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"He got through it and he's more than the person I remember," Judge Culpepper said. Penn State's Jahan Dotson caught 3 touchdown passes against Ohio State, blossoming into the big-play receiver his offense needs. Judge Culpepper never saw his father play but grew up going to team events with those guys. He's feeling fitter and faster than ever at 285 pounds. A few thoughts after the Lions' 38-25 loss to Ohio State. ©2020 The Athletic Media Company. But one day, Judge waved to Brady from their nearby docks. At first, curious crowds and media overwhelmed the neighborhood, so the Culpeppers kept their distance to give Brady his privacy. Need something else to watch while you're watching Penn State-Ohio State? He comes from a family of "badass individuals" (his words) who have played in the NFL, competed on the show "Survivor," shoved a dislodged tooth back into place during a basketball game and, best of all, defeated cancer. Culpepper arrived at Penn State from Tampa draped in University of Florida lore. Penn State's Judge Culpepper has discussed boats with his new neighbor Tom Brady, watched his mom eat cow eyeballs on television and sat beside his brother during chemotherapy. Franklin said last year that he's often careful with highly recruited players or those with famous families, which can place "unrealistic pressure" on them. "In my own mind, to myself, I feel like I'm ready to take on a bigger role on this team.". Per a video filmed by Syracuse football beat writer Stephen Bailey, Rex Culpepper is now “officially cancer free, per his father.” The bell he’s ringing is at the Moffitt Cancer Center in Tampa, where he was undergoing his recovery. "I don't think there's any doubt about that.". Monica Culpepper became the show's first female contestant to win a food challenge and was the runner-up of 2013's "Survivor: Blood vs. Water" season. It was difficult for Judge to watch his older brother "wither" through treatment. Only then can the joy Brad and Monica Culpepper felt watching their son deliver one of the best moments in this young college football season be fully understood. And then there's Rex Culpepper, the oldest of the family's three kids. Brad and Monica Culpepper both participated in “Survivor: Blood vs. Water” in 2013 and Monica was the season’s runner-up … Brad returned to the show in 2017 as a member of the “Survivor: Game Changers” cast and advanced to the finals … One brother, one sister … Younger brother, Judge, is a defensive lineman at Penn State … Now, Culpepper is ready to tell his own story on the football field. They can come visit and see for themselves.". Monica Culpepper was the first person from the family to compete on Survivor, participating in the One World season and finishing 14th. If you don't remember this season, it was one where they had former Survivor players teamed up with their loved ones. Penn State defensive tackle Judge Culpepper always admired the sacrifices his mom made for him and his two siblings. All rights reserved. There's plenty of family hardiness., — Stephen Bailey (@Stephen_Bailey1) June 1, 2018. One more story. His parents tested their mettle on three seasons of "Survivor," including one together in 2013. They then talked briefly about boats. Already have the app? "He puts 100-percent effort into everything he's invested in," Judge Culpepper said of his father. Culpepper arrived at Penn State from Tampa draped in University of Florida lore. Brad currently resides in Tampa with his wife Monica (University of Florida Homecoming Queen-1991) and their three children, Rex, Judge and Honor. He wants to go to law school. Culpepper’s parents, Brad and Monica, are known for competing on the CBS reality TV show “Survivor." Judge Culpepper spent a month sitting beside his brother during chemotherapy. Brad Culpepper also finished second in his second season, Game Changers. Just create an account, no credit card required! He really looks good and healthy and he's really inspiring. He's officially cancer free, per his father. "I've worked really, really, really hard these last three months and I think I'm ready," he said. In his third year with the program, Culpepper seeks to corral that inspiration into a spot in Penn State's rotation at defensive tackle. "... She might be tougher than my dad, and that says a lot.". What's ailing Penn State? Striving for toughness, Judge Culpepper looks to his family for examples. His parents, Brad and Monica, were, respectively, an All-American defensive end for the Gators and Florida's 1991 homecoming queen. His grandfather Bruce and uncle Blair also played football at Florida. First, Judge really is his given name. Than this of Monica. Penn State hosts Maryland on Saturday looking for its first win of the 2020 season. But Rex was declared cancer-free in June 2018 and played in six games that season. Judge Culpepper still marvels