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She says this is because of how the campaign is a target for online stalkers and harassers, and out of a need to protect her staff from the type of daily attacks she’s had to deal with since coming out in defense of women developers during the peak of Gamergate in late 2014. We head out around 5 p.m., a two-car campaign caravan. “Nothing I can say off the top of my head,” she replies. Even more hideous and rushed neon abortions. Only, instead of a non-gender robot, it features 3 women with prominent tits and asses that wear slutty latex body suits (but this is totally not "objectifying" and "misogyny" because Wu is a woman himself amirite?). Wu has stated she was homeless during this period. But it doesn't end there.

In March 9, 2017, Stephen Lynch was on the WBUR radio station to discuss unimportant shit including the Wikileaks. These members of USW Local 12003 spend many mornings camped out on a high-traffic stretch of University Ave opposite several police officers. Once we arrive at the house and meet up with Brianna, there are no staffers or volunteers. Wu knew? —Stephen Lynch handling it like a true congressman. Wu also came out in favor of unions and collective bargaining. he made a followup post offering to make peace. Brianna Wu, CEO of the gaming studio Giant Spacekat, and her husband had to leave their home . From there we head over to the home of author and science fiction critic Thomas Easton. She also became an expert in Kismet and visual scripting. Sites: Reddit ◈ Voat ◈ RationalWiki ◈ SJWiki ◈ 76chan ◈ Twitter ◈ Wikipedia ◈ TGWTG ◈ BoingBoing ◈ VICE ◈ GOG ◈ TheMarySue ◈ StormFront ◈ ScrewAttack ◈ The Escapist ◈ Buzzfeed ◈ Salon ◈ Patreon ◈ Jezebel ◈ We Hunted The Mammoth ◈ Something Awful ◈ TV Trope ◈ 4chan ◈ Encyclopedia Dramatica Forums ◈ Encyclopedia Dramatica.

This page contains spoilers — important plot secrets and/or conclusions may be revealed. Brianna Wu is running for Congress in Massachusetts, but most are used to hearing her name in a very different context. Like, you all can make fun of that statement, but it will still be true. For next time, Brianna says she plans to “get more killer Democratic operatives.” She’d also like to rent an actual campaign office, so everyone working on the campaign can easily meet and plan events like phone banking and canvassing.

[14][15] In 2003 she enrolled at the University of Mississippi, studying journalism and political science. Game developer Brianna Wu, head of development at Boston-based Giant Spacekat, fled her home after receiving a series of specific, violent threats … He plays Final Fantasy XIV (Gilgamesh server) to avoid reality from God-Emperor Trump and the GamerGate boogeyman. There is currently a law enforcement investigation into those who have issued threats against Wu on Twitter. [9] Wu maintains that she will continue to call out misogyny in the gaming community and tech industry in an article that she wrote for Polygon, despite the traumatic nature of these attacks . Some user name Stealth explaining video games after Brianna Wu tweeted there's no games for the Nintendo Switch. Her father, a surgeon and entrepreneur, recognized her penchant for technology and enthusiastically supported her interest in technology any way he could — included classes and buying very expensive hardware. Despite an ongoing investigation into death threats made against her and her husband, Brianna Wu was on MSNBC yesterday and CNN today to … Last Thursday, Brianna Wu received a death threat from area code 614, the area code for Columbus Ohio. Brianna asks her what her top issue is. … He also expressed fears that someone could "control" the Moon and fuck with satellites orbiting Earth. Simple, because Frank found out that she was beginning to rebuild her self-esteem which he thought he had destroyed and was trying to get back into sci-fi once more. In April, 2015, a woman who gives her name only as "Emma C." posted a series of tweets describing her previous working relationship with Wu.

In it, revolutionaries on a lunar colony launch rocks to terrorize residents on earth. The belly and Monica Lewinsky stains of the tranny congress. Brianna Wu’s “Husband” Makes An Ad. Reacting to the report, Wu stated the FBI did not care about the investigation and that she was "livid". “I really see what I’m doing now as public service. He finds this shit hilarious and stated he was re-elected 5 weeks ago and has more important work to do than tease the tranny ape with a stick. The sad thing is: he is now getting another dog, which will surely die of some horrible illness once Gamergate no longer pays him any attention. She has an app on her phone that feeds off one of the data sets she’s purchased and suggests where she should canvas. But, while Wu is a con artist, Sagal is just plain crazy and ended up publishing their chatlogs and threatening suicide yet again. Across the street, we approach a man taking out his trash and watering his tiny but immaculate lawn. She’s committed to running again in 2020, the same year Trump will be up for reelection. Brianna had been expecting to attract educated, left-leaning millennials and Gen Xers, but Frank tells me about how scams around Social Security Numbers have helped her message around data privacy and cybersecurity resonate with older constituents. Minor Related Pages: Censored article about Brianna Wu ◈ List of people to annoy with your bullshit ◈ Sarah Butts FFshrine chatlogs ◈ List of people defending Butts' pedophilia ◈ The DMCA butts sent us ◈ Milo Yiannopoulos - The feminist version ◈ Shanley Kane's butthurt rant ◈ The Great Gawker Implosion of 2015◈ Chatlogs of Ralph's group dedicated to monitoring if anyone is saying nasty things about him online consisting mostly of people who are trolling him. They were engaged within three weeks and were married just 11 months later. [45] In March 2015, she said she had received 48 death threats during the previous six months. Eight fucking votes and you control every bill that comes out of the House on this.” It’s here she feels her experience and background would be most useful, she says, and where she could turn her ideas for better laws governing how data is shared on the internet into legislation. Wu was playing Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus during the stream.

This page was last edited on 21 November 2014, at 22:46. [33], She endorses the Green New Deal, legislative goals aimed at shifting the United States to 100 percent renewable energy by 2035. She’d volunteered for the Clinton campaign and watched it fail. Brianna Wu’s “Husband” Makes An Ad. With the help of his millionaire parents' money and media connections, wife-beater husband and thousands of dollars scammed on Patreon, he's been spending his time creating a game that look like something Richard Garriott might have made 20 years ago on a budget of $20 and promoting it by making death threats against himself, getting caught, and trying to steal the spotlight from Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, literally claiming to be the most important person to GamerGate supporters who he literally believes are planning to assassinate him.

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