. Shelagh (formerly Sister Bernadette) agonises over her decision to leave the convent and marry Dr Turner, and when his son Timothy is diagnosed with polio the wedding is called off. Episode 4. Jenny deals with Doris, a mother with an aggressive husband whose delivery will reveal her infidelity. She is eventually found to be the housekeeper of a local Catholic priest, but Mother Mildred is unimpressed by the priest's callous attitude. They have virtually no storyline together now. On two of them I have had the programme stop and been unable to resumel The last one was the scene at the funeral of the sister and two others are standing at the door of Nonnatus house and I can't budge it beyond that no matter what I try. Sister Bernadette's health crisis has passed and she will soon be free to leave the sanatorium, but she must now decide whether to return to Nonnatus House or leave the order. [9], As of 23 February 2020,[update] 78 episodes of Call the Midwife have aired, concluding the ninth series.

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