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1 Tips 2 Camo-Leads 3 Camo-lead strategies in BTD6 As the description says, it is quite easy to kill leads as long as your strategy is not based off "sharp" towers.
Each round gets harder as the player progresses. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, For discussion of Bloons TD 6 by Ninja Kiwi with Ninja Kiwi, Press J to jump to the feed. Shoots further and dectects camo class balloons. Wizard Monkey By far the best unit for popping camo Camo Balloon A balloon that is coloured in a camo style that can only be popped by certain units. You can also use Dartling Guns (X/2) utilizing the "Depleted Bloontonium" upgrade., X/X Monkey Buccaneers with level 4 Pirate Cove, X/4 ability, 2/3 with a camo detecting tower or 4/X (only submerged). Lastly there's the spike factory. Dark magic reveals the location of camo balloons for other units.

2/x/2 super monkey will destroy any camo leads, but really you can just throw a x/2/x village by anything with lead popping power.

Allows the shurikens to strip camo off the balloons. A fire wizard works (min 0-1-2). Allows the wizard monkey to detect camo balloons for himself. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 0-0-3 ninjas can pop lead too. 4-0-2 dart monkey pops camo lead too, as does 1-1-0 sniper. Besides those you can use subs (2-2-0 will see camo when they're in range of detection) or 0-2-2 buccaneers. Only few will have the ability to destroy them, having the ability of both camo sight and lead popping. Darts (except Sky Shredder, Carrier Flagship), including 0/3/0 Robo Monke…

The Black Bloons are immune to most of the explosions popping the Lead Bloon whereas the Pink Bloons are fast enough to avoid most attacks. Leads are mainly dangerous because of their special ability and of the abilities of their children and grandchildren. Bloon …

While hordes of bloons are a constant threat, two types in particular are likely to ruin your day. This page contains tips for defeating Lead Bloons. Village works too. Here is the list on what towers with what abilities can pop Camo-Leads without Monkey Village, Meerkat Spy, or Specialty Building help: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In Bloons Tower Defense 4, the range of RBE is 2881116.

Or better yet, have a x-x-3 wizard and have your other towers kill them. This means that it will go for Lead Bloons before any other bloons. The immensity of the game's engine that provides the generation of the Lead Bloons is very strong and produces extreme volumes of the bloon in question. But it is definitely not a sure thing. 3/4-0-1 ninja and an Alchemist 3/4-0-2 :).

Players start on Round 3, like Hard Mode. … Leads can be popped by towers such as Bomb Shooter and road items like Hot Spikes. You can get lucky with timing by having him see the previous balloons, buff the ninja, and have it carry over.

Camo and lead bloons … Dart Monkey Throws a dart.

I die at level 59 when they come. 3-2-0 heli is sick good for mid game and does pop lead and detect. Below are the best units for dealing with them. Alternate Bloon Rounds is a mode in BTD6. Pre-Round Comments may appear before a round. I lost a game like this.

Yes, a combination of bloons that can lead (No Pun Intended) to defeat. Since lead bloons move very slow, the ice towers will be able to freeze them and prevent any from leak through, the bloons will then be snap freeze into nothing. All monkeys in the area of the hut can see camo balloons. This is a rather cheap way of killing leads effectively. Allows helicopter to detect and pop camo class balloons. These include: 1. Enhanced eyesight Shoots further and dectects camo class balloons. Village works too. How do I pop lead camo bloons? If you are able to pop one of these camo lead bloons, remember, you also have to pop the camo children: Yellow Camo -> Green Camo -> Blue Camo -> Red Camo

Monkey ace can pop lead too, either with pineapples or carpet bombing. Try to include a few explosive or "slow down" towers. This allows the ninja to pop leads. A fire wizard works (min 0-1-2).

0-0-3 ninjas can pop lead too.

Sprays foam that removes camo layers, regrow and pops lead. In BTD5, a 2/1 Glue Gunner (that is, Corrosive Glue) or higher performs very well against leads with very low upgrade cost, if there's too many leads you could buy the more expensive Glue Splatter upgrade. The alchemist wont give the ninja the acid ability without being able to see the balloons. Besides those you can use subs (2-2-0 will see camo when they're in range of detection) or 0-2-2 buccaneers.
In BTD6, Lead Bloons are also immune to any sharp projectile (except under influence of an x-3-x Monkey Village, a 2+/x/x Alchemist, or a Level 4+ Gwendolin). Use any tower that is good at popping leads and then use a 0/2/0 village and it’s good,, use a x-x-3 wizard right at the start of the track, very cheap and great, U can use a 4-0-2 dart monkey and its good if u playin on a map like the brick wall one that has long straight lines but make sure to put it on last if its shooting in the opposite direction of where the bloons are going. They are also immune to other particular projectiles in addition. Ninja Use the third upgrade on the second path, "Flash Bombs". Try to include a few explosive or "slow down" towers. Camo and lead bloons, oh my!

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