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Are Boykin Spaniel dogs kid-friendly? Boykin Spaniel risk for obesity: Average to High. The length of their coat is moderately curly and medium length. Sometimes they bark as excitement for playing, but they are not the most playful dog breed. Do this canine have a strong prey drive? He is one of the best behaved terriers in his category of hunting dogs. From this humble beginning went on to become the cherished Boykin Spaniel! Boykin Spaniels have low to an average impulse to chase and catch something like a cat or any other small aminals. Check the local pet store for dog grooming supplies and find the best dog shampoo to keep its coat healthy and to give your dog a pleasant experience of a dog bath. How likely is the Boykin Spaniel to run away? But do they make happy, healthy family pets? How likely are you to get bitten from the Boykin? A therapy dog is a dog that might be trained to provide affection, comfort, and love to people in hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, disaster areas, and to people with anxiety disorders or autism. How to groom the Boykin Spaniel and how often? Next post: Border Collie… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance! This breed generally not used as a service dog. Boykin Spaniels require daily exercise. Boston Terrier… Everything You Need to Know at a Glance. Ears and eyes should be cleaned regularly to avoid infections. Whit found a stray dog with an amazing ability to retrieve birds. Are Boykin Spaniel dogs easy to train? Feathering on the ears, chest, through the tuck-up and long legs can be very small to moderate in density and length. Do Boykin Spaniels make good office friendly dogs? Required fields are marked *. In the early 1900’s, the Boykin Spaniel was developed for one purpose and one purpose only… to be the best hunting partner in the world! Skin and coat problems do occur and may be linked to thyroid and endocrine disorders. More conscious of the fact that your Boykin Spaniel is going to need plenty of exercise and should be engaged in play time that appeals to his abilities, such as retrieving items for you. Boykins are intelligent and learn quickly with positive reward treatment. The Cons No matter how much we may love dogs, some of that mischief they get into can be a bit destructive. And while is one of the smaller members of the spaniel club, don’t be fooled by his compact size, this dog is tough! Hypoallergenic: Boykin Spaniels don't do well with allergy sufferers by causing allergic reaction. Boykin Spaniel weight: What is the average weight of the Boykin Spaniel? However, most skin and coat issues for this breed are from mites. Is it a healthy breed? This breed is known for its hunting skills. If so, look into getting them a dog bed that fits them just right. If the health of this dog isn’t a concern, and you are an active person with enough time to meet the exercise requirements of the Boykin Spaniel, then this could be the perfect dog for you. “Whit” Boykin experimented with crossbreeding other breeds. Between 14 to 18 inches tall and weighing in between 25 to 40 pounds, the “medium” sized spaniel means business. They enjoy quality time with their owners despite the activity and considered as a great therapy dog for those in need. Can Boykin Spaniel be a service dog? How much mouthing/nipping/play biting does the Boykin Spaniel do? Average: The Boykin Spaniel barks occasionally. The Boykin Spaniel is a healthy breed, but there are certain health issues that you should check with your vet regularly. If you notice any weight gain, consult your veterinarian and make a diet plan. Boykin Spaniels are usually recommended for elderly people. Boykin Spaniels are average defenders. When you take them for walks or playing outside, you may need a harness. However, this dog does require daily exercise. The hair is fine with light feathering on the legs. It lasts for about 3 to 11 days. If you're disgusted by slobber spots on your clothes, the Boykin Spaniel could be a perfect choice for you. They are also very gentle good with children. The Boykin Spaniel is medium in size, with emphasis placed on his hunting abilities, characterized by flushing and retrieving, with moderate speed and agility. Don't skip the seasonal flea treatment too. Boykin Spaniels are not good for novice owners, due to their stubborn personality. The Chesapeake Bay Spaniel, Springer Spaniel, Cocker Spaniel, American Water Spaniel, and various pointing breeds were used in the development of this breed. They tend to bark only when someone is approaching the home or when they hear an unusual sound. Feathering may become sun-bleached golden to tawny color. DNA testing of these three diseases can identify genetic carriers and at-risk individuals. Is this puppy expensive? All data & function free to all dog fan. What is the Boykin temperament with senior people? Why does it smell bad and how to get rid of the smell? Contact us here. Coat colors for this dog are liver or chocolate. How much food does the Boykin Spaniel need? Are Boykin Spaniel dogs good with pets? Boykin Spaniel is not the best breed for detection purposes. How many puppies can the Boykin Spaniel have? If you live an active life, this breed can be a good choice for you. Boykin Spaniels are high energy dogs. Boykin Spaniel Breed Information, Calculate dog years to human years by breed here, Dog Name Generator – Find A Perfect Name For Your Puppy, Which dog breed should I choose? The third part is the Diestrus. