bmw 1 series service light meanings


30-) This warning light appears when the brake pads are worn. 27-) The gas gauge control light indicates that the gas gauge is not properly tightened. You must stop and check your vehicle safely. SRS Air Bag Warning Light Symbols, indicate that a problem exists with one of the many airbags in the automobile, which should be taken to the dealer or authorized service center as soon as possible. ABS Warning Light: What Does ABS Warning Light Mean? This warning lamp lights up when there is a dead battery, a battery fault, a charging dynamo (alternator) malfunction. Indicates a faulty exterior lamp. Illuminating: DSC has failed. snow-covered roads. 57-) ECO indicator showing you are driving economically. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. 39-) This warning light in your car appears when the defogger on the rear window is active. If you have any questions about what an indicator light means or what you should do when that light persists please contact a member of our Service Team at (888) 310-8724. 52-) The warning lamp means the key is not in the car. ​Press the button until the DSC OFF indicator light comes on in the speedometer and TRACTION is displayed in the revolution counter. when your engine warning light is illuminated, often it’ll be accompanied by some unusual symptoms – these could include a lack of power, as the car has gone into ‘safe’ mode to protect itself; an intermittent stuttering as you press the accelerator, caused by a misfire; or another fault which could alter the normal response from the engine. The symbol on the front panel of the vehicle means the malfunction of the headlight control system. The system guarantees maximum forward traction with simultaneous limited driving stability for special road conditions, e.g. Pull over as soon as possible and shut down the engine and restart it. Worried about your Audi? For other dashboard BMW 1 Series warning lights you can read: Automobile dashboard RED warnings lights symbols. Sometimes this can be down to something as small as a faulty electrical sensor, although sometimes it can be a larger mechanical issue. Why Does The Oil Warning Light Came On? The diesel exhaust particulate filter test has failed and the service has to be visible. If the fluid is missing, your brake pads have completed their life cycle or there is a leak in the system. 23-) Oil Pressure Warning Lamp: If this warning light is on your display panel, the engine oil pressure has dropped. It’s best to get it checked out right away. 48-) Vehicle warning light telling that any one of the doors is open. The authorized service is advised. YELLOW, then this means that an action is required, and it is recommended that you book a service with an authorised repairer at one of our BMW dealerships. Brake Warning Light symbols, indicate a serious Brake problem, but the light will also be on when the hand, or emergency brake, is engaged. 61-) This warning light appears if the cruise control is on. Have the system checked by a Service Partner of the manufacturer or another qualified Service Partner or a specialist workshop.​, ​Dynamic Stability Control DSC, is switched off or Dynamic Traction Control DTC is switched on.​. BMW WARNING LIGHTS | YOUR COMPLETE GUIDE. Types of Cars & Car Segments: What Does A–B–C–D–E Car Segments Mean? 64-) If you see this symbol on the panel, there is a fault in the start system of the car. Green: seat belt fastened on the corresponding rear seat.​, Airbag system and belt tensioner may be faulty.​, Immediately have the vehicle checked by a Service Partner of the manufacturer or another qualified Service Partner or a specialist workshop.​​. These cookies allow our website to provide services at your request. In this case, check the brake fluid. The overdrive system is controlled by an on / off switch. It is usually an indicator light that indicates the conditions are slippery. The timing of this warning may vary depending on the current driving situation.​. Automobile dashboard YELLOW or ORANGE warnings lights symbols.

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