bottom round steak


Easy to make and a favorite of my family. Super tender, use a thin cut of round steak for better flavor! A marinated bottom round can be grilled, broiled, pan-seared or can also be cooked slowly with moist heat called braising.

The catch was you had to buy the family pack. 2 pounds of steak (raw weight), cut into strips, Salad ingredients (lettuce, green onions, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, radishes, cucumbers, avocado, mushrooms, black olives, green olives, spinach, tomatoes, purple onion, or anything else veggie you love in a salad! Land O’ Lakes And now […] Pan-Fried Ribeye Steak. Serve with your favorite side.

Bottom round steak and a few kitchen staples is comfort food. Try serving over buttered noodles. Here are the four meals I like to make using this steak: Prepare and cook the steak in one of the methods described earlier.

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Before heating the grill, brush the grill with vegetable oil to prevent sticking. By The Pioneer Woman on February 12, 2008 .

Just beat the meat until tender and thin, cut into long strips, season with salt & pepper, place a strip of bacon on each strip, put a pearl onion on one end and roll up. I never get bored browsing around the site! It is very healthy, also. Tasty chicken fried steak that's easy to prepare. Round steak simmered in ketchup and onions makes a great gravy to spoon over mashed potatoes. The trick is to let it simmer for a few hours to get the meat fork-tender.

Serve with scalloped potatoes for a real hearty meal. Beef eye of round steaks are simmered in a red wine sauce until tender enough to cut with a fork. Although if you serve the meat rare, it can be quite tender. I threw this together in my crock pot one day and we loved it! This is said to be one of former President Ford's favorite recipes. Common Names: Bottom Round London Broil; Western Griller; Description: This lean steak is best in a tenderizing marinade and cooked to no more than medium rare doneness. I usually use olive oil, apple cider vinegar and freshly pressed garlic. I'm calling it Spanish mustard since I spiked the Dijon with a couple of my favorite ingredients of all time: smoked paprika and sherry vinegar. Add the vegetables.

Serve it over rice with a nice green salad on the side.

I’ve shared recently how I make stir fry with leftover vegetables, and this steak is sensational with stir fry. You could serve this in a hoagie roll or as fajitas with warm corn flour tortillas. I had the spicy tomatoes in the cupboard and decided to throw them in my recipe.

Cook the steak as instructed earlier. My family always used round steak for Roulladen. Serve with potatoes, rice, or noodles. I have also poured the rice directly into the pot and let it simmer. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. It soaks up the tomato mixture and is especially good this way.

Salsa Recipe - Make Your Own Salsa for About One Dollar a Quart, 4 Quick Ways to Cook Bottom Round Steak Recipe for Economical Cut of Meat. The meat is so tender and moist and the gravy is so flavorful.

Bake the round steak in the oven at 325 degrees F for about 60-90 minutes, or until the steak and vegetables are tender.Thicker cuts of beef will require the longer cooking time, so adjust accordingly. My mom made this dish when I was a kid. Sear thicker steaks on both sides with high heat, then cook over medium heat, high heat chars the outside before the inside is done.

Make the strips one to two inches in length, or cut into small squares.

While the steak is cooking, add the sliced bell peppers and onions to a cast iron skillet and cook until translucent, about 20 minutes. Add comma separated list of ingredients to exclude from recipe. Mash the avocadoes. Round steak is given the right kick to bring out the perfect balance of heat and flavor. Fold and eat. A marinated bottom round can be grilled, broiled, pan-seared or can also be cooked slowly with moist heat called braising. This is hands down THE MOST delicious and tender recipe for pork loin I’ve ever used.

This one-dish stew is deliciously different. 1. Place on top of your favorite salad ingredients. To avoid flare ups, trim steaks closely, leave only thin layer of fat to preserve juiciness. I serve it with mashed potatoes and warm rolls. Cut into strips or small squares.

I've used bottom round but any tough, lean cut of beef will work. Try this recipe with a more expensive cut of meat plus any sauce of choice, from chimichurri to barbeque.

My family loved it. my super delicious money saving homemade tortilla recipe here, my easy inexpensive homemade salsa here – cost: about $1 per QUART, Tough Times at the Accountability Household. A delicious comfort food especially in the winter months that is quick and easy.

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It’s good breaded or not, but you get a lot of cube steak out of one round.

Round steak is more comfortable in the home kitchen. Bottom round is tougher than the top round and is definitely a marinating steak. Alternative Names: Griller Steak, Western Steak, Outside Round Steak. For maximum flavor and tenderness cook to medium-rare (135 degrees) or to medium (145 degrees), anything more will begin to dry out the steaks.

An easy marinade that really turns a round steak into a prize winner! Allrecipes is part of the Meredith Food Group. Bottom round steak is an economical cut and is usually less expensive because it tends to be tough and requires special care in cooking. This is the easiest recipe. Serve over pasta with additional cheese. A little time consuming because I sauteed the vegetables and browned the meat first, but it's well worth it. We like this served over egg noodles. Trim off any excess fat, mix together the marinade according to its recipe.

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