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. How stinky is this dog? Despite the best intentions, there may be errors. The second part is the Estrus when the bitch is receptive for the male. How often should I feed my canine? Boykins are extremely adaptable to different environments if they are given opportunity to socialize and burn off any excessive energy. After the dog showed interest in retrieving, he took the dog called “Dumpy” to his friend and hunting partner Lemuel Whitaker Boykin near Camden, South Carolina. Can Boykin Spaniel be a drafting dog? They might enjoy their time home alone together, but can you really trust them to mind their manners and leave the place the way you left it? This disease which causes malformation of eye components and impaired vision. How well do Boykin Spaniel dogs get along with the elderly people? This is because they are gentle, friendly, and loving. Reduce unhealthy food and snacks, and measure the Boykin Spaniel's weight regularly. Never heard of a Boykin Spaniel? Let’s take a moment and discuss some of the pros and cons of owning a Boykin Spaniel, so that if you do decide to adopt one, you won’t find yourself regretting your decision six months from now! Normally, it occurs around day 14. This breed likes being around people or other animals, but they don't mind being left alone for a few hours either. Boykin Spaniel shedding level: Boykin Spaniels shed moderately. This way if anything does happy to your new “buddy”, you won’t be on the “hook” for 100% of his or her veterinarian bills. White on the toes or chest of the Boykin Spaniel is simply cosmetic and will not affect the ability or health of this dog. Boykin Spaniel is not the best breed for therapeutic purposes. Regular brushing reduces the amount of hair that sheds. You can see that by the way he looks at you. If not, we should have which is why you should always try to allow your Boykin some “water” time especially if you’re trying to train your Boykin to help your retrieve water fowl. 1 September is Boykin Spaniel Day in South Carolina. These "bites" don't hurt, but Boykin Spaniels need to be taught for a good attitude. Are they good with kittens? He is a very agile, athletic dog who does very well in most hunt tests. Are they senior citizens friendly dogs? This breed responds well with treat training because of their high food drive. What is the average litter size of this fido? You can notice by swelling vulva and bloody discharge. They are medium sized dogs, so they won’t be very destructive or harmful. Boykin Spaniel average weight: How tall is the Boykin Spaniel? It also helped that this retriever was of medium size, small enough to fit into the boat, yet big enough to be able to handle himself on dry land or on water. Put two dogs together, and you could potentially have a mess on your hands. And if you’ve never been to South Carolina or have never spoken to someone from South Carolina about the Boykin Spaniel, we can save you some trouble and just let you know right now that South Carolinians are CRAZY about this dog!So crazy…That they even decided to make the Boykin Spaniel the official state dog of South Carolina. We have a puppy search guide to better help you on your mission to find the right puppy. Longtime handlers showed beside first-time dog show attendees, all focused around the loyal Boykin Spaniels that brought us together. They find out the association between commands and actions quite quickly. Compare Dog Breeds here. The Boykin is generally a healthy breed, but he is susceptible to the following health problems…. The Boykin Spaniel is certainly a good looking dog. If you want to be added to the list, leave a comment below. Privacy/Disclaimer/TOS. Are they good as service dogs? The Boykin Spaniel is a relatively healthy breed, but it does suffer from a few common ailments. How much does the Boykin Spaniel puppy cost? Lastly, this dog has some health issues. Top reasons for barking: protection, alarm, fear, boredom, attention seeking, greeting, separation anxiety, compulsive barking. Can Boykin Spaniel be a search and rescue dog? The Boykin Spaniel tends to live around twelve to sixteen years. Just like every puppy, they are prone to panic, cry, bark, whine when they left alone by their owner. Are they good with young children? It's an inhumane high-volume dog breeding facility, where puppies born several times a year. If you are thinking about adopting a Boykin Spaniel soon, you should also take a moment and consider what it might cost to purchase a pet insurance policy on him or her. Boykins are affectionate with most people as long as they have been appropriately socialized from puppyhood. What color is a proper Boykin Spaniel's coat? What dog products should I buy? Older children who love to play with dogs will get along quite well with the Boykin Spaniel. Can they live in a flat? It can be completely normal or a sign of a health problem. A year later, the Boykin Spaniel Foundation did another test for Degenerative Myelopathy which causes the dog to develop gradual, fatal deterioration of the spinal cord and results in death. During this time the females start to attract males. Is Boykin Spaniel good as an apartment dog? But this will disqualify them from being registered to the Boykin Spaniel Society. One that befriended a banker walking from his home to the First Presbyterian Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina around 1900. Boykin, Swamp Poodle, LBD (Little Brown Dog). His compact body, brown eyes and flat ears that drop over his cheeks are all keenly in tune with the hunt and will be ready to spring into action once given the signal.

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