that his mother out-ate her competitors in grub worms and cow eyeballs. Here are 10 stat lines to know before the game. was diagnosed with testicular cancer in March 2018, not long before Judge left for Penn State. If this becomes his breakthrough season, more people will learn Culpepper's story. Your privacy is safe with us. Culpepper is famous for appearing in the television series, Survivor: One World. LOS ANGELES, CA - DECEMBER 15: Brad and Monica Culpepper attends CBS' 'Survivor: Blood vs. Water' Season Finale at CBS Television City on December 15, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. Get the latest Penn State news by joining the community. As his Monica Culpepper. "No one really believes me, and I'm OK with that. Behind quarterback Justin Fields and battering-ram lines, Ohio State bruised Penn State. Judge Culpepper is following a path similar to his father's. His family lives in the same neighborhood as former New York Yankees star Derek Jeter, whose house now is occupied by Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady. "My mom, she's just a badass," Judge Culpepper said. With a father who played defensive tackle in the NFL, Judge Culpepper naturally arrived at Penn State with advanced technical understanding. Brad Culpepper’s wife Monica Culpepper is a contestant on the most recent season of survivor and a member of tribe Salani (we don’t know what that means either). Monica Culpepper was the first person from the family to compete on Survivor, participating in the One World season and finishing 14th. Open Article in App. Video: Syracuse QB Rex Culpepper rings the bell at @MoffittNews after completing his final round of chemotherapy. Monica Culpepper kept the family running by shuttling her kids to various sports, encouraging them to maintain straight A’s and supporting Judge and … Brad and Monica Culpepper aren’t active on social media, but they should remain near and dear to the hearts of the Survivor community. ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit says he's 'still kind of confused' about the ending of the Penn State-Indiana game. Build your custom FanSided TV email newsletter with news and analysis on Survivor and all your favorite sports teams, TV shows, and more. Penn State quarterback Sean Clifford says 'I'm not going to go out like that' following a 38-25 loss to Ohio State. The happy couple, in between antiquing jaunts. Survivor Ghost Island: Here’s how fans ranked the season, Report: Survivor season 38’s crazy theme has been revealed, Syracuse football beat writer Stephen Bailey, Survivor's Boston Rob, Kim Spradlin and more on Poker Night in America, Meet the dog who plays Cheddar on 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine', Survivor season 37, season 38 schedule stays the same, Survivor host Jeff Probst defends excessive twists once more, Survivor Ghost Island episode 10 photos: Bamboo cage of emotion. Click "Follow" at the top right of our AllPennState page. The Survivor family is no stranger to the efforts to eradicate cancer. Brad Culpepper won the Campbell Trophy, considered the academic Heisman, at Florida and started a law practice after retiring from the NFL. Monica Culpepper is an American reality television personality who rose to fame as the wife of American former professional football player, Brad Culpepper.Monica is also famous as the runner-up of the American television reality competitive series, Survivor: Blood vs. Water. "Growing up and watching that, he's set the path for me and the path I want to follow. Both play defensive tackle, both studied history as undergrads and both are exceptional students. Rex, a redshirt senior quarterback at Syracuse. While home in Tampa during the spring campus shutdown, Culpepper met the new neighbor. He was slated for a 10-week recovery and, admittedly, was in a “very treatable” stage, but you can only hope for the best on the path to recovery from the terrible disease. Your favorite teams, topics, and players all on your favorite mobile devices. Here are a few options. Penn State and Ohio State duel again Saturday at Beaver Stadium. Defensive line coach John Scott Jr. called Culpepper a "physical, high-motor guy" who will be vital in the middle. Judge Culpepper was named academic All-Big Ten last year and was one of 11 Penn State football players to earn a 4.0 grade-point average last spring. Still, her appearance was memorable enough to bring both her and her former NFL defensive lineman husband, Brad Culpepper, onto Blood vs. Water, where she finished in 2nd place to the season’s winner, Tyson Apostol. Some of the items you can bid on include the Ghost Island season logo, the map to Ghost Island, challenge tiki statues, tribe flags and even the torches brought to Tribal Council. (Photo by Valerie Macon/Getty Images). Brad Culpepper played football at the University of …